100+ Amazing Names In Bosnian For Boys And Girls

Names In Bosnian

Need help selecting ideal names in Bosnian for your child? Let’s find out the right Bosnian baby names that are purported to have varying influences on a baby’s character.

Bosnians are people belonging to the country Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are also warm and inviting people with a unique sense of humor. Due to their many religious views, the Bosnian names in the country reflect this diversity.

Every parent is on the search for the perfect name for their child. But, for whatever reason, many people choose names that are not popular. However, this is an expensive mistake because you cannot change the name later.

We have all heard stories about parents naming their children that they later come to dislike. What can you do to avoid it? First of all, learn some basic Bosnian from what you already know online. But, to obtain a better idea, research and look over some popular baby names in Bosnian.

Names In Bosnian And Their Diversity  

Bosnia is a multiethnic, multicultural, and multinational country with diverse cultures and names. Bosnian, a South Slavic language, is Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Serbian’s official language.

If we talk about letters, then Bosnian has Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. It, however, has a few Persian, Arabic, and Turkish words in it. Also, due to Bosnians’ interaction with several languages, many Bosnian names have Turkish, Persian, and Arabic origins too. 

Bosnians’ first names give information about their background and culture. Furthermore, Bosnian Muslims give their children names possibly derived from Arabic. They also place a high value on the significance of the name.

Christians and Jews in Bosnia and Herzegovina choose names from the Bible, Torah, and Old Testament. 

Take a look at the list for help choosing a perfect Bosnian baby name for your child. We have compiled a list of the top Bosnian boy and girl names. Check it out.

Bosnian Parents Naming Their Babies

Some people believe that describing culture as “Bosnian” is insufficient. The country has a diverse cultural heritage, and many individuals identify with numerous folk, religious, and ethnic identities.

The rich history of rule under former Yugoslavia, Croatia, and German occupation explains the diversity present in Bosnia. The Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire have had the most influence. Finally, several civilizational periods have resulted in Bosnia drawing from Islamic traditions and Turkish cultural behaviors. It also includes some Christian customs and Western European principles.

As a Bosnian parent, you must make an essential decision while naming your child. It is entertaining, but the responsibility of naming another person is a big deal. After all, your child will have that name for the rest of their life.

By the time you find out you are expecting, you may have already started an extensive list of girl names, boy names, and gender-neutral names. Some parents start over with each kid, while others wait until the baby is born to name them. Each parent has the inspired names that they want to give their babies. 

Thus, it is essential to consider the meaning of each name before settling on one. Consider the selections below and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Traditional Boys Names In Bosnian

What Are The Most Common Bosnian Names?

Traditional Bosnian Names For A Baby Boy 

So, what do you think is the perfect baby name? Let’s look at some of the best traditional names in Bosnian for baby boys.

Names In BosnianMeaning
AlijaBosnian form of Ali. It means highly regarded.
BahrudinGlow of faith
BesimA happy soul
EjubRepenting, returning to God
Elvidin Benevolence of gift or true faith
EnesThe sociable one
Enis Someone friendly
Fahrudin Pride of faith
EsadThe very lucky one
FerizSomeone fortunate or lucky
Ganib Blessed by winnings
Husnija Handsome
IsmetSaved from sin, innocent
IzetGlory, greatness
IzudinGlory of faith, power
Mehmed Praised
Mensur Victorious
Nurija Light
Muris The one who leaves inheritance
Nusret Help or victory
RejhanThe basil plant
ReufVery merciful
RijadDesert gardens
Sabghta True faith, the color given by Allah
SelverChief, Lord
ŠemsudinSunshine of faith
SenadinMajesty of faith, the glow of faith
ŠerifRespectable, honorable
ŠevalTo carry

Modern Names In Bosnian For A Boy  

Some people prefer modern names over traditional ones. Keeping modernity in mind, you can go with the flow. Otherwise, you can choose the traditional names. Some more names for boys in Bosnian are below. Have a look! 

Names In BosnianMeaning
AdemirNoble protector
AjdinThe person who is bright, happy, and lucky
AjnurThe glow of the moon, moonlight
AzemLarge or big
BasicHeadman or head
BegA title of respect
BehremPlanet Mars
BoryaWar or battle
EkremRespected, noble
ImadSupport, pillar or mainstay, named after Bosnian actor Imad Jabarin 
JusufGod increases in power or strength
KauzlarichA screeching owl
LjiljanFlower Lily
MesichA trustworthy person or praiseworthy
NebojsaThe one without fear
NijazNeed, wish or want
PrebenFirst in battle
RemzijaSymbolic speech, allegoric
SafanBold, brave, and courageous
Safet Pure or best part
SlavaPerson of fame

The Most Popular Bosnian Names For Boy

Sometimes parents love to choose popular names that belong to some famous personality. They believe that choosing popular names will have a positive personality impact on their babies. Therefore, the most popular Bosnian names for baby boys are present below to facilitate you here. 

Names In BosnianMeaning
AmarAlive, Pious, Immortal
VedadFriendship, love
AhmedA highly praised person who constantly thanks God
AdinLeader, handsome
EmirPrince, ruler
DavudParadise, garden
ImranExalted nation, prosperity, and happiness
TarikThe one who knocks at the door
HarunWarrior lion
AjdinHe who is bright, happy, and lucky
DarisStudent, valuable or precise person
HamzaLion, strong, steadfast
EminTrue person
EmanBelief, faith
LukaBringer of light
IvanGod is gracious
FarisKnight, horseman, or cavalier
BenjaminSon of the right hand
MarkoDedicated to Mars
OmarFlourishing, long-lived
ArminWhole, universal, or soldier
PetarRock, stone
DaninDean, valley
FilipDear, loved
AdnanSettler, from a semitic root
ArmanWish, hope
NedimBest friend of the drinker, companion, confidant, or friend
AnesPure, holy
MatejGift of God
FarukThe person who distinguishes between right and wrong, the screeching owl
AbdullahServant of God
AsmirGreater than the sky
Girls Names In Bosnian

Names In Bosnian For Girls

Traditional Names In Bosnian For A Baby Girl 

Children’s names are deeply personal and essential to their identity. Parents with immigrant roots are well aware of this. We need to respect other people’s chosen names because they put time and effort into deciding the traditional name.

As a result, most individuals prefer to name their infant girls after traditional names. Below are some of Bosnia’s most deserving traditional names. Look them up.

Names In BosnianMeanings
AjnaOriginal or real
AlezaDaughter of Ali or joy
AlmedinaCivilized, devoted to faith
AmelaEffort or work
Besima A happy and smiling person
ElizabetaDedicated to God
EnasJovial and friendly demeanor
Fahreta Greatness, fame, brilliance
Fikreta Thought
 Galiba Winner
Ifeta Virtuous, innocent
Ilhana Inspiration, melody, or composition
 IrmelaGorgeous, radiant, and shiny
 IsmetaSaved from sin, innocent
IzetaInfluence or power
 Lamija Glowing, shining personality
MelihaThe beautiful woman
Merima Star of the sea
Mersada Supervision or watchtower
MinetaGenerous and merciful
 Mubera Respected and innocent
MunibaDevoted to God
MuniraIlluminated, glowing
Murisa The person who leaves an inheritance
NastasjaRisen by baptism to new life
NejraShine or sparkle
Nisveta Meaning the Bosnian term for a woman
NusretaHelp or victory
RefijaPretty and tall
RazijaContent, satisfied with their life
Refika Companion
RejhanaBasil plant
Sadeta Fortune, felicity, joy
SafetaPure or clean
ŠahaWitness, hawk
Sajra Princess
Sakiba The sharp-minded one
Samija High, elevated

Modern Names In Bosnian For Girls

Names In BosnianMeanings
BerinaHighest, best
EmelaInspiration or hope
Emina A trustworthy person
IldaThe heroine in the battle
IrmaUniversal or complete
Jasminka Jasmine flower
LajlaDark-haired beauty or beauty of the night
LejlaA beautiful dark-haired woman
Nedžara Beloved or dear
NihadaTemper, character
NijazaNeed or wish
NidaraLoved by all
OrnelaBlack ash tree
Paša A rank in the military system

The Most Popular Names In Bosnian For Girls

Names In BosnianMeanings
AminaTruthful, honest
MerjemBosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea
AsjaA form of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.
EmaStrong, great, powerful
LamijaOne with a shining, glowing personality
AjlaBrightest, most dazzling, intelligent, brilliant
AmnaSafe, caring, and honest
UnaThe personification of truth, beauty, and unity
SajraPretty, fresh
NejlaA wide-eyed, successful one, attainer or achiever
AdnaPleasure, delight
AjšaAlive, healthy
EnaClean or pure
IlmaKnowledge worthy, highest girl
ImanFaith, believing
AlinaIndependent and strong-willed, free-spirited, ambitious girl
SumejaSublime, someone in the highest place of women in Islam
DalijaDestiny, fate
MarijaA drop of the sea or beloved
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