10+ Creative Urdu Tongue Twisters For You To Have Fun With!

Urdu Tongue Twisters

Are you a fan of Urdu tongue twisters? If you’ve ever been to a desi (دیسی) household, chances are you’ve heard the classic round of ‘Kachha papad, pakka papad’ – but did you know that this popular tongue twister is also a hit in Hindi and Punjabi-speaking communities? That’s right, this quirky phrase has made its way into the hearts and minds of language enthusiasts across South Asia. Let’s get to know more about that and other fun tongue twisters in today’s post!

Want to spice up your Urdu language learning routine? Try mastering some tongue twisters! Not only are they a fun challenge, but they also improve your pronunciation, fluency, and quick thinking skills. And let’s face it, being able to say ‘Samjh Samjh Ke Samjh Ko Samjho, Samjh Samjhana Bhee Ek Samajh Hai, Jo Lakh Samjhane Par Na Samjhe Meri Samjh Mein Wo Naasamajh Hai’ without stumbling is a pretty cool party trick. So next time you’re practicing a new language, throw in some Urdu tongue twisters for an entertaining and effective way to level up your skills.

Linguistic Somersaults

A tongue twister is a reflection of the oral literature and traditions of any language. It is also a fun element that reflects the depth and richness of the language in a playful manner. These linguistic tools are also creative and efficient ways to introduce kids to language learning. A tongue twister need not be a grammatically correct or meaningful sentence. It is just a play of words, majorly with a single consonant or vowel sound repeated many times in a single sentence.

Similarly, in the Urdu language, a tongue twister may or may not make any sense, but it helps one get accustomed to the finer nuances of the language. For instance, a tongue twister helps you get the diction, the tone, and the inflection right.

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List Of Urdu Tongue Twisters

Try to say some of these tongue twisters repeatedly and your tongue is bound to do some jaw-dropping somersaults! So, let’s check out these fun phrases.

Nazar Ne Nazar Ko Nazar Bhar Ke Dekha, Nazar Ki Nazar Ko Nazar Lag Gai

نظر نے نظر کو نظر بھر کے دیکھا، نظر کی نظر کو نظر لگ گی

Translation: One eyesight relished the other eyesight, and one’s eyesight caught the evil eye.

Samjh Samjh Ke Samjh Ko Samjho, Samjh Samjhana Bhee Ek Samajh Hai, Jo Lakh Samjhane Par Na Samjhe Meri Samjh Mein Wo Naasamajh Hai

سمجھ سمجھ کے سمجھ کو سمجھو، سمجھ سمجھنا بھی اک سمجھ ہے، جو لاکھ سمجھے، میری سمجھ میں وو ناسمجھ

Translation: Understand wisdom by wisdom. Understanding wisdom by being wise in an understanding way is true wisdom. He who does not understand wisdom even after understanding is unwise.

Ye Der He Wo Der Jis Der Pe Seda Mila He Her Be Der Ko Der, Yani Der Be der, Phir Ker Der Der, Aata He Haider Ke Der Per

یہ دار وہ دار ہے جس دار پر صدا مٹا ہے ہر بیدار کو دار، یانی دار بدر پھر کر دار دار آتا ہے حیدر کے دار پر

Translation: This is the door at which every homeless/ aimless person always finds refuge, after roaming at every other door he finally comes to the door of Haider.

Chunnu Kay Chacha Ne Chunnu Ki Chachi Ko Chandni Raat Mein Chandi Ki Chamach Se Chatni Chatai

چننو کے چچا نے چننو کی چاچی کو چاندنی رات میں چاندی کی چممچ سے چٹنی چٹائی

Translation: Chunnu’s or little boy’s uncle made Chunnu’s or little boy’s auntie lick chutney with a silver spoon on a moonlit night.

Ek Cheeni Aurat Ne Cheeni Ke Piyale Mein Cheeni Laayi

ایک چینی عورت نے چینے کے پیالے میں چھینے لائی

Translation: A Chinese woman brought some sugar in a cermaic bowl.

Phool Lekar Phool Aaya, Phool Kar Maine Kaha Phool Kyon Laaye Ho Sahib Tum Toh Khud Hi Phool Ho

پھول لیکر پھول آیا پھول کر مہینے کہا، پھول کیوں لا ۓ ہو صاحب تم ٹو خود ہی پھول ہو

Translation: A pretty person brought a flower to which I said (to them), “Why have you brought a flower? You are a flower yourself.”

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#7 Ek Bholi Bhaali Baaji Ne Baarah Baje Ghanti Bajaai Aur Boodhi Bhabhi Ki Bachchi Ke Sath Bhujiya Banaai

ایک بھولی بحالی باجی نے بارہ بجے گھنٹی بجایی اور بوڑھی بھابھی کی بچی کے ساتھ بھجیا بنایی

Translation: A naive sister rang the bell at twelve o’clock and made some fritters with her old sister-in-law’s daughter.

Jo Ponchi Maine Bheji Thi Wo Ponchi Aapko Pahunchi Hai, Agar Pahunche Toh Keh Dena Ki Ponchi Aapko Pahunchi Hai

جو پونچی مہینے بھیجی تھے وو پونچی آپکو پہنچی ہے، اگر پہنچے تو کہ دینا کی پونچی آپکو پہنچی ہے

Translation: The gift that I have sent you, did you receive it? When you receive the gift, let me know that you have received the gift.

Cheen Se Khabar Aayi Hai Ki Chaar Cheeni Sipahi Ne Chaar Baj Kar Chawaalees Minute Par Chaar Cheeni Bachchon Ko Chammach Se Cheeni Chaat Te Hue Giraftaar Kiya

چین سے خبر آئ ہے کہ چار چینی سپاہی نے چار بج کر چوالیس منت پر چار چینی بچچوں کو چممچ سے چینی چا ٹھتے ہوئے گرفتار کیا

Translation: News has come from China that four Chinese policemen have arrested four Chinese children for licking sugar from a spoon at 4:44.

Kachcha Papita Pakaa Papita

کچا پپیتا پکا پپیتا

Translation: Raw papaya, ripe papaya.

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