Vietnamese Relationship Vocab: Learn Now 10+ Useful Phrases

If you are planning to visit Vietnam any time soon, you should not miss the opportunity to learn and gain some basic knowledge of the Vietnamese language. No matter where you go, having some idea about the basic phrases and words of the native language always gives you an advantage when you visit the country and helps you through a fruitful trip.

Thus, to make your Vietnam trip memorable and easygoing, this blog has cumulated some Vietnamese vocabulary concerning relationships and connections among people. The Vietnamese relationship vocab will help you get through every local conversation and bring about an explosive impression of your personality. So, let’s start learning Vietnamese vocabulary right away!


Is Learning Vietnamese Vocabulary Hard?

Vietnamese language is the official language of Vietnam and is one of the members of the Vietic family of Austroasiatic languages in Southeast Asia. It has almost 73.6 million native speakers, and even most people from its neighboring countries have a huge Vietnamese influence. Traditionally, Vietnamese was a part of the Mon Khmer branch of Languages, but recently, it has been classified as a separate branch.

When we argue if the Vietnamese language is hard or not, it is, in fact, not easy as we think. Although Cantonese and other Asian languages are considered more difficult, learning Vietnamese also requires time and concentration. Like many languages, Vietnamese has unique grammatical structures, and the Vietnamese alphabet can be quite tricky for someone who is not a native speaker. Vietnamese has 5 dialects, among which Northern, central, and Southern dialects are the primary ones.

However, with proper guidance and focus on vocabulary, Vietnamese fluency can become a neat reality. So, stop worrying and learn Vietnamese from the right sources.


Vietnamese Relationship Vocab

A foreign or new language will always be baffling and troublesome at first. But what makes it a success is the small steps towards bigger accomplishments. Knowing vocabulary related to relations and bondings will help you engage in conversations with the locals and give life to your learning journey. It will help you learn Vietnamese from its core and describe your thoughts before the natives in a more precise manner.

1. Đơn

Đơn is the Vietnamese vocabulary for the word Single. Đơn can refer to someone or a person who is not committed and does not have children. They are people still living with their parents or alone without a marital partner.

2. Cưới nhau

Cưới nhau is the opposite of Single. It means Married in English and refers to a person whose marriage is complete and has a family of their own. In Vietnamese marriage culture, anyone above 18 and 20 and native to Vietnam can marry without any consultancy. It is a sign that they are independent and fully capable of making their own decision.

3. Đính hôn

The Vietnamese word Đính hôn is the translated version of the word Engaged. It refers to someone who has a fiancee, but they are yet to get married. Engaged people are on their course to becoming fully committed.

4. Bố mẹ

Next comes the word that describes a married person who has children. Bố mẹ means Parents, and it refers to couples or a person who has a child or two. Bố mẹ refers to a mother and father together. It is one of the common words that you should learn to speak before crashlanding in a family meeting in Vietnam.

5. Đã ly hôn

Đã ly hôn is a word in the Vietnamese dictionary that means Divorced. The term refers to someone legally separated from their previous married partner and is now either co-parenting or living differently, abided by the legal laws of Vietnam.

6. Ly thân

Ly thân is used to describe a couple who no longer lives together as a family. They are separated, which may have happened for quite many reasons. However, one should be careful while using the term Ly thân in front of locals. The concept seems a bit vague in the cultures of Vietnam, and precision while speaking is needed.


Examples Of Basic Relationship Phrases

English Vietnamese
I recently got married Tôi mới kết hôn
My sister is engaged to your friend Em gái tôi đã đính hôn với bạn của bạn
I heard your parents are separated Tôi nghe nói bố mẹ bạn đã ly thân
She wants to get a divorce Cô ấy muốn ly hôn
He is a single parent Anh ấy là một phụ huynh đơn thân
Your parents are very nice Bố mẹ bạn rất tốt
I want to be single forever Tôi muốn độc thân mãi mãi


Additional Relationship Words And Phrases

Vietnamese Vocabulary about relationships

Family and relationships in Vietnam have a profound meaning and value. It is the most important aspect of Vietnamese culture, and every member of a family is more interdependent than what we see in western families and relations. From friends to family, every person creates a bond of togetherness with a tight-knit connection. Thus, writing or speaking some local phrases will help you get a very warm response when you are in Vietnam.

Relationship Words

Now that you know all the words related to a person’s relationship status let us get into more Vietnamese words and phrases that show a touch of relationships like mother, father, brother, and many more. You have to understand these Vietnamese phrases to develop a concrete idea of the language. So, let’s get started.

English Vietnamese
Mother Mẹ 
Father Cha
Husband Chồng
Wife Người vợ
Brother Anh trai
Sister Chị gái
Girlfriend Bạn gái
Boyfriend Bạn trai
Friend Bạn bè

Relationship Phrases

English Vietnamese
My mother is the best in the world Mẹ tôi là tốt nhất trên thế giới
Can your brother speak English? Anh trai của bạn có thể nói tiếng Anh không?
Our teacher got married last week Cô giáo của chúng tôi đã kết hôn vào tuần trước
Your marriage story is beautiful Câu chuyện hôn nhân của bạn thật đẹp
My sister got engaged in Washington Em gái tôi đã đính hôn ở Washington
I need some wedding ideas for my friend Tôi cần một số ý tưởng đám cưới cho bạn tôi
You parents sound so humble Cha mẹ bạn nghe thật khiêm tốn
My girlfriend is from Vietnam Bạn gái của tôi đến từ việt nam
My husband is a lawyer Chồng tôi là một luật sư


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