Easy Common Vietnamese Words: #1 Best Guide For Beginners

Common Vietnamese Words- Featured Ling App

One of the greatest fears that foreigners may have is being surrounded by people they can’t understand. A language barrier can really be troublesome for most people, and if you’re visiting Vietnam, you’ll want to learn these common Vietnamese words. Ready? Read further to enrich your vocabulary!

Learning the Vietnamese language is surely a tough challenge to take on. And if you plan on staying in Vietnam for quite some time, then you need to be familiar with common words that native speakers use. After all, enhancing your vocabulary and understanding the rules of this Austroasiatic language is a must to effectively have a conversation with local people.

Moreover, upon taking this journey, you must remember that their six tones are crucial for correctly pronouncing words. They can completely change the meaning of a word, even if the sounds are similar. Mastering the tones is essential for effective communication in Vietnamese.

Easy Guide To Common Vietnamese Words

Before going for an overwhelming deep dive into the common Vietnamese phrases, you first need to enhance your Vietnamese vocabulary. We won’t sugarcoat things for you, know that learning this language requires dedication. It typically takes 44 weeks (1100 class hours) to attain fluency— are you prepared to take on this challenge? If so, feel enchant yourself with these interesting words from Vietnam!

Common Vietnamese Words (Numbers)- Ling App

Basic Vietnamese Numbers

One of the most common Vietnamese words foreigners may encounter is their numbers. You basically use them in your everyday life too. You may refer to the table below to discover the vocabulary for counting in Vietnamese.

NumberEnglish VietnameseSound

Common Vietnamese Words And Phrases For Greetings

Did you know that Vietnamese people greet each other by placing their hands together and bowing slightly? Although in big cities, men typically just shake hands with each other. Women, on the other hand, keep the tradition of bowing slightly as a way to address others. Aside from their gestures, here are some words you can use to greet people:

Good morningChào Buổi Sáng
Good afternoonChào Buổi Chiều 
Good eveningChào Buổi Tối 
HelloXin Chào
Hello (used when speaking to
someone the same age)
Chào bạn
Hello (used when on the phone)A-lô
GoodbyeHẹn gặp lại nhé!
Common Vietnamese Words (Compliments)- Ling App

Common Vietnamese Phrases For Compliments

Seeing the beautiful landscapes in Vietnam won’t fail to put you in great awe. So, if you want to impress some locals or just put on a good word to appreciate the beauty of their country, here are some common Vietnamese words you can use! And oh, beware of profusely praising locals, you may come off as someone insincere if you do this.

English VietnameseSound
You’re quite handsome!Bạn khá đẹp trai!
Great job!Làm tuyệt vời lắm!
You’re so smart!Bạn thật thông minh!
You look so beautiful.Trông bạn rất đẹp.
Your smile is beautiful.Nụ cười của bạn rất đẹp.
Common Vietnamese Words (Conversation)- Ling App

Common Vietnamese Words And Phrases For Conversations

Did you know that Vietnam ranks 9 in the top ten foreigner-friendly countries worldwide? You’ve read that right. This place is a land that values respect and politeness, their people are also friendly and welcoming. So, if a local ever tries to communicate with you, here are some words that you can utilize.

Thank you.Cảm ơn.
I’m sorry. Tôi xin lỗi.
You’re welcome.Không có gì.
Speak slowly.Nói chậm thôi.
How are you?Khỏe không?
What’s your name?Tên bạn là gì?
Please.Làm ơn.
Where are you from?Bạn từ đâu đến?
Nice to meet you.Rất vui được gặp bạn.
Excuse me. Xin lỗi cho tôi hỏi.
Common Vietnamese Words (Foods and Drinks)- Ling App

Common Words For Foods And Drinks

Visiting another country means getting to try their best traditional dishes. Here are some words that may come in handy when speaking with a street vendor or servers in a restaurant. These are basic Vietnamese words related to food and drinks that you may use to ask about a certain dish.

English VietnameseSound
PorkThịt lợn
BeefThịt bò
MuttonThịt cừu
FruitsTrái cây
TofuDậu hũ
VegetarianAn chay
VeganThuần chay
AlcoholRượu Bia
CoffeeCà phê

Common Vietnamese Words For Shopping

You’ve got to be kidding when you say you won’t get any souvenirs in Vietnam. That’s a total scam because it’s hard to resist the sight of amazingly crafted products! You’ll find intricately designed chopsticks, textiles, paper lanterns, and great-tasting coffee beans. Sounds tempting, don’t you think? Here are some words for shopping that you can use.

CustomerKhách hàng
CashierThu ngân
BargainMặc cả
DiscountMiễn giảm
RetailBán lẻ
PriceGiá bán
MoneyTiền bạc
Credit CardThẻ tín dụng
ExpensiveĐắt tiền

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