Get Well Soon In Bulgarian: 5 Best Well-Wishes To Use

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Getting sick can really cause us a lot of trouble, especially when we live alone. But occasionally, hearing a simple “Get well soon” can bring us much joy, don’t you think? It has a very warm and familial vibe that makes you feel less alone. So, if you have a Bulgarian friend who’s currently sick, go ahead and try saying get well soon in Bulgarian to them!

Some people are often scared to ask for help or inconvenience others whenever they’re not feeling well. It’s such a relatable experience, don’t you think? However, if you happen to be the one in good health and your friend has fallen sick, here are some ways to wish them a faster recovery and better health!

Ways To Say Get Well Soon In Bulgarian

There aren’t really plenty of ways to say “Get well soon” in the Bulgarian language, but learning these few and adding your personal touch to them can be very meaningful. Perhaps visiting them and bringing their perfect go-to meals could do the trick, right?

get well soon in Bulgarian- Ling App

1. Bǎrzo Ozdravyavane (Бързо оздравяване!) – Speedy Recovery/Get Well Soon

Simple wishes like this for your friends’ health can put a smile on their faces. Upon seeing these words, though, you might wonder which one pertains to “Get well” and which means “Soon” in the Bulgarian language. You see, Bǎrzo literally translates to “quickly” or “fast” in English, while Ozdravyavane is transliterated to “healing” or “recovery”. Putting these two together gives you “Bǎrzo ozdravyavane” or “Get well soon.”

2. Pozhelavam Ti Bǎrzo Vǎzstanovyavane! (Пожелавам ти бързо възстановяване!) – I Wish You A Speedy Recovery!

Imagine you have a friend who’s feeling under the weather, and you want to express your sincere wishes for them to bounce back quickly. In English, you might say, “I hope you get better soon!” The Bulgarian phrase that captures this sentiment is Pozhelavam ti bǎrzo vǎzstanovyavane. Another word you can use to say “I wish” would be “Zhelaya” (Желая). It means the same thing, and you can switch it up whenever you want!

  • Pozhelavam (Пожелавам) means “I wish.”
  • Ti (ти) is a friendly and informal way to say “you.”
  • Bǎrzo (бързо) gives a sense of urgency, like saying “quickly” or “soon.”
  • Vǎzstanovyavane (възстановяване) is all about recovery or recuperation.
get well soon in Bulgarian (Speedy recovery)- Ling App

3. Da Ozdraveesh Skoro! (Да оздравееш скоро!) – I Hope You Get Better Soon!

The third phrase you can use to wish someone to recover soon would be this one. It doesn’t really have much difference from the previous ones, but if you’re looking for a more casual way to wish for someone’s quick healing, then this is the perfect phrase for the job. Moreover, compared to the first two, this one’s more heartfelt when you hear a friend or family member say it.

  • Da (Да) can be understood as “May” or “Let” in this context, as if you’re expressing a hope or a wish.
  • Ozdraveesh (оздравееш) means “you get better” or “you recover.”
  • Skoro (скоро) emphasizes timeliness, akin to “soon” in English.

4. Nadyavam Se Da Se Pochuvstvash Po-Dobre! (Надявам се да се почувстваш по-добре!) – I Hope You Feel Better!

There are times when our minds get clouded, and we just feel really crestfallen for no apparent reason. We may occasionally yearn for some words of comfort. If you have a friend who’s having a hard time, you can always tell them these words: Nadyavam se da se pochuvstvash po-dobre. It translates to, “I hope you feel better.” It may not seem much, but these words can make someone feel a little better, knowing that they’re not alone. Moreover, it’s a good way to express your empathy and care for people you cherish.

  • Nadyavam se (Надявам се) translates to “I hope.”
  • Da se (да се) in this context can be understood as “that you.”
  • Pochuvstvash (почувстваш) means “feel.”
  • Po-dobre (по-добре) means “better.”
get well soon in Bulgarian (I hope you feel better)- Ling App

5. Popravyay Se! (Поправяй се) – Get Better!

Last but not least, we have this sentence which translates to “Get better!” in English. This is a pretty simple message that holds the same meaning as any other sentence on this list. You can use it in situations wherein your friend is feeling mentally or physically distressed. The interesting part about this phrase is its literal translation: It may mean “Get better” in English, but if you look up its actual meaning, it is “Fix/Mend yourself.”

  • Popravyay (Поправяй) means “Mend it” or “Fix it.”
  • Se (Ce) literally means “yourself” in English.

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