#1 Guide: How To Introduce Yourself In Russian

Last updated on April 11th, 2023 at 08:47 am

The search for the best guide on how to introduce yourself in Russian is here! With this guide, you will surely be able to introduce yourself and leave the best impression, regardless if it’s for school or for work! 

Because a good introduction is definitely a good impression on the people that you have just met, knowing these tips and tricks is key – you really should not miss out on this best guide that we have for you!

Aside from that, as we walk you through how you can introduce yourself in Russian the best way, you will also learn more about the Russian language and even know essential words along the way too. Are you ready to know how you can introduce yourself in Russian? Buckle up because we have the best guide ever!

How To Introduce Yourself In Russian? Here’s How!

Learn how to introduce yourself through these tips and tricks! Whether you are in a formal or an informal setting, these will surely allow you to gain more friends and really get the most out of these conversations. If you find yourself traveling to Russia in the near future, this is a great way to learn some Russian phrases as well as words and even help you with your Russian pronunciation!

how to introduce yourself in russian

Though basic Russian and learning Russian as a whole is notorious for being a bit challenging, unlike other languages, don’t forget that it is also one of the very many languages in the world that can open you to a lot of opportunities and meaningful relationships!

Start With A Greeting

What’s an introduction without a proper greeting, right? Down below are some of the ways that you can get your introduction to be impressive. With these phrases, you will definitely leave a good impression!

Good morningДоброе утро (Dobroye utro)
Good afternoonДобрый день (Dobryy denʹ)
Good eveningДобрый вечер (Dobryy vecher)
Good day!Добрый день! (Dobryy denʹ!)
HelloПривет (Privet)

Tell Them Your Name And Where You Are From

Now that you have already greeted them, it’s about time you tell them your name and some things about yourself that will allow them to know a little more about you!

My name is…Меня зовут… (Menya zovut…)
I am…Я… (YA…)
I am…years oldМне лет (Mne let)
I am from…Я из… (YA iz…)
I enjoy…Мне нравится… (Mne nravit·sya…)

Make Sure They Know You Are Happy To Meet Them!

In the same way, they are delighted to meet you, so make sure to let them know the feeling is mutual! Whether it is for school, work, or you want to impress someone, expressing how delighted you are to meet them will make the whole introduction experience so much better.

I am happy to meet you!Я так рад встречи с тобой! (YA tak rad vstrechi s toboy!)
It’s nice to meet you!Рад встрече! (Rad vstreche?)
Very happy to meet you!Очень рад познакомиться с вами! (Ochenʹ rad poznakomitʹsya s vami!)

Don’t Be Afraid To Also Ask About Them!

Aside from being confident while introducing yourself, you should also think about asking them about how they are. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to start a new conversation and ask anything you want to learn about the person. It is a great ice breaker and way to keep a conversation going while you show your interest in them.

How are you today?Как вы сегодня? (Kak vy segodnya?)
How have you been?Как твои дела? (Kak tvoi dela?)
How old are you?Сколько тебе лет? (Skolʹko tebe let?)
How should I address you?Как я должен обращаться к вам? (Kak ya dolzhen obrashchatʹsya k vam?)
What is your name?Как вас зовут? (Kak vas zovut?)
Where are you from?Откуда ты? (Otkuda ty?)
What is your age?Сколько Вам лет? (Skolʹko Vam let?)

Some Important Reminders That You Should Keep In Mind!

With these reminders, you will definitely be able to seal a very impressive and lasting introduction! While most Russians are seen as sometimes intimidating and reserved, these tips will surely make them feel more at ease around you!

Make Sure That You Keep Eye Contact

A great way to be able to establish a connection with the person that you are talking to is by making sure that you keep eye contact. By doing this, you are showing great and deep interest in your dialogue.

Through eye contact, you will also be able to pick up non-verbal cues that are great signals of certain emotions and feelings that they might not be able to say out loud.

Don’t Ask Invasive Questions

Even if this is a given rule, always remember that it is not polite to ask questions that are invasive to their private life. Regardless if you are just acquainted or not, it is very important to keep the respect intact because you wouldn’t want to make a very bad impression!


Always make sure that you smile when you talk to them! This will surely make them feel comfortable and safe around you. By smiling, you are giving them the impression that you are also delighted to have them around and that you enjoy their company.

What better way to seal off your introduction than this, right?

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