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Whether it’s getting stuck in a Vietnamese stationery store or asking for a stapler in a bilingual office, sometimes Vietnamese words for office equipment can be a bit of a puzzle. But don’t worry! You’ve landed in the right place.

In this post, we’ll delve into essential Vietnamese words for all the items you typically find in an office setting. From ‘bàn’ (table) to ‘máy tính’ (computer), we’re about to embark on a journey to make your office communication smoother in Vietnamese. So clear your desk, grab a cup of coffee and let’s learn some new workplace vocabulary!

Why Learn Vietnamese Office Equipment Vocabulary?

In the Vietnamese workplace, effective communication is the name of the game. But why is it so important to enrich your Vietnamese vocabulary with office supplies? We’ll discuss it below:

Office Equipment Everywhere

In today’s fast-paced world, office tools aren’t just for one type of workplace. It’s in home offices, coworking places, cafes, and offices. Using the right words for office supplies can help you at work or anywhere else.

Smooth Sailing In The Workplace

Effective communication is the secret sauce to create a successful workplace. Imagine when you can effortlessly comment on tasks, solve problems, and collaborate with your Vietnamese-speaking colleagues. Learning the Vietnamese vocabulary for office equipment is your ticket to clear and efficient interactions.

The Global Business Connection

In the era of globalization, language skills are like gold. Businesses are constantly expanding across borders, and the ability to communicate in the local language is a game-changer. By mastering Vietnamese office equipment vocabulary, you’ll open doors to exciting international opportunities and stand out in the global job market.

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Exploring Vietnamese Words For Office Equipment

We have discussed why it’s important to learn the right words to use for your Vietnamese office communication. And now, let’s explore the key terms that you need for your daily office conversations. Let’s start by noting that “thiết bị văn phòng” is the Vietnamese word for “office equipment.”

English Word Vietnamese Word 
ComputerMáy tính
PrinterMáy in
MonitorMàn hình
KeyboardBàn phím
Fax MachineMáy fax
PhotocopierMáy photocopy
TelephoneĐiện thoại
ProjectorMáy chiếu
PenCái bút
Office DeskBàn làm việc
ScannerMáy quét
Filing CabinetTủ hồ sơ
StaplerMáy dập ghim
FolderThư mục
EnvelopePhong bì
MarkerĐánh dấu
Trash BinThùng rác

Sample Vietnamese Sentences For Office Communication

Whether you’re discussing a malfunctioning piece of office equipment or requesting a simple word like “pen,” the following phrases in Vietnamese can free you from your problem. Below are some handy English-to-Vietnamese sentence translations. These phrases for office supplies will help you navigate the world of office communication effectively:

English SentenceVietnamese Sentence
The printer ran out of ink.Máy in hết mực.
We need a new supply of paper.Chúng ta cần nguồn cung cấp giấy mới.
I will use the projector for my presentations.Tôi sẽ sử dụng máy chiếu cho bài thuyết trình của mình.
Please sign the papers inside the folder.Vui lòng ký vào giấy tờ bên trong thư mục.
There is an issue with the fax machine.Có vấn đề với máy fax.
Can I borrow your pen?Tôi có thể mượn cái bút của bạn được không?
The list of office supplies we need is on my computer.Danh sách đồ dùng văn phòng chúng tôi cần có trên máy tính của tôi.
The telephone in the office is ringing.Điện thoại trong văn phòng đang đổ chuông.
I have a folder of the office supplies inventory.Tôi có một thư mục kiểm kê vật tư văn phòng.
The file you need is on top of my office desk.Hồ sơ bạn cần nằm trên bàn làm việc văn phòng của tôi.

Distinct Work Culture Differences In Vietnam

Vietnamese work culture reflects the country’s rich history and cultural values. While it may share some similarities with other Southeast Asian nations, it has unique characteristics that set it apart. Understanding these distinctions is essential for anyone working or doing business in Vietnam.

Hierarchy And Respect For Authority

Vietnamese work culture tends to be hierarchical, with a strong emphasis on respecting authority figures and seniority. Employees often show deference to their supervisors and may be less likely to express their opinions openly.


Vietnamese society places a high value on collectivism and group harmony. Teamwork and cooperation are essential in the workplace, and individuals often prioritize the needs of the group over personal interests.


“Saving face” or preserving one’s dignity and reputation is crucial in Vietnamese culture. As a result, criticism or negative feedback may be delivered indirectly or with great care to avoid causing embarrassment.

Respect For Elders

Respect for older colleagues or superiors is deeply ingrained in Vietnamese culture. Younger employees are expected to show deference to their elders.

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Mastering Vietnamese Office Equipment Vocabulary

In this Vietnamese vocabulary guide, we’ve embarked on a linguistic journey to explore the world of words for office equipment. Whether you’re an aspiring language enthusiast or a professional looking to enhance your workplace communication, this guide has equipped you with the essential tools to thrive in the Vietnamese office environment.

Remember, the key to successful communication lies in practice and perseverance. So, keep honing your vocabulary, practicing the terms for office supplies, and embracing the beauty of language as it opens doors to new opportunities in your personal and professional life.

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