7 Intense Arabic Movies You Must Watch

Arabic Movies

Have you ever watched an Arabic movie? If not, you will be hooked on watching the ones we will feature in today’s post! While not everyone enjoys having their eyes glued to the screen, we believe that watching Arabic movies will help you understand and appreciate better the Arab world. Ready for the list? Keep reading below!

Binge Watch These Arabic Movies!

The list of good Arabic movies is never-ending, but here are some of the best ones our team also loves!

West Beirut 

West Beirut is that one film that portrays the civil war scenario realistically and seems to be based on a true story. It shows the great divide between east Lebanon (Christians dominated community) and west Lebanon (with a Muslim majority) and the war brewing between the two.

The war seems fascinating at first, but later it turns into a deadly battle where the childhood friends get separated and disconnected, like the divide between east and west Lebanon. The movie is a quintessential example of how war and violence get preserved and entangled into the very root of society and prevail through generations. The impacts are even more deadly and drastic when they take a toll. It was selected as the best foreign language film from Lebanon. 

The Worthy

Do you also believe that destruction and violence bring nothing but chaos? Then this movie, The Worthy, is the perfect epitome of that. 

The story revolves around political leaders exploiting their nations to fulfill their political desires. One party contaminates the world’s water supply, and most of the populations get wiped out (that too, primarily because of the fear inculcated into them). The left-behind small group continues to escape while most people face death while learning that they can’t believe anyone in critical situations. 

It is a perfect apocalyptic representation of the use of weapons, political tactics, violence, and fear that ends up turning society into the worst chaos rather than rebuilding a civilization.

The Beauty And The Dogs

If you are a natural person and more interested in actual events, this one can be intriguing as it highlights society’s dark realities. 

A young girl from Tunisia gets sexually assaulted, faces brutal assault by police officers, and struggles when this college student seeks assistance from police stations and hospitals. The irony plays its part in the movie when those who are supposed to be the savior of the public and law abiders come out to be the intimidators for the victim. The plot twist occurs when a police officer offers help and advises her to step up. 

This movie is a perfect example of how justice can become a bureaucratic nightmare for the victims. 


If you are aware of Arabic culture, you will know how hard and struggling it sometimes might be for girls to live up to their dreams. 

A 10-year-old little girl comes from a relatively poor neighborhood and desires to own a cycle, but her mother disapproves. The rest of the plot talks about the efforts and sacrifices a woman has to make for her family. Wadjda’s father takes another wife, which criticizes the societal belief that a woman is just meant to give birth to children and will be replaced by another if she cannot. 

The movie’s ending depicts that you may be happy without letting yourself be dependent on others. So have faith in yourself and God; He will never leave you astray. 

From A To B 

Have you ever witnessed any story whereby the person is ready to leave everything behind to fulfill one desire? If not, this movie will make you realize how self-centered and thoughtless we are as humans, that we cannot even judge our actions and try to follow others. 

Three friends visit their dead friend far from their homeland for his birthday. They start a journey and face numerous hurdles to reach there. What is intriguing in this story is that we as human beings are selfish, and this selfishness makes us make decisions that will do us no good. The road trip makes the three friends witness many new experiences and helps them form a stronger bond. 

Paradise Now

I am sure you all have just heard of the young Palestinian suicide bombers and have witnessed just what the screens of news channels and other media forums show. This movie lets you walk in the shoes of bombers and cover, to some extent, the deadly game that the people, especially young Palestinians, go through. 

It also touches upon how worldly sufferings and humiliation sometimes lead you to decide and prefer death over a meaningless life. What’s more, it shows a well-established picture of how terrorist groups brainwash people to commit atrocious crimes, which do not give anyone any good but end up satisfying their yearning for blood and hostilities. 

A whole list of Arabic films might be on your must-watch list after this one. Some of them include stray bullets, blessed benefits, the Egyptian story, the book of the sun, Zinzina, etc. 

Barakah Meets Barakah 

This movie is still another depiction of the social restrictions that people (especially young people) face. It is a romantic comedy featuring a young man belonging to the middle class who falls in love with a girl from a wealthy family. 

It is a presentation of the backlash against strict public restrictions. These two characters find it difficult to share some romantic moments because of fear. Then the story takes a political turn, and criticism develops by drawing comparisons between this generation and the past generations. The takeaway is that society has become even more conservative, which used to be widely accepted previously. 

Winding Up

Arabic Movies

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