30+ Food Ingredients In Swahili: Best Delicacies To Know!

If you want to know how to say food ingredients in Swahili, then you’re in the right place! Learn some Swahili so you can talk with locals on your next trip to Africa!

Whether you want to learn Swahili for school or just for yourself, you definitely don’t want to miss this. Read on!

Your Complete Guide To Food Ingredients In Swahili

These words in Swahili are definitely life-savers when the opportunity presents itself. Not only are these a great way to build your Swahili vocabulary, but they will definitely come in handy especially if you enjoy Swahili cuisine. From Nyama Choma, Mandazi, to Samosa, Swahili food and cuisine offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes that you must try!

While it might seem hard right now, all you have to do is keep practicing and it’ll get easier!

food ingredients in swahili
Coconut milkMaziwa ya nazi
Vegetable oilMafuta ya mboga
Black pepperPilipili Nyeusi
GarlicKitunguu saumu
Soy SauceMchuzi wa soya
BeefNyama ya ng’ombe
Olive oilMafuta ya mizeituni
Cooking oilMafuta ya kupikia
Sesame oilMafuta ya Sesame
Sesame seedsMbegu za Sesame
All-purpose flourUnga wa kusudi zote
Garlic powderUnga wa kitunguu Saumu
Vanilla extractDondoo la Vanilla
Baking powderPoda ya kuoka

Learn More Swahili With These Sentences!

While learning words is great, it’ll be much more useful if you know how to use each word in a sentence! This is because you’ll get to see what the Swahili sentence structure looks like and, at the same time, be able to immerse yourself in the language!

I will search for recipes tonight so I can make a very flavorful and tasty dish for my family.Nitatafuta mapishi usiku wa leo ili niweze kuandaa sahani ya ladha na kitamu kwa familia yangu.

Cooking and baking anything sweet is definitely something that I enjoy.Kupika na kuoka kitu chochote kitamu bila shaka ni kitu ambacho ninafurahia.

Mom cooked chicken today after she marinated it overnight with seasoning and salt.Mama alipika kuku leo ​​baada ya kuichoma usiku kucha na viungo na chumvi.

My friend told me that she has never eaten bread as yummy as the one that we had earlier today.Rafiki yangu aliniambia kuwa hajawahi kula mkate mtamu kama ule tuliokuwa nao mapema leo.

If I am ever confused about whether I should be cooking something sweet or savory, I like to look for a sign with the things around me or just ask my friends.Ikiwa nimechanganyikiwa ikiwa ninapaswa kupika kitu kitamu au kitamu, napenda kutafuta ishara iliyo na vitu vinavyonizunguka au niulize marafiki zangu tu.

Oftentimes I use a pan to stir the ingredients together or when I am cooking a lot of dishes because it is very convenient and easy to use.Mara nyingi mimi hutumia sufuria kuchanganya viungo au ninapopika sahani nyingi kwa sababu ni rahisi sana na rahisi kutumia.

I like to search for ways how I can incorporate ginger and rice when I am cooking my food because of their proven health benefits.Ninapenda kutafuta njia za jinsi ninavyoweza kujumuisha tangawizi na wali ninapopika chakula changu kwa sababu ya manufaa yake ya kiafya yaliyothibitishwa.

Whenever I cook food for myself, I always add a lot of spices and lesser oil because it makes it smell and taste better.Wakati wowote ninapopika chakula kwa ajili yangu, huwa naongeza viungo vingi na mafuta kidogo kwa sababu hufanya harufu na ladha bora.

Our dad likes to sprinkle a bit of oil and spices whenever he cooks meat and food.Baba yetu anapenda kunyunyiza mafuta kidogo na viungo kila anapopika nyama na chakula.

When I visited Africa the last time, there was this one meat dish that really stood out which made me look for various recipes in the internet to recreate it.Nilipotembelea Afrika mara ya mwisho, kulikuwa na sahani hii ya nyama ambayo ilinifanya nitafute mapishi mbalimbali kwenye mtandao ili kuirejesha.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to memorize these sentences or understand everything in one go. This is just a way for you to get started with the Swahili language!

Swahili language facts

But, don’t be intimidated because learning Swahili is actually very easy! It’s even considered to be one of the lesser complicated languages to learn. So, if you are looking for a sign to learn the language, this is definitely it!

Since Swahili is a phonetic language, all you have to do is know how to read Swahili and you’ll be able to pronounce almost everything!

If you want to learn a language that’s spoken by millions of people around the world, not to mention has a rich cultural history, Swahili is the way to go!

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