6 Haunted Places In Bulgaria: Best Creepy Sites To Explore

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How does the sound of spooky places appeal to you? If you’re one of the many people who love the rush of adrenaline whenever you visit sites with an eerie backstory, then we’ll definitely get along. Join me as we unravel the most haunted places in Bulgaria and a snippet of their histories today!

As an enthusiast for paranormal activities, it’s inevitable to discover articles that showcase the deep and dark history of different places worldwide. Take my experience as an example, I wasn’t really hunting for anything that would keep me awake. However, these spine-chilling tales seem to know where to find me.

I’ve compiled some of them in this article, so come along as we take a quick tour of the most haunted places in Bulgaria that you probably never heard of!

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Before indulging yourself in these haunted places in Bulgaria, take your time and familiarize yourself with some vocabulary for haunted places.


List Of Haunted Places In Bulgaria

In case you didn’t know, Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe. This fact alone tells you that this place has been through a lot. Apart from Bulgaria’s stunning places, there is some ominous history behind it. These are some experiences that can’t be explained by science, right? Well, then, here are some of the places that are rumored to be haunted by ghosts from the country’s seemingly mysterious past.

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1. Buzludzha Monument House

Do you have the courage to unveil what’s hidden in the heart of the Balkan Mountains? Rumors say that the monument house in this area was a symbol of the Bulgarian Communist Party. If you know the deep and dark history of Bulgaria, you’ll get why this place sends shivers down every visitor’s spine.

Some visitors claim that you often see strange lights in this abandoned building. They believe that these were the souls of those who died here during the Communist Era. Other people attest to feeling someone staring at them from a distance. Some even said they had direct contact with them, as they got scratched or touched by these spirits.

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2. The Devil’s Bridge (Dyavolski Most)

The tales about the devil have existed for a very long time, and to this day, residents here are still haunted by the stories passed through generations. This place in the Rhodope Mountains is believed to be haunted by the devil, and rumor has it that the bridge was successfully completed with his aid.

You see, the master builder was a daring person, and he made a pact with the devil to complete this structure in exchange for the soul of the first living being to cross it. You might think that he’d send himself or a random person to cross the bridge. But being a smarty-pants, he sent a dog instead.

3. Devil’s Throat Cave

Some places really have an eerie vibe that can send away even your bravest friends. This place found in the Rhodope Mountains is one of those places that will challenge your courage. Before entering the cave, you’ll be greeted by an image on its walls that resembles the devil’s face; if that doesn’t shake you, then carry on.

The mystery doesn’t end here because once you thread deeper, you’ll find the Trigrad River, allegedly the throat of the devil. People say that whatever you throw in this 150-foot underground falls and stays there for eternity. This is one of the many reasons why residents believe that this place must be the entrance to hell. Would you dare to take a peek?

4. Belogradchik Fortress

By the name of the place, you can probably tell that this has existed for a long time. One remarkable thing about this fortress is how intact it remains to this day. It was constructed during the Roman Empire, and it served as a way to maintain surveillance during said era. However, it also served as a stronghold during the Bulgarian Uprising in 1850. At night, people can hear the Roman soldiers marching in the area— as thrill seekers, I bet that you and your friends would want to witness it yourselves. Good luck! Or, as we say in Bulgarian, Kŭsmet!

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Abandoned Places In Bulgaria

Unlike the first four places in our list, the following sites we’ll touch on don’t really have hair-raising stories, but they are the perfect lair for Bulgarian ghost stories. These buildings are some of the many places that have been long forgotten by the locals and are waiting for thrill seekers like you.

1. Arkutino School For Gifted Children

This place, spearheaded by Lyudmila Zhivkova, had a great vision, and they had prepared classrooms, auditoriums, and even stages for students. Unfortunately, she died in 1981. Despite her untimely passing, her father wanted to continue her dream, so its construction began in 1985 but was halted in 1989 due to political challenges. Until this day, the place remains untouched. Authorities have been passing the ownership back and forth, which led to its construction not having any progress.

2. Paramun Village

Does your hometown have ghost villages? We’re not talking about places that are literally infested with spirits! In this case, we’re venturing through the old, slowly destroyed houses from a small village in Sofia known as Paramun. This place only has less than 50 inhabitants all year round, and most of the people are elderly and have retired. There aren’t many sources claiming haunted experiences, but some may think that due to its low population, this may be a good spot for ghost hunting.

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