19+ Must Know Daily Life Slovenian Proverbs

Are you planning to make connections and impress Slovenian locals? Or do you want to understand the lifestyle of Slovenians in a fun way? Or are you looking for Slovenian proverbs to flaunt your Slovenian understanding? Then you are at the right blog!

Knowing a country’s proverbs and sayings is, after all, the best approach to go around and learn more about Slovenian through its culture and community, right? Let us delve into our article now. 

Why Do You Need To Learn Slovenian Proverbs?

During your stay in Slovenia, have you ever had a day at work where your colleagues said weird things to you? Like, “to have a tiger (Slovenian: Imam Tigra). And next, he says, “To call the reindeer (Slovenian: Kličemo Jelene).” 

Then you are like, “Woah!” “Does he really pet a tiger? Why is he asking for a reindeer now? What is going on here?” As a foreigner, you must be confused by these statements by your co-worker. Don’t worry, we’re here to solve your confusion!

The Answer To Your Confusion!

Basically, your co-worker is using the proverb in the Slovenian language. “To have a tiger” means that he had a really bad hangover, and “To call the reindeer” implies that he vomited. Better get used to these proverbs as you are going to hear such types of statements a lot in Slovenia. And we have found a solution for you!

Keep scrolling through the article.

Brief Insight Into Slovenian Proverbs

The traditional sayings of Slovenia are known as Slovenian proverbs. They are brief, smart statements with hidden meanings or advice for living. They are frequently used in a speech by native Slovenian speakers without their notice.

We believe that Slovenian proverbs can illustrate what is significant to a group of Slovenian people, what is regarded as appropriate behavior, and what is inappropriate behavior. It teaches you more about Slovenian culture than any textbook or even the best app to learn Slovenian out there. 

Slovenian Proverbs

12+ Must-Know Slovenian Proverbs

You might mistakenly think of their humor as an improper remark and get highlighted as a weird one in front of many eyes. So, to better understand Slovenian, we have gathered some “Must-know Slovenian proverbs” for you, along with English translations and their actual contexts. We have done all the hard work for your ease, so let’s get the learning started!  

Slovenian ProverbEnglish TranslationLiteral Meaning
Sam vanjo padeWhoever digs a hole for someone else eventually falls into it himself.Someone who intends to cause harm or misfortune to others may unintentionally find themselves on the receiving end of that same tragedy.
Lepa beseda lepo mesto najdeThe nice word find a nice place.Politeness costs nothing but can produce a lot.
Pes, ki laja, ne grizeA barking dog does not bite.Don’t be terrified of barking dogs or people who threaten you because they infrequently follow through on their threats.
Osel gre samo enkrat na led.Only a fool makes same mistake two times. Even a less intelligent individual becomes cautious after a negative encounter.
Dvema gospodarjema ne moreš služitiServing two masters is impossible.One’s loyalties must be unwavering.
Kamna, ki se obrača, se ne prime mah The turning stone doesn’t cling to the moss.A person who moves around a lot will not amass wealth or status.
Počasi se daleč pride. Slow and steady, wins the race.Success comes from persistent and successful effort.
Laž ima kratke nogeLies are like short legs.The truth will always come out, so lying won’t work.
Nobena juha se ne poje tako vroča, kot se skuha.There is always more good than bad.Compared to how it ends out in the end, everything initially appears to be worse.
Kuj železo, dokler je vročeWhen the iron is hot, strike.When opportunities present themselves, seize them right away.
Kjer je dim, je tudi ogenj.There is no smoke without fire.Nothing happens without a reason, or there are no consequences without a cause.
Tiha voda bregove dereStill waters run deep.A person who appears to be quiet and composed can pull off the unexpected.
Za vsakim dežjem posije sonce.There is a silver lining to every cloud.Never give up during difficult times because they always usher in happier times.

5+ Daily Life Slovenian Expressions

Slovenian Proverbs

Below is a list of some Slovenian expressions along with their literal meanings for you to obtain some understanding of Slovenian perspectives. Even if you are a foreigner or a resident there, these proverbs will change your life for the better during your stay in Slovenia

Slovenian ExpressionsEnglish TranslationLiteral Meaning
Smeji se kot pečen mačekTo smile like a roasted catSaying to the one who is laughing a lot.
Naj te koklja brcneLet the mother hen kick youTo reject something angrily.
Imam mačkaI have a cat.I have a hangover.
Dali so ga na čeveljTo get put on the shoe.Saying to someone who is fired from a job.
Ni dela, ni jela No labor, no food.You cannot expect to succeed without making an effort.
Molk je znak priznanjaSilence conveys agreement.You automatically agree if you don’t object.
Videz vara.Appearance cheats.The truth is not what it initially appears to be.

Want A Bonus?

Sure. Why not. Slovenian might seem hard to learn. But with enough practice, you’ll be able to communicate about yourself without much effort. Here’s a list of 10+ bonus Slovenian expressions and proverbs that you can practice later to excel and flaunt your Slovenian language.

Mix Slovenian Expressions-ProverbsEnglish Translation
Slaba družba pogosto vodi do neprijetnih posledic.Bad company often result in unpleasant consequences. 
Samo Bog ve, zakaj je nekaterim pticam skrajšal krila.Only the Lord knows why he has made the wings of some birds shorter.
Ne sprašuj slepca za pot, ne norca za nasvet.Ask neither an idiot for advice nor a blind man for directions.
Dober razum je boljši od žameta.Better than velvet is good sense.
Kdor visoko leti, nizko pade.He who soars high falls low.
Ljubo doma, kdor ga ima.Home sweet home.
Rana ura – zlata uraThe early bird catches the worm.
Lakota je najboljša začimba.The best spice is hunger.
Stara ljubezen ne rjavi.Old love never rusts.
Eden danes je boljši kot dva jutri.Two tomorrows are preferable to one today.
Kar zlahka zgradiš, bo hitro padlo.It will fall quickly, which you have built easily.
Nikoli ne šepetajte gluhim in ne mežikajte slepim.Never whisper to the deaf or wink at the blind man.
Človeško življenje je kot kapljica rose na listu.The man’s life is like the dew on a leaf.
In small churches, small saints are big.V majhnih cerkvah so mali svetniki veliki.
Nobena juha se ne poje tako vroča, kot se skuha.There is always more good than bad.
Velike ribe male žroBig fish eat little ones.
Speak the truth but leave immediately afterGovori resnico, a takoj zatem odidi

Wrapping Up

We have reached the end of our blog about Slovenian proverbs. For more blogs like this, stay connected with the Ling App. Try the 50 + Basic Words and Phrases in Slovenian for a wholesome and convenient experience. Get ready to become fluent in Slovenian with daily life, grammar, and punctuation.

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