Food Ingredients In Russian: #1 Best Guide For Foodies

Are you curious to know about food ingredients in Russian? Not only is this a great way to get to know the Russian cuisine, but to improve your Russian language skills as well!

If you want to learn Russian or are looking for a sign to start learning the language, keep reading!

Food Ingredients In Russian: All You Need To Know

Whether you want to know more about Russian food, Russian culture, or Russian vocabulary, knowing these food ingredients in Russian can help you improve your overall Russian knowledge. This is especially important if you plan on visiting or living in Russia in the future.

While the Russian language has quite the reputation for being one of the hardest languages to learn, especially for native English speakers, it’s important that you never give up. Remember that building your vocabulary is the first step towards fluency!

EnglishRussian Pronunciation
FishРыбы (Ryby)
ChickenКурица (Kuritsa)
PorkСвинина (Svinina)
MeatМясо (Myaso)
VegetablesОвощи (Ovoshchi)
FruitsФрукты (Frukty)
Vegetable oilРастительное масло (Rastitel’noye maslo)
MushroomsГрибы (Griby)
BeefГовядина (Govyadina)
OnionЛук (Luk)
GarlicЧеснок (Chesnok)
CheeseСыр (Syr)
SaltСоль (Sol’)
PepperПерец (Perets)
LemonЛимон (Limon)
Eggяйца (Yaytsa)
Ground beefГовяжий фарш (Govyazhiy farsh)
Spicesспеции (Spetsii)
HerbsТравы (Travy)
SugarСахар (Sakhar)
FlourМука (Muka)
HoneyМедовый (Мedovyy)
Baking powderПорошок для выпечки (Poroshok dlya vypechki)
Baking sodaПищевая сода (Pishchevaya soda)
OilМасло (Maslo)
Corn starchКукурузный крахмал (Kukuruznyy krakhmal)
Soy sauceСоевый соус (Soyevyy sous)
VinegarУксус (Uksus)
ThymeТимьян (Tim’yan)
RosemaryРозмари (Rozmari)
CinnamonКорица (Koritsa)
PotatoesКартофель (Kartofel’)

These are just a handful of the food ingredients you’ll come across in a Russian kitchen. In reality, Russians cook with so many spices and other ingredients, which is what makes their food so delicious!

Infamous Russian Dishes To Try

Want to learn more about Russian cuisine and some traditional must-try Russian dishes? Don’t worry, we got you! Below are some of the most popular Russian dishes that you should consider trying the next time you visit Russia.

1. Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

You are definitely missing out on the Russian food experience if you have never tried beef stroganoff! Featuring thick sour cream and mushrooms, this dish is a crowd favorite. Commonly served with boiled potatoes to further complement the dish, this food will definitely make you fall in love with Russian cuisine even more!

2. Borscht (Russian-Style Beet Soup)

food ingredients in russian

Made up of various vegetables, beef, cabbage, and so much more, this Russian favorite is a must-try. This dish is sweet and sour all mixed into one. Simply put, it’s a flavor you can’t miss out on! Like all other dishes in the Russian cuisine, beet soup is a popular dish in Russia because of its rich flavor and beautiful eye-catching color!

3. Pelmeni


Pelmeni is considered the national dish of Russia and a major staple in many households. In short, the dish consists of carefully wrapped pastry dumplings filled with minced meat. If you enjoy dumplings, this dish is a must-try when you have the opportunity!

4. Solyanka

 Solyanka ingredients in russian

Another soup that is loved by many, Solyanka consists of various ingredients that range from pickled cucumbers, sour cream, cabbage, and even mushrooms! This soup is very savory and rich in flavor which makes everyone come back to it whenever they can. If you ever find yourself in Russia, this dish should be on your list of go-to dishes.

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