7 Flirting Phrases In Bulgarian: Best Guide for Starters

Flirting Phrases In Bulgarian- Featured Ling App

How would you describe your love life these days? If you’re looking for a new love interest during your stay in Bulgaria or simply want to flirt with your partner using a different language, then this guide is for you. Here, you’ll learn different flirting phrases in Bulgarian that’ll make you giddy later on!

Romantic phrases just have their way of attracting people, don’t you think? They easily swoop us up in the air and make us feel that “tachycardia.” Although flirting is a universal language, some cultures still have their own take on how you properly and respectfully trifle with someone.

You probably figured out already that Bulgarian people are a little more conservative compared to other Western cultures, so let’s tone it down a bit. One way to get someone’s attention is by complimenting them, but it’s best if you keep it light. Admiring their smile or clothes is one way to do it. Now if you’re still a beginner and you only know a few phrases in the Bulgarian language, here are some flirting phrases you’ll want to take note of!

Guide 101: Flirting Phrases In Bulgarian

Raise your hands if you’re single and bitter! Just kidding. Bring them down, alright, we’re not here to sulk about our single and dull love life. We’re taking our chance to learn Bulgarian phrases that may help us bag a good relationship. So, buckle up and prepare to cringe as you practice saying these lines while you’re in front of the mirror.

1. Ti Si Mnogo Krasiv(a) – Ти си много красив/а (You Are Very Beautiful/Handsome)

Starting off with the basic “You’re very beautiful/handsome” can actually get you somewhere when it comes to the flirting department. Romantic Bulgarian phrases don’t have to be overly sweet, as they may sound insincere or trying too hard for some. So, if you’re a straightforward person, sticking with this compliment can serve as a flirting phrase. Remember, “красива” (krasiva) is used for females, and “красив” (krasiv) is used for males. Here’s a breakdown of each word’s meaning:

  • Ти (Ti) – You
  • си (si) – Are
  • много (mnogo) – Very
  • красив(а) (krasiv/a) – Beautiful/handsome
Flirting Phrases In Bulgarian (Lovely Smile)- Ling App

2. Imash Prekrasna Usmivka – Имаш прекрасна усмивка (You Have A Very Lovely Smile)

Here’s the thing about your smile, it can either seem like you’re Snow White or the Evil Queen. You have the capability of making it seem sweet, but it can also turn into a grin that can scare people off. If you ever hear someone say Имаш прекрасна усмивка, don’t feel offended just yet! They’re simply complimenting your smile, which is actually a great way to flirt with someone.

  • Имаш (Imash)- You have
  • прекрасна (prekrasna)- Beautiful
  • усмивка (usmivka)- Smile

3. Moga Li Da Ti Kupya Napitka? – Мога ли да ти купя напитка? (Can I Buy You A Drink?)

Moving on to a bolder way of flirting with someone would be asking them if you could buy them a drink. You’ll typically hear this question whenever you go to clubs or bars. In certain countries, this is like a ticket to getting to know someone better, which may lead to getting into a relationship if things go well.

  • Мога (Moga) – Can
  • ли (li) – Do/Is
  • да (Da) – To
  • ти (Ti) – You
  • купя (Kupyа) – Buy
  • напитка (Napitka) – Drink
Flirting Phrases In Bulgarian (Can I Buy You A Drink)- Ling App

4. Обичам твоя стил – Obicham Tvoya Stil (I Love/Like Your Style)

The way you present yourself can easily attract people, don’t you think? Like those aesthetic and chic clothes from different brands have their way of turning you into a different person but in a good way! If someone ever tells you that they like your style, either they’re giving you a compliment or hitting on you.

  • Обичам (Obicham) – I love or I like
  • твоя (tvoya) – Your
  • стил (stil) – Style

5. Ти си слънцето в моя ден – Ti Si Slŭntseto V Moya Den (You Are The Sunshine In My Day)

How would you feel if someone ever told you that you’re their sunshine? It’s a sweet and romantic phrase that can easily give you the impact a cup of coffee has on your system. Prepare to fall deep because it may sound cheesy, but some of us really love hearing the corniest things!

  • Ти (Ti) – You
  • си (si)- Are
  • слънцето (slantseto)- The sun
  • в (v)- In
  • моя (moya)- My
  • ден (den)- Day

6. Твоите очи са като звезди – Tvoite Ochi Sa Kato Zvezdi (Your Eyes Are Like The Stars)

People say that the ones who see the shine in your eyes are the ones. Would you take this flirty phrase seriously? It’s cute to hear someone say that your eyes are pretty similar to the stars, but taking it literally would sound more like a joke; since stars are hot balls of gas!

  • Твоите (Tvoite) – Your (plural, in this context, it implies “your eyes”)
  • очи (ochi) – Eyes
  • са (sa) – Are
  • като (kato) – Like
  • звезди (zvezdi) – Stars
Flirting Phrases In Bulgarian (Beautiful Eyes)- Ling App

7. Имаш ли карта? Загубих се в очите ти – Imash Li Karta? Zagubikh Se V Ochite Ti (Do You Have A Map? I Got Lost In Your Eyes)

One of the flirtiest lines you can ever hear would be this one. It has a sweet touch to it, and it’s one of the most efficient ways to make a move on your crush and show your true feelings. Now what you need here is to develop enough courage to confess!

  • Имаш (Imash) – Do you have…?
  • ли (li) – A particle often used for questions, similar to “do you.”
  • карта (karta) – A map
  • Загубих (Zagubih) – I got lost
  • се (se) – Reflexive pronoun often used to indicate the action is done by the subject to itself, in this context, myself.
  • в (v) – In
  • очите (ochite) – Eyes
  • ти (ti) – Your

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The best part about flirting with someone is when they reciprocate the same energy. These simple phrases are gateways to getting yourself a good conversation, and you may even find yourself a lover. The key to having a connection with Bulgarian locals is learning their mother tongue. This new language may seem intimidating at first, but trust studying it with the Ling app can make it more exciting and easier.

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