Star In Cantonese: 3 Fun Ways To Remember

Star in Cantonese - A photo of a man staring at a star in the night sky

Do you ever find yourself looking up at the night sky, wondering how to express the beauty and wonder of stars (星星 Sing1 Sing1) in Cantonese? You’re in for a stellar treat! In this language adventure, we’ll learn how to say star in Cantonese and explore related star vocabulary.

Different Ways To Say Star In Cantonese

In the Cantonese language, there is only one way to say star in Cantonese. But here, we list down more ways to say star in Cantonese:

1. Star – 星星 (Sing1 Sing1)

Picture this: you’re lying on a grassy hill, looking up at the night sky, and you see those tiny, bright specks twinkling above you. In Cantonese, we call those 星星 (sing1 sing1).

2. The First Star Of The Night – 第一顆星 (Dai6 Jat1 Fo1 Sing1)

Have you ever made a wish upon the first star you see in the evening? In Cantonese, we refer to this special star as 第一顆星 (dai6 jat1 fo1 sing1). It’s like being the star of the show, the first one to grace the night sky.

3. Wishing Star – 願望星 (Jyun6 Mong6 Sing1)

Now, if you want to talk about those stars you wish upon, we call them “Wishing Stars” in Cantonese, which translates to 願望星 (jyun6 mong6 sing1). They hold the magic of your hopes and dreams.

Star in Cantonese - A photo of a shooting star

Other Terms Related To Stars In Cantonese

Stars have a way of capturing our imagination and filling us with wonder, and learning how to say ‘star’ in Cantonese is just the beginning of our celestial journey. Here are some related vocabulary about stars in Cantonese:

evening夜晚je6 maan5
constellation星座sing1 zo6
hope希望hei1 mong6
night夜晚je6 maan5
planet行星hang4 sing1
sky天空tin1 hung1
wish許願heoi2 jyun6

Chinese Constellation: Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Seven celestial deities were considered bright and powerful in ancient China: the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn. In addition to the Seven Celestial Beings, many other stars in the sky were categorized into Three Enclosures, Four Symbols, and Twenty-eight Lunar Mansions groupings according to their placements.

Three Enclosures – Centered On The North Pole

The Purple Forbidden Enclosure, the Supreme Palace Enclosure, and the Heavenly Market Enclosure are the Three Enclosures. “Walls” that are asterisms that resemble their namesake shapes divide the Three Enclosures.

EnglishCantoneseJyutpingLiteral Meaning
The Purple Forbidden enclosure紫微垣zi2 mei4 wun4Imperial celestial enclosure
The Supreme Palace enclosure太微垣taai3 mei4 wun4Another imperial celestial enclosure
The Heavenly Market enclosure天市垣tin1 si5 wun4Celestial market enclosure

Four Symbols

The Four Symbols are four mythical beings that can be seen in Chinese constellations along the ecliptic. They are thought to protect the four cardinal directions.

The Azure Dragon of the East青龙 (cing1 lung4) Spring
The Vermilion Bird of the South 朱雀 (zyu1 zoek3) Summer
The White Tiger of the West 白虎 (baak6 fu2)Fall
The Black Tortoise of the Nort玄武 (jyun4 mou5)Winter

The Twenty-Eight Mansions – 二十八宿 (Ji6 Sap6 Baat3 Suk1)

The Twenty-Eight Mansions are a part of the Chinese model of the sky. In Western astrology, the Twenty-eight Mansions are like the zodiacal constellations. However, they show how the Moon moves through a sidereal month instead of how the Sun moves through a tropical year.

The Azure Dragon Of The East (青龙 Cing1 Lung4)

1Horn角 (gok3)
2Neck亢 (kong3)
3Root氐 (dai1)
4Room房 (fong4)
5Heart心 (sam1)
6Tail尾 (mei5)
7Winnowing Basket箕 (gei1)

The Black Tortoise Of The North (玄武 Jyun4 Mou5)

8(Southern) Dipper斗 (dau2)
9Ox牛 (ngau4)
10Girl女 (neoi5)
11Emptiness虛 (heoi1)
12Rooftop危 (ngai4)
13Encampment室 (sat1)
14Wall壁 (bik1)

The White Tiger Of The West (白虎 Baak6 Fu2)

15Legs奎 (fui1)
16Bond婁 (lau4)
17Stomach胃 (wai6)
18Hairy Head昴 (maau5)
19Net畢 (bat1)
20Turtle Beak觜 (zeoi2)
21Three Stars參 (sam1)

The Vermilion Bird Of The South (朱雀 Zyu1 Zoek3)

22Well井 (zeng2)
23Ghost鬼 (gwai2)
24Willow柳 (lau5)
25Star星 (sing1)
26Extended Net張 (zoeng1)
27Wings翼 (jik6)
28Chariot軫 (zan2)

Bonus Vocabulary: Star Constellations

Apart from learning how to say “star” in Cantonese, it’s fascinating to delve into the world of star constellations. The Cantonese word for constellation is 星座 (sing1 zo6). Here are a few popular ones:

Andromeda仙女座sin1 neoi5 zo6
Apus天燕座tin1 jin3 zo6
Aquarius寶瓶座bou2 ping4 zo6
Aquila天鷹座tin1 jing1 zo6
Aries白羊座baak6 joeng4 zo6
Boötes牧夫座muk6 fu1 zo6
Caelum雕具座diu1 geoi6 zo6
Cancer巨蟹座geoi6 haai5 zo6
Canes Venatici獵犬座lip6 hyun2 zo6
Canis Major大犬座daai6 hyun2 zo6
Canis Minor小犬座siu2 hyun2 zo6
Capricornus摩羯座mo1 kit3 zo6
Cassiopeia仙后座sin1 hau6 zo6
Centaurus半人馬座bun3 jan4 maa5 zo6
Cepheus仙王座sin1 wong4 zo6
Circinus圓規座jyun4 kwai1 zo6
Corona Australis南冕座naam4 min5 zo6
Corona Borealis北冕座bak1 min5 zo6
Crater巨爵座geoi6 zoek3 zo6
Crux南十字座naam4 sap6 zi6 zo6
Delphinus海豚座hoi2 tyun4 zo6
Dorado劍魚座gim3 jyu4 zo6
Draco天龍座tin1 lung4 zo6
Eridanus波江座bo1 gong1 zo6
Fornax天爐座tin1 lou4 zo6
Gemini雙子座soeng1 zi2 zo6
Grus天鶴座tin1 hok6 zo6
Hercules武仙座mou5 sin1 zo6
Hydra長蛇座coeng4 se4 zo6
Hydrus水蛇座seoi2 se4 zo6
Leo獅子座si1 zi2 zo6
Leo Minor小獅座siu2 si1 zo6
Lepus天兔座tin1 tou3 zo6
Libra天秤座tin1 cing3 zo6
Lynx天貓座tin1 maau1 zo6
Lyra天琴座tin1 kam4 zo6
Mensa山案座saan1 ngon3 zo6
Monoceros麒麟座kei4 leon4 zo6
Musca蒼蠅座cong1 jing4 zo6
Norma矩尺座geoi2 cek3 zo6
Octans南極座naam4 gik6 zo6
Orion獵戶座lip6 wu6 zo6
Pegasus飛馬座fei1 maa5 zo6
Perseus英仙座jing1 sin1 zo6
Phoenix鳳凰座fung6 wong4 zo6
Pisces雙魚座soeng1 jyu4 zo6
Pyxis羅盤座lo4 pun4 zo6
Reticulum網罟座mong5 gu2 zo6
Sagitta天箭座tin1 zin3 zo6
Sagittarius人馬座jan4 maa5 zo6
Scorpius天蠍座tin1 kit3 zo6
Sculptor玉夫座juk6 fu1 zo6
Serpens巨蛇座geoi6 se4 zo6
Taurus金牛座gam1 ngau4 zo6
Telescopium望遠鏡座mong6 jyun5 geng3 zo6
Triangulum三角座saam1 gok3 zo6
Ursa Major大熊座daai6 hung4 zo6
Ursa Minor小熊座siu2 hung4 zo6
Virgo室女座sat1 neoi5 zo6
Volans飛魚座fei1 jyu4 zo6
Vulpecula狐狸座wu4 lei4 zo6

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