40+ Helpful Vietnamese Shopping Vocabulary

Still not confident about your Vietnamese skills? If you are planning to take on a quick trip to Vietnam, one way by which you can easily hone your skills is by using common Vietnamese shopping vocabulary. We understand that it somehow feels confusing and intimidating trying to make random conversations with the locals. However, adding a few bits of words and using some expressions while buying can be a lot easier to do for beginners in the Vietnamese language. Short interactions like this can help you practice and see whether the locals can understand what you mean. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

Vietnamese Shopping Culture: Tips And Facts

Before we start with the details of an expressive word or a sentence related to a clothing store, let us first take a quick tour of relevant Vietnamese shopping services and facts that will enable you to enjoy your Vietnamese trip effectively.

Market Facts

  1. Vietnamese markets are known for their indigenous goods. In fact, the country has a bustling craft and artisan culture, which is why first-time travelers should always leave some space in their luggage to squeeze in Vietnamese products. 
  2. A fun fact about Vietnamese markets is that you will always find small stalls and food counters that serve ethnic food. So, if you go out shopping, you will never return home with an empty stomach since you can easily avail cheap yet sumptuous goodies on your way. 
  3. Finding lovers is one of the oldest tales of Vietnamese markets. Most people only intend to find their better half among the crowd. This tradition has been going on for a long time and is true even today. If you see someone just loitering, it is a pretty sign they are looking and not buying.

Tips For Shopping

  1. The first tip that will bring you a great shopping spree in Vietnam is the bargaining technique. The shopkeepers are sure to speak about high prices and promote expensive products. Still, if you know how to bargain and reduce the cost with care, the shopkeepers will happily accept whatever money you have negotiated. Especially in local markets, there are no fixed pricing rules. Remember this before your visit.
  2. Visit a silk clothing store to make your time worthwhile in Vietnamese markets. Vietnam is known for its fantastic silk clothing products and embroidery fabrics that cost only 10 US dollars. If you love clothes, this is one thing you should not miss out on.
  3. The last tip that I would like to mention is saving up money. Vietnamese markets are vast and neverending. So, save a minimum amount even when you see the most mesmerizing product because the wonder will keep coming. Especially the jewelry and art sections need your attention. So, choose wisely and take your time before developing a liking for things you see.

Now that you know how to shop and what to shop in Vietnamese markets, here is a list of the best Vietnamese supermarket to shop at.

  • The Green Boutique on Phu Quoc Island
  • Dan Sinh Market in Hồ Chí Minh
  • Central Market in Hoi An
  • Hang Bac Street in Hanoi

30+ Vietnamese Shopping Vocabulary

  • Ads = Quảng cáo [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Quảng cáo[/Speechword]
  • Assistant = Trợ lý [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Trợ lý[/Speechword]
  • Bill = Hóa đơn [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Hóa đơn[/Speechword]
  • Bargain = Mặc cả [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Mặc cả[/Speechword]
  • Buy = Mua [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Mua[/Speechword]
  • Brand = Nhãn hiệu [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Nhãn hiệu[/Speechword]
  • Bag = Cái túi [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Cái túi[/Speechword]
  • Cashier = Thu ngân [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Thu ngân[/Speechword]
  • Customer = khách hàng [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]khách hàng[/Speechword]
  • Counter = Phản đối [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Phản đối[/Speechword]
  • Changing room = Phòng thay đồ [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Phòng thay đồ[/Speechword]
  • Cheque = Kiểm tra [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Kiểm tra[/Speechword]
  • Cheap = Rẻ [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Rẻ[/Speechword]
  • Coin = Đồng tiền [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Đồng tiền[/Speechword]
  • Coupon = Phiếu mua hàng [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Phiếu mua hàng[/Speechword]
  • Cost = Phí tổn [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Phí tổn[/Speechword]
  • Credit Card = Thẻ tín dụng [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Thẻ tín dụng[/Speechword]
  • Delivery = Vận chuyển [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Vận chuyển[/Speechword]
  • Department = Phòng [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Phòng[/Speechword]
  • Deposit = Tiền gửi [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tiền gửi[/Speechword]
  • Discount = Miễn giảm [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline] Miễn giảm[/Speechword]
  • Exchange = Trao đổi [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Trao đổi[/Speechword]
  • Expensive = Đắt tiền [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Đắt tiền[/Speechword]
  • Franchise = Nhượng quyền thương mại [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Nhượng quyền thương mại[/Speechword]
  • Gift = Quà tặng [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Quà tặng[/Speechword]
  • Hire = Thuê [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Thuê[/Speechword]
  • Leaflet = Tờ rơi [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tờ rơi[/Speechword]
  • Luxury = Sang trọng [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Sang trọng[/Speechword]
  • Mall = Trung tâm mua sắm [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Trung tâm mua sắm[/Speechword]
  • Money = Tiền bạc [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tiền bạc[/Speechword]
  • Order = Gọi món [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Gọi món[/Speechword]
  • Offer = Lời đề nghị [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Lời đề nghị[/Speechword]
  • Product = Sản phẩm [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Sản phẩm[/Speechword]
  • Purchase = Mua, tựa vào, bám vào [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Mua, tựa vào, bám vào[/Speechword]
  • Pay = Trả tiền [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Trả tiền[/Speechword]
  • Price = Giá bán [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Giá bán[/Speechword]
  • Queue = Xếp hàng [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Xếp hàng[/Speechword]
  • Retail = Bán lẻ [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Bán lẻ[/Speechword]
  • Return = Trở về [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Trở về[/Speechword]
  • Sale = Doanh thu [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Doanh thu[/Speechword]
  • Sample = Vật mẫu [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Vật mẫu[/Speechword]
  • Shop = Cửa hàng [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Cửa hàng[/Speechword]
  • Stock = Cổ phần [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline] Cổ phần[/Speechword]
  • Save = Tiết kiệm [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tiết kiệm[/Speechword]
  • Sell = Bán [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Bán[/Speechword]
  • Wholesale = Bán sỉ [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Bán sỉ[/Speechword]

Learn Vietnamese Shopping Phrases

Learn Vietnamese vocabulary about shopping

Are you enjoying the common words and their translation? If you are, it is a sign that you should move ahead and learn some of the relevant Vietnamese phrases related to shopping. Knowing these phrases with proper pronunciation will help you avoid fraud and lead to a successful venture in the Vietnamese markets.

  1. Cái này bao nhiêu?

[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Cái này bao nhiêu?[/Speechword]

English Translation: How much is this?

You can sue the phrase Cái này bao nhiêu? When you want to ask the shopkeeper about the cost or price of the item, this one is the most direct expression you should use. 

  1. Bạn chấp nhận tiền mặt hay séc?

[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Bạn chấp nhận tiền mặt hay séc?[/Speechword]

English Translation: Do you accept cash or cheque?

Although being a tourist makes cash preference higher, you can still give it a shot. When you buy an expensive item, you can proceed and ask the question Bạn chấp nhận tiền mặt hay séc?. It will help you out with the shopkeeper’s options.

  1. Giá thấp nhất là bao nhiêu?

[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Giá thấp nhất là bao nhiêu?[/Speechword]

English Translation: What is the lowest price?

If something seems too overpriced, you can start your bargain by asking Giá thấp nhất là bao nhiêu?. It will help the vendors know that you want the lowest possible cost for an item.

  1. Bạn có thiết kế khác?

[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Bạn có thiết kế khác?[/Speechword]

English Translation: Do you have other designs?

To ask for different patterns or designs regarding a similar product you like, you can ask Bạn có thiết kế khác?

  1. Nó quá đắt

[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Nó quá đắt[/Speechword]

English Translation: It is way too expensive

If you want to express your thoughts regarding an overpriced product, you can say Nó quá đắt or Nó rất đắt. Sometimes, this expression urges the shopkeeper to reduce the price and make it affordable.

  1. Tôi muốn mua mặt hàng này

[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tôi muốn mua mặt hàng này[/Speechword]

English Translation: I want to buy this item.

When it’s time to let the keeper know what you want to purchase, you can point out the item and say Tôi muốn mua mặt hàng này. It will signal the vendor that you want that particular item.

  1. Bạn có thể báo giá lại được không?

[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Bạn có thể báo giá lại được không?[/Speechword]

English Translation: Can you reduce the price?

To act polite and generous while trying to bargain, you can say Bạn có thể báo giá lại được không?. Knowing such phrases will alert the vendor that you cannot be scammed.

Other Common Expressions

  • Do you take online payment? Bạn có thanh toán trực tuyến không?
    [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Bạn có thanh toán trực tuyến không?[/Speechword]
  • Where is my change? Tiền lẻ của tôi ở đâu?
    [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tiền lẻ của tôi ở đâu?[/Speechword]
  • I like this item. Tôi thích mặt hàng này
    [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tôi thích mặt hàng này[/Speechword]
  • Can I get a bag, please? Cho tôi xin một cái túi được không?
    [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Cho tôi xin một cái túi được không?[/Speechword]
  • Do you sell any specialty products? Bạn có bán sản phẩm đặc sản nào không?
    [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Bạn có bán sản phẩm đặc sản nào không?[/Speechword]
  • I want the cheaper version. Tôi muốn phiên bản rẻ hơn
    [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Tôi muốn phiên bản rẻ hơn[/Speechword]
  • Thank you so much for your service. Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều cho dịch vụ của bạn
    [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Male” isinline]Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều cho dịch vụ của bạn[/Speechword]

Go Shopping In Vietnam With Confidence

Are you ready to go shopping through every corner of Vietnamese markets? Learning these words like Tiền bạc, Miễn giảm, etc., will only make your shopping experience a fraud-free and relaxing one. Being a tourist, we cannot that there’s a high chance of being scammed. But when you know the basic phrases and words, your shop venture around the streets of Vietnam will be a success. Moreover, it is a stepping stone toward speaking Vietnamese fluently. It will improve your skills and enhance your vocabulary.

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