10+ Best Dutch Movies & TV Series To Master The Language

Movies and TV are among the most effective (+ entertaining) ways to engage in a new language and culture. Dutch movies + TV often have conversational, authentic interactions that you would see in the Netherlands with Dutch-speaking people. 

You will pick up on niche slang, words, and tones that Dutch people use to communicate and you get to experience enthralling media in a new cultural, historical, and social context. It’s a win-win! 

So turn those subtitles on and let your subconscious do the learning! When multiple senses are activated at once: sight & sound, it strengthens the connections between your native tongue and the one you wish to learn. Time to get your synapses firing and turn on Dutch movies or TV shows (most of which are on Netflix!) Let’s get started!

Dutch Movies That Should Be On Your List

It’s difficult to pick the best Dutch films … but here are a few of the best and newest that Dutch cinema has to offer.

Best Dutch movies tv series on your list

The Takeover (2022) – Crime Movie – Netflix 

A hacker framed for murder must dodge the police while trying to find the people blackmailing her. Get sucked into a world of deceit, criminals, escape, and drama … all while learning new vocabulary!

Antonia’s Line (1995)  – Drama – Prime Video 

This film touched me deeply, and it is the best foreign film I’ve ever seen! Whimsical and funny, Antonia’s Line is set in a small Dutch farm town and follows Antonia – a tough, empathetic matriarch – as she leads her community through love, tragedy, and redemption. The stunning backdrop and beautiful commentary make this film a must-see for anyone! 

The Claus Family (2020) – Children Movie – Netflix

When Christmas-hater Jules learns of his family’s secret magic legacy, he must go on a quest to save Christmas. This family-fun Dutch movie is excellent for the holiday season and for learning holiday traditions and related words. 

My Best Friend Anne Frank (2021) – Drama – Netflix

Based on the real-life friendship between Anne Frank and Hannah Goslar, this film is set in the harrowing time of Nazi occupied Amsterdam during World War II. The movie follows the best friends in the years leading up to the war and their tragic reunion at a concentration camp years later. 

Black Book (2006) – Thriller – HBO Max

This critically-acclaimed war thriller is set during the second world war, following Rachel as she joins the Dutch resistance as a spy after Nazi occupation destroys her home. The deeper she becomes in espionage, the more she finds herself entangled in betrayal, love, and tragedy. Some call this the best Dutch film of all time, but you’ll be the judge of that! 

Meskina (2021) – Comedy – Netflix

Leyla, a single thirty-something, is heartbroken, jobless, and seen as a “Meskina” (pity case) by her traditional Moroccan family, who desperately want to couple her. Watch in this hilarious Dutch movie as Leyla sets out to remake herself amongst her family’s antics of matchmaking. 

Flodder (1986) – Comedy – Netflix

An atypical, quirky Dutch family moves to an affluent neighborhood as part of a social experiment. The Flodder family refuses to adapt, which results in all sorts of dysfunction and humor. Fun fact: the film was so successful that it resulted in two more movies and a spin-off series!

Best Dutch movies tv series shows

Dutch Television Shows That Should Be On Your List

Want more than a 2 hour movie experience? Some of the TV series listed below have multiple seasons for you to binge (one even has 16 seasons!) So time to get watching!

Toon (2016) – Comedy Series (2 seasons) – Netflix

Toon is a jingle writer thrust into fame after a viral video. Watch as he navigates the unfamiliar world of show business in this comedy hit. This would be an excellent Dutch series to get started, as it’s lighthearted and has short episodes!

Undercover (2019) – Crime Series (3 seasons) – Netflix 

Inspired by real-life events, the plot revolves around undercover agents who infiltrate a vast drug ring in Limburg. Follow along for the suspense through three action-packed seasons while you improve your Dutch!

Dirty Lines (2022) – Drama + Comedy Series (1 season) – Netflix

This new show has already amassed great reviews, as it is a fascinating historical look into the 1980s family from Amsterdam who started the first-ever phone sex business. It’s funny, touching, and plain old fun. Start binging today! 

Flikken Maastricht (2007) – Crime Series (16 seasons) – Netflix

Beginning in 2007 to the present day, Flikken Maastricht is one of the longest-running television series in Dutch history. It follows Amsterdam policeman Floris Wolfs as he’s transferred to Maastricht. If you love a juicy murder story and smart-alec detectives, this one is for you. Though it’s more than just a typical detective show, as it has touched millions of viewers (which is why it has been renewed for so many years!)

* “Flikken” is Dutch slang for a police officer.

From drama to comedy to thriller to crime, there’s a movie or TV series on this list for you. Pop one of these into the television and watch as you learn new vocabulary, as well as more into the niche context of Dutch culture and people. 

Best Dutch movies tv series vocabulary A-M

Dutch Movie + TV Vocabulary (A-M)

Keep an ear out for these words listed in any of the movies or TV shows mentioned above. It always helps to learn more vocabulary, especially if you’re going to be binging Dutch movie after movie! 

EnglishDutch Pronunciation
Mystery Mysterie
Other best Dutch movies tv series vocabulary

Dutch Movie + TV Vocabulary (N-Z)

Didn’t see the film + TV related word you were looking for in this list above? Chances are it’s down here. Keep reading to find out!


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