Good Luck In Vietnamese: 7 Easy Ways To Say It

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Luck or may mắn is a word that is well-valued all over the world. But did you know that Vietnamese people, especially the elders, cleave to the concepts of superstitions, good luck, and misfortunes? Given this fact, you’d probably want to learn how to say good luck in Vietnamese to get on their good side! Read further to explore different ways to say it.

Luck plays an important role in Vietnamese culture and is highly valued by Vietnamese people. Its concept, or vận may, is deeply rooted in the country’s traditions, beliefs, and customs. For example, numbers such as eight and nine are considered lucky. Even 18 is believed as auspicious since adding 1 and 8 it’ll give you nine! Let’s take a little trip down memory lane of how these beliefs started in Vietnam.

With the country’s rich culture, traditions, and folklore, superstitions eventually became a part of their practices. These notions are directly associated with one’s behavior. Technically, the way how you act determines whether you receive good luck or bad luck. If you want to shoo away icky misfortunes, this post can be your charm. Let’s move forward to learn how to say good luck in the Vietnamese language!

Easy Ways To Say Good Luck In Vietnamese

In Vietnamese culture, expressing good wishes and luck is very common. It’s also frequently used during holidays, special occasions, or when someone is starting a new project or endeavor. So, if you have a Vietnamese friend, you may say these phrases to them to wish them good luck in Vietnamese.

Good luck!Chúc may mắn!
Wishing you good health and success!Chúc sức khoẻ và thành công!
I wish you the best!Chúc bạn mọi điều tốt đẹp nhất!
Much luck!Nhiều may mắn!
Happiness and success.Hạnh phúc và thành đạt.
The best for you.Những điều tốt đẹp nhất dành cho bạn.
I wish you luck!Tôi chúc bạn may mắn!

Good Luck And Bad Luck Vietnamese Superstitions

Can you remember the time wherein you began searching for miracles before your exam? Or have you ever become so desperate that you had no choice but to search for luck superstitions? We all come to that point wherein we become superstitious even though we are not. So, if you’re here to sniff some ways to get good luck, then you’re in the right place too!

Good Luck in Vietnamese (No Haircut)- Ling App

1. No Haircuts Before Exams

Who knew that trimming off excess hair on your head can cause memory loss? Just kidding! This notion is one of the most interesting beliefs in Vietnamese culture. It was said that students should never get a haircut before they take a major exam or quiz, or else they’d forget everything they studied!

2. First Person To Visit During Lunar New Year

Do you think you’re fortuitous enough to be the first guest in a Vietnamese home? There are different kinds of Vietnamese families during Tet (Lunar New Year). Since the first person to visit their home matters, they plan who’d they invite first to ensure that they’ll receive luck, whether it be wealth, prosperity, or other fortunes. While others ask one of the family members to step out and go back in once 12 o’clock hits.

3. Dreams Of Death Bring Good Luck

The idea of death can send chills all over your spine. Do you think you can hold your pee once you dream of yourself dying? This superstition is one of the most interesting notions I’ve heard since death becomes accompanied by good luck. So, the next time you find yourself getting this nightmare, you’d probably have a smile on your face now- or maybe not.

Good Luck in Vietnamese (Wedding Bad Luck)- Ling App

4. Vietnamese Weddings Equal Bad Luck

Suppose that you’re strolling around the streets of Vietnam, and you accidentally see someone getting married. Sure, you should be happy for them since they’re about to open a new chapter in their life! But unfortunately for you, you’d be met with bad luck if this ever happens.

However, contrary to this event, if you ran across a funeral, you’d be granted good luck. These taboos are the total opposites of each other, don’t you think?

5. First Client Of The Day

This belief is quite popular in Asian countries wherein the first person who spends money on your business determines your luck for the day. Assuming that your first customer spent a lot of money on your products, it then means that you’ll get huge sales that day. However, if otherwise, you’d be getting low profits.

6. Saying “Salt And Rice” When Sneezing

Good Luck in Vietnamese (Sneeze)- Ling App

Where do you think is the entrance of the bad spirit to your body? Vietnamese people believe that whenever you sneeze, you’re opening a way for them to enter your nose. So, similarly to the Western culture, they say something like “bless you” to someone who sneezes. But in their language, they use cơm muối, meaning salt and rice. These two things are holy items that can scare away ghosts.

7. Color Luck

The chromatic palette evokes an array of emotions, with white, black, purple, and green often representing death, evil, fragility/sadness, and jealousy. For the locals, red is a fortuitous hue that is believed to bring good luck, and yellow is often linked with joy and happiness. So, if you want to attract luck at the moment, go and get your red shirt now!

Good luck in Vietnamese Guide in Ling App.

Want To Learn More About Vietnamese?

Wishing a friend good luck in Vietnamese is one of the kindest things that we can do for them. To boost them more, you’d probably want to remind them of a few of these popular superstitions. However, not everyone believes in them, especially young individuals. Still, it would be cool if you mention these taboos to elderly people! Trust us, they’d appreciate that you know bits of their culture.

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