Ultimate 2023 Danish Calendar Guide: Important Dates

2023 Danish calendar

Knowing when Denmark holidays are is highly important if you’re planning a trip there. Like most countries, you can expect many attractions and important institutions to be closed. This can really mess things up, especially if you’re only in the country for a couple of days. So, we created the 2023 Danish calendar for you with all the public holidays, and some other ones thrown into the mix.

Public holidays, government holidays and observances, and ‘fun’ holidays too are included on our 2023 Denmark calendar.

We’ll also go over how to read dates in Danish. Let’s go!

Which Calendar Does Denmark Use?

While Denmark adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1700, their holidays are based around the Christian calendar with holidays like Easter and Christmas taking precedence over other holidays.

The Denmark calendar has 12 months and 365 days, so you won’t have any surprises.

How To Read The Date In Danish

For the full lesson on how to read and say dates and times in Danish, check out our other ultimate guide, but here is a brief rundown of how to read and say the date in Danish.

The order of the date goes like so:

  • Day of the week – number – month – year
  • Monday 23rd April, 2023
  • mandag treogtyve år 2023 (to tusind og tre­og­tyve)

Not To Miss Festivals In Denmark: The Top 5

Denmark holidays 2023

The Danish 2023 calendar doesn’t include every special event on it, so we thought we’d share some pretty fantastic festivals and events you shouldn’t miss out on.

The Rock Festival (Roskilde Festival)

When: June 24-July 1, 2023

There are festivals and then there are mega-festivals and then there’s… Roskilde. Roskilde is the largest music festival in all of Northern Europe. This year is slated to be its best year yet with about 150,000 attendees expected and 150 different bands. Best of all, much of the proceeds are donated to local non-profit organizations.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

When: June 30-July 9, 2023

Who knew Copenhagen is a jazz capital of the world?! It all began in the 60s when a bunch of American jazz icons moved here and began a jazz revolution. Since 1979, Copenhagen has hosted the annual jazz fest that isn’t to be missed if you love jazz.


When: July 31-Aug 6, 2023

Set deep in a forest outside Skanderborg is one of Denmark’s largest outdoor camping and music festivals. You can expect an eclectic mix of rock, heavy metal, pop, blues, and folk music. The idea is that you’re partying with the local mythical creature – the troll! They even have a mascot which is a troll called Waltidur Festismuk Kærligkys Ølimund Rockilund Trold which roughly translates to Waltidur Party-Beauty Loving-Kiss Beer-In-Mouth Rock-In-Grove Troll.

Winter Pride

When: February 20-25, 2023

A pride festival in winter? Sure! Why not? Come out and celebrate the open and loving community in Copenhagen 2023. Just be sure to bring some warm clothes.

The Viking Moot

When: july 29-30, 2023

The Viking Moot is the largest Viking festival of its kind. Enjoy dressing up, playing medieval games, experiencing life in the middle ages, boat races, and more! Located at Moesgård Beach near Moesgaard Museum takes place on the last weekend in July closest to July 28, which is when the feast day of St. Olaf takes place.

National Holidays In 2023

2023 calendar Denmark

Here are the other important days and national holidays in the 2023 Danish calendar.

DateEnglish NameDanish NameType of Holiday
January 1, 2023New Year’s DayNytårsdagPublic
April 6, 2023Maundy ThursdaySkærtorsdagPublic
April 7, 2023Good FridayLangfredagPublic
April 9, 2023Easter SundayPåskedagPublic
April 10, 2023Easter MondayPåskedagPublic
May 5, 2023General Prayer DayStore bededagPublic
May 18, 2023Ascension DayKristi HimmelfartsdagPublic
May 19, 2023Bank closing dayBanklukkedagBank, School, Optional
May 28, 2023PentecostPinsedagPublic
May 29, 2023Whit MondayPinsedagPublic
June 5 2023Constitution DayGrundlovsdagBank, School, Optional
December 24, 2023Christmas EveJuleaftensdagBank, School, Optional
December 25, 2023Christmas DayJuledagPublic
December 26, 2023St. Stephen’s DayJuledagPublic
December 31, 2023New Year’s EveNytårsaftensdagBank, School, Optional

School Holidays In Denmark

You may want to be aware of school holidays and calendars because during school breaks, hotels may get busy and attractions booked out. Here are school holiday observances in Denmark for 2023.

  • Christmas Holidays 22 December, 2022 – January 2, 2023
  • Winter Holidays 11-26 February, 2023
  • Easter Holidays 3-10 April, 2023
  • Ascension Holidays 18-19 May, 2023
  • Summer Holidays 26 June – August 4, 2023
  • Autumn Holidays 14 -22 October, 2023

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