10+ Best Words Used For Dating In Vietnam!

Here’s the truth: There’s something so unique about Asian beauty that sets them apart from Western girls. In today’s post, we will guide you on all things related to hẹn hò or dating in Vietnam so that you’ll know what to expect if you plan to pursue a Vietnamese guy or girl. One reason you should know the details here is to prepare yourself for the grueling process ahead. If you genuinely want someone, then keep reading as we expose the truth about the dating scene in this Asian country.

Love (also known as yêu in the Vietnamese language) is a crazy thing. Whether you are simply going on a quick trip to Ho Chi Minh city or planning to move to the country for good, we cannot assume that there is no possibility for you to fall in love. 

It’s simply magical and can take you by surprise! No matter how hard you deny it, the rush of oxytocin will just be too addicting that you’ll end up giving in.

And perhaps, this is why you landed in this post.

You probably are raising the white flag and finally accepting that you are ready to start a serious relationship. Well, you are not alone in this endeavor. 

Despite the geographical difference, the number of foreigners interested in marrying Asian girls and boys is quickly rising. Generally, they perceive Asians as faithful partners who all bear characteristics perfect for a lifelong relationship.

Fortunately, foreign men and women do not need to spend thousands to visit countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines to find a partner. Today, numerous ways exist to meet someone online before committing to a long-haul flight. But before you pack your bag and book that flight ticket, there are a few things about the cultural differences that you have to understand. 

Let’s go over that in the section below.


The Asian Dating Culture

Ever shed a tear while watching the movie Crazy Rich Asians?

Contrary to common belief, many of the scenes actually reflect the real Asian culture regarding love and finding an ideal partner. Simply put, relationships are usually considered a “family affair.” For this reason, it is normal for Asian girls to date only if the guy will earn the trust of the family members. 

Does that sound like a challenge? The process becomes more strict, especially if the girl comes from a traditional family with a higher social status.

By now, you are probably scratching your head and wondering why we are exposing this harsh truth. The reason is simple. We simply want you to remember that dating in Asia is never easy, and only the genuinely committed ones will manage to accomplish this.

Because of how the media negatively portrays Asian women from lower-tier countries, some westerners think that finding potential matches is easy as long as you are “white” and have enough money. Asians indeed have high regard for white-skinned people, but it does not mean that you will instantly attract them. 

You have to work hard and show respect for their culture instead of imposing the dating standard from your country.

What You Need To Watch Out For When Dating In Asia

Dating should only be between people who are truly attracted to each other. However, there are a few red flags that you should keep an eye out for to save yourself from getting heartbroken.

  • Be sure to weed out the “gold diggers” when dating. Some locals from notorious red-light districts have this wrong notion that all foreigners are wealthy and looking for sugar babies to finance.
  • Some might whisper all the sweet things so that you will marry them and give them the green card they’ve wanted ever since.
  • Cash-strapped young people at hormone-drenched nightclubs might agree to become a one-night-stand partner in exchange for a ridiculous amount of money after.
  • First-date scams are prevalent in third-world countries, so think twice before meeting someone privately.

Now that you know what to watch out for let’s dive deep into the intricacies of the Vietnamese dating culture.


Dating In Vietnam

Have you ever wondered what it is like to date in Vietnam? As we shared in the section above, dating Vietnamese girls and boys can go in at a much slower pace than what others may be accustomed to. One reason behind this is that the country has a conservative society. In fact, it is not a common sight for partners to hug or kiss in public.

Despite all those, Vietnamese people are warm and are actually very fond of all things related to love. If you listen to some of the popular music artists from the country, many of their tracks speak of romance-related stories. The same can be observed in their choice of movie genres and local novels.

Vietnamese parents also tend to pressure their children, especially when they are 24 to 30 years old. For them, the most important thing is to get married and to find someone of the same or higher social status. Even today, the country’s dating culture is centered around traditions, families, and classes. Most of the youth also dutifully follow the instructions of their elders regarding relationships as they are perceived to know the best “formula” for a long-term relationship.


Typical Vietnamese Date


To get to know each other better, you have to get yourself invited to their residence for consecutive stay-at-home dates. This is the chance for the family to get to know you and advise on how the relationship should move forward.

If you manage to get on the good side of the Vietnamese families (yep, the whole extended family!) and the friends of the girl your want to pursue, it is better to go on a date in a public area. You can never go wrong in meeting your dating partner at coffee shops or restaurants. On top of that, you must refrain from touching or even holding hands since this may look impolite when done publicly.

While we are on the subject of dining out publicly, do remember that guys are expected to pay for all the expenses during the date. It will be rude if you refuse to pay the whole check or ask her to split the bill.

You should also prepare a few gifts and flowers are this is the hallmark of a date in their culture. Don’t forget to also give something to the parents as a way of saying thanks for allowing you to spend time with their child. Vietnamese girls love chocolates, teddy bears, and small items. Your gifts do not have to be expensive all the time. Don’t go broke trying to impress a girl!

At the end of the date, you are expected to drive your Vietnamese partner home before midnight. As you walk towards the door, take the time to thank the family and the Vietnamese girl as they rarely accept dates. According to the locals, the women only accept if they consider you as someone suitable for marriage. So give yourself a pat on the back!

In western culture, premarital sex is common. However, that is not the case for Vietnam. For this reason, you may experience having a chaperone on some of your dates. Generally, the locals emphasize the sanctity of marriage and virginity. In some families, they will only give their blessings for a date if the couple will be spending the day with a group of friends.

If the courtship is a success, then we’d like to congratulate you on getting yourself a Vietnamese girlfriend. If the gender is reversed, do note that Vietnamese men are very passionate and will treat women kindly and respectfully.


Top Words Related To Vietnamese Dating Culture

Want to impress Vietnamese women or men with your skills in their native language? Make sure to use these words below as you slide into their DMs.

GirlfriendBạn gái
BoyfriendBạn trai
RoseHoa hồng
Teddy BearGấu bông
DatingHẹn hò
SingleDuy nhất
MarriedCưới nhau
DivorcedĐã ly hôn
AgeTuổi tác
EngagedĐính hôn
WifeNgười vợ
HusbandNgười chồng
PartnerBạn đồng hành
LoverNgười yêu
FlirtThả thính
RelationshipMối quan hệ
HoldTổ chức
WhisperThì thầm
Hold handsNắm tay

Want to discover more words? Check out our other posts related to Vietnamese relationship words.


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