Vietnamese Phrases For Dating And Breaking Up: #1 Guide

Last updated on November 15th, 2022 at 11:39 pm

Did you move to Vietnam and can feel love in the air? That’s wonderful! In this guide you will find: Vietnamese phrases for dating will give you all the ammunition you need to tell your sweetheart how you feel. After all, who doesn’t love to hear ‘I love you’ in their native tongue? By the way, in Vietnamese, it’s “Anh yêu em” from a woman to a man and “Em yêu anh” from a man to a woman. I like you is “Anh thích em” (again from man to woman). Do you see the rule?

N.B. By special request, we’ve also expanded this article to include break-up lines. As Socrates said, even the hottest love can have the coldest end.

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Vietnamese Phrases For Dating

Vietnamese Phrases For Dating and breaking up
Can I buy you a drink?Tôi có thể mua cho bạn một thức uống?
Are you on your own?Bạn có đang ở trên của riêng bạn?
Do you mind if I join you?Bạn có phiền không nếu tôi tham gia cùng bạn?
Do you want to go for a drink sometime?Bạn có muốn đi uống nước một lúc nào đó không?
Would you like to join me for a coffee?Bạn có muốn đi uống cà phê với tôi không?
Do you want to get lunch sometime?Bạn có muốn đi ăn trưa vào lúc nào đó không?
Do you want to go and see a movie?Bạn có muốn đi xem phim không?
Can I kiss you?Tôi hôn bạn được không?

Vietnamese Phrases For Dating – How To Reply?

Sorry, I’m busyXin lỗi tôi đang bận
Sorry, you’re not my typeXin lỗi, bạn không phải là mẫu người của tôi
Here’s my numberĐây là số của tôi
Take a seatNgồi đi
I can go tomorrowTôi có thể đi vào ngày mai
No, get away from me!Không, tránh xa tôi ra!

Vietnamese Phrases For Dating – Compliments

You look greatBạn trông thật tuyệt
You look very nice tonightBạn trông rất đẹp tối nay
I like your dressTôi thích chiếc váy của bạn
You’re really sexyBạn thực sự sexy
You’ve got a great smileBạn đã có một nụ cười tuyệt vời
Thanks for the complimentCảm ơn cho những lời khen
I find you very attractiveTôi thấy bạn rất hấp dẫn
I love youTôi yêu bạn
I miss youTôi nhớ bạn

Vietnamese Dating And Marriage- What Are The Rules?

N.B. By the nature of this list, these rules are a little anecdotal. No offence is meant.

Family Comes First

Vietnamese people are extremely dedicated to family. The average age of marriage is 27, compared to 37 in the U.K. Vietnamese people want to settle down, and what’s more, that means settling down with your husband/wife and parents. It is not uncommon for your spouse’s partner to come and live in the new marital home!

This is also something to bear in mind during the early stages of a relationship. If a Vietnamese man or woman is unmarried, the high probability is that they still live with their parents, which means a potential curfew!

Also, expect parents to quickly ask when you plan to get married. If you’re a commitment-a-phobe and hear the phrase đám cưới diễn ra khi nào? You’re in trouble.

No Drugs Or Heavy Drinking

Drugs like marijuana which are legal in the U.S, are still highly illegal in Vietnam, and if you roll up a joint on a date with a Vietnamese person, they’re likely to be shocked and borderline scared. The same goes for cigarettes and heavy drinking. Very few Vietnamese women smoke. However, this is changing with young people.

Weddings Don’t Cost Anything

My experience is that the size of your wedding is relative to the amount of money you receive in wedding gifts(gifts are always money). If you invite 50 guests and spend $1000, those 50 guests (I don’t know how) will give you roughly $1000 in wedding gift money.

Learn Vietnamese Break-Up Lines

Couple fighting
We need to talkChúng ta cần nói chuyện
It’s not you. It’s meĐó không phải là bạn. Tôi đây 
I’m just not read for this kind of relationshipTôi chỉ không đọc cho loại mối quan hệ này. 
Let’s just be friendsHãy cứ là bạn. 
I think we need a breakTôi nghĩ chúng ta cần nghỉ ngơi. 
You deserve betterBạn xứng đáng tốt hơn 
We should start seeing other peopleChúng ta nên bắt đầu nhìn thấy những người khác 
I need my spaceTôi cần không gian của tôi. 
I think we’re moving too fastTôi nghĩ chúng ta đang di chuyển quá nhanh. 
We’re just not right for each other.Chúng tôi không phù hợp với nhau. 
It’s for the bestĐó là điều tốt nhất. 

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Were those romantic phrases up to scratch? Would you like some more in a future article? Let us know.

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