10+ Easy Vietnamese Buildings And Places Vocabulary

We see buildings, shops, houses, roads, and cars everywhere we travel. These are some essential man-made creations that never leave our side, whether we own them or not. Thus, it is a fact that no matter where you travel, the buildings, the roadside cafes, and the architectural wonders will always hang around with you like a tail. So, if you plan to visit Vietnam, you have to know about the basic Vietnamese buildings and places vocabulary. Without any idea of Tòa nhà and nơi vocabulary, you will miss out!

I am pretty sure Tòa nhà and nơi have already baffled you. Tòa nhà and nơi stand for buildings and places, and this blog will help you get a hold of them with minutely formulated words lessons. From translated Vietnamese words about buildings to Vietnamese places, every corner of essential daily life vocabulary has been curated for you that you will constantly need once you are in Vietnam. So, let’s not waste any more time and start learning Vietnamese!


The Vietnamese Architecture

Before we move on to our core lesson on Vietnamese words and pronunciation, it is essential to have a glimpse of Vietnamese culture and its influence on architecture.

Vietnam is a narrow yet long country situated in the Southeast Asian region on the peninsula’s eastern edge, often called Indochina. Being a close neighbor to Laos, Cambodia, and China, the culture of Vietnam shows severe reflection on the neighboring charms. Talking about architecture, Vietnamese architecture from the very beginning, be it a house, hospital, or cafeteria, has always been heavily influenced by the Chinese, Cambodians, Khmers, and Chams’ designs. Most of the ancient to modern wonders of Vietnam have a familiar delicate touch to their architectural buildings and are often seen bearing a dragon-like figure.

Moreover, being located in a dense area filled with lakes, rivers, and swamps with a tropical climate, most facilities in Vietnam are made of wood. However, in the modern era, most houses have turned concrete, and the glory of the wooden magic has passed. Only people living in the mountains and midlands are still accustomed to the traditional architecture of a building or a house.

Nevertheless, Vietnamese buildings have always been rooted in their natural environment, and if you visit Vietnam, you will still find their prevalence. The beauty of Vietnam and its shape and size, design, and color, from head to toe, have origin and beauty engraved in the rich Vietnamese culture.


Vietnamese Buildings And Places Vocabulary

Vietnamese places vocabulary

While Vietnam is a mesmerizing country with a surrounding fed with mother nature and natural landscapes, it is not devoid of modern developments of monumental buildings and places. Today, no matter where we go, we can see humungous artificial creatures with different purposes that save lives in every region and every location.

Thus, you will surely catch yourself in a baffling puzzle if you land in Vietnam without this essential language lesson. Vietnamese people love when foreigners speak their language, and they are more welcoming to aware visitors. So, whenever you learn this vocabulary lesson, you will be easily able to catch in with the locals and find places that you want to go on your marvelous trip.

Let’s get started with some important buildings and places words.

Building Words And Phrases

1. Căn nhà

The first manufactured creature that gives a roof above our heads and a means to live life is a house. From birth to death, a house is something that one will never stop valuing, and only one who owns a home can truly understand the emotional attachment a house can give to a living person. So, căn nhà, which means “House” in English. It is the first word you should add to your Vietnamese vocabulary.

2. Bệnh viện

The next most helpful architecture that humans have ever created is the place that saves lives, a hospital. Bệnh viện is the Vietnamese word for the hospital, and it is one essential word that might come in handy at any point of the day in this unpredictable world.

3. Quán ăn

After you land in Vietnam, you cannot avoid the thought of Vietnam’s delicious and tummy-filling authentic food. And restaurants in Vietnam are called Quán ăn. It is a say that most Vietnamese Quán ăn s are beautiful with decorated windows, a designer floor, a majestic main entrance, a traditional table, along with an ambiance of peace ushered by Vietnamese musical audio.

4. Tiệm thuốc

While learning a new language may seem challenging, learning words like Tiệm thuốc is necessary. You never know when you will fall in need of a dược phẩm (medicine).

5. Phòng thể dục

Want to visit the gym in Vietnam? Phòng thể dục is the right word you should add to your language lesson. Phòng thể dục means gym, and you will hear this word from door to door.

6. Thư viện

A library can never be boring, especially for an eager soul like you. Thư viện is the Vietnamese word for Library, and you can use it to ask for directions to the library from the locals.

Buildings Phrases

English Vietnamese
Where is your house? Nhà của bạn ở đâu?
Let’s go to a restaurant Chúng ta hãy đi đến một nhà hàng
My mom is in hospital Mẹ tôi đang ở bệnh viện
I go to gym Tôi đi đến nhà tập thể hình

Vietnamese Places Vocabulary

1. Thành phố

Want to know what the Vietnamese pronunciation of the word City is? It is Thành phố. You will need this to identify your location in Vietnam.

2. đường phố

Now that you know Thành phố, you should also see đường phố, which is the Vietnamese pronunciation of the word Street. It is a helpful word, and it will come in handy with directions and your search for places.

3. Công viên

Other than hospitals and pharmacies, I bet you would want to visit a beautiful công viên in Vietnam. It is the word for Park in Vietnamese and one of the most common vocab you need to develop.

4. Trái đất

How can we forget about the most important word, Trái đất. Trái đất is the Vietnamese word for Earth, and trust me, you cannot miss this one.


Additional Vietnamese Words

Vietnamese Buildings and Places Vocabulary

English Vietnamese
East Phía đông
Middle Tên đệm
Site Địa điểm
Lake Hồ
River Dòng sông
West Hướng Tây
Boat Con thuyền
South Miền Nam


Additional Vietnamese Phrases

English Vietnamese
I had fun on the Streets Tôi đã vui vẻ trên đường phố
Let’s have breakfast near the river Hãy ăn sáng gần sông
The earth is big Trái đất lớn
I hurt my foot in the gym Tôi bị đau chân trong phòng tập thể dục
Hospitals are Helpful Bệnh viện rất hữu ích
This place is an example of Peace Nơi này là một ví dụ về Hòa bình
I am standing in the center of the street Tôi đang đứng ở trung tâm của đường phố


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Vietnamese Buildings and Places Vocabulary

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