5+ Basic Greetings in Romanian To Kickstart Conversations

If you are thinking of visiting Danube Delta soon, learning the basic greetings in Romanian is necessary to get along with the locals and start quality conversations!

Conversations have proven to be one of the best ways to explore people’s minds, make new friends, and build trust. No wonder an average human being speaks 7000 words per day, and 90% of these words are used in conversations.

But most conversations start with a Hello, Hi, or a how are you in almost every language in the world, including the Romanian Language. That is why we want to equip you with the basic greetings in Romanian that will foster quality conversations and even win you some Romanian friends. Therefore, when you next visit Romania (or maybe you have Romanian friends), you will be able to greet them accordingly.

Let’s cut to the chase and start right away!

Best Greetings To Start A Conversation

romanian greetings

Romanians are generally warm people that always stay polite as long as you don’t try anything funny. In the past decades, a Romanian man will often kiss the hands of a woman as a polite gesture when greeting, but this is hardly seen in Romania today. However, shaking hands or a wave is being embraced in Romanian. So, when you want to greet strangers or your Romanian friends, you can simply greet them with a wave or shake hands.

Let’s take a look at the typical greeting to start a conversation in Romania.

Good Day Greetings

A simple bună or Salut is often used to start conversations in Romania, and it is generally acceptable. When it comes to saying hello, Bună is often used for a lady, while Salut is generally for men. Anyway you say hello, a Romanian will understand that you are saying Hello.

If you want to be a bit formal, then you can say bună ziua, which means Good day. If the person is of higher status, or you want to be respectful, then you can decide to say

  • Buna Ziau Domnule – Good day sir
  • Buna Ziau Doamnă – Good day Madam

Time Of The Day

greetings depending on the time

A formal way of greeting is greeting according to the time of the day. You can say a simple good morning, good afternoon, or good evening to start a conversation. However, close friends rarely greet us with a good morning. Instead, they’d rather stick to their unique way of greetings or a simple Buna or Salute.

Good morningbună dimineața
Good afternoonbună ziua
Good eveningbună seara
Good nightnoapte bună
Nice to meet youncantat de cunostinta (male) / Incantata de cunostinta (female)
Long time no seeNu ne-am văzut de mult
Good daybună ziua


How Are You Greetings

What often proceeds a typical salut is to ask if the other person is doing well. This is important in Romania because it shows that you care about how they are doing or how their day is going.

Ce mai faci, or Ce faci for short, which literally means how are you, is one of the most common ways to find out if that person is doing great. A stranger may reply with a simple bine (I am fine), while a close friend will likely share what is going on in their life with you.


How is your daycum este ziua ta
How’s workCum stă treaba
How was your day todayCum a fost ziua de azi


Good Bye Greetings

Good Bye Greetings

Once you are through with the main conversation, it is only polite to end the conversation with a goodbye. Depending on whether you will see the person again, the goodbye greeting may vary. However, la revedere (goodbye) is a common way of ending a Romanian conversation but some other ways;

Have a nice dayO zi buna
Thank youMultumesc
See you soonNoapte buna


Other Important Romanian Phrases To Keep In Mind

Other Important Romanian Phrases To Keep In Mind

Asides from the basic greetings in Romanian, there are other important phrases you should know that will come in handy when starting conversations with the locals. You can take it a step further by knowing the love phrases, question words, and unique Romanian phrases. Let’s take a look at other phrases you will find helpful.

i’m sorryImi pare rau
Pleaseva rog
I don’t speak Romanian wellEu nu vorbesc limba Romana
what is your nameCum te cheamă
My name isMa numesc
you’re welcomeCu placere


Final Thoughts

Knowing the basic Romanian greetings is helpful in starting quality conversations and making new friends. I hope you were able to get accustomed to the basic greeting in Romanian. If you want to take your Romanian Journey further and know more phrases and speak fluently, the Ling App can make it possible

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