Give And Ask For Directions In German: #1 Easy Guide

You’re in a new place where they speak a totally foreign language. What do you do if you’re lost?! We understand the confusion and fear you may feel in that situation, which is why we created this guide to teach you how to give and ask for directions in German.

Let’s take a look at the words and phrases that will help you get around the beautiful nation of Germany, or another nearby German-speaking country, with confidence.


Why Should I Learn How To Give And Ask For Directions In German?

German isn’t the only German-speaking country! Nope! In fact, German is the official language of Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg. So be sure to bookmark this page to help you with your travels in these nations too.

Knowing directional terms and how to ask for directions in German will make your travel less stressful and more efficient. It can also help you save money. How? Well, what if you miss your train and need to buy a new ticket? That would be a pain.

Asking for directions in German will also help you reach those fantastic places you have on your bucket list on time so you can explore to your heart’s delight.


Top 5 Sites To Visit In Germany

give directions in German
  1. Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg
  2. Europa Park, Rust
  3. The town of Rothenburg
  4. Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau
  5. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin


Giving Directions In German

Are you an avid traveler who enjoys exploring every possible corner of a new city or country? Or, is this your first time abroad in a foreign country? No matter your reason for traveling, if your next destination is Germany, then you need to learn German and essential German vocabulary, this includes giving directions in German.

If you’ve ever gotten lost in another country, then you know that it’s not fun! Not being able to reach your hotel or condo can be scary, especially if it’s getting dark. If you’re planning on traveling to Germany, you should familiarize yourself with directions in German beforehand, that way you’re able to understand others when they’re talking to you or, even better, you can give other directions if they ask!

German Direction Words

give and ask for directions in German

Here are some essential direction words to know in German!


Across fromGegenüber von[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Gegenüber von[/Speechword]
Across the streetÜber die Straße[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Über die Straße[/Speechword]
Around the cornerUm die Ecke[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Um die Ecke[/Speechword]
Before the…Vor dem…[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Vor dem…[/Speechword]
BehindHinter[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Hinter[/Speechword]
BetweenZwischen[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Zwischen[/Speechword]
DownstairsUnten[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Unten[/Speechword]
In front ofVor dem[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Vor dem[/Speechword]
InsideInnen[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Innen[/Speechword]
NearbyIn der Nähe[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]In der Nähe[/Speechword]
On the…Auf dem…[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Auf dem…[/Speechword]
On top ofAuf[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Auf[/Speechword]
OutsideAußen[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Außen[/Speechword]
Past the…Vorbei an…[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Vorbei an…[/Speechword]
StraightGerade[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Gerade[/Speechword]
Straight aheadGeradeaus[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Geradeaus[/Speechword]
Towards the…In Richtung der…[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]In Richtung der…[/Speechword]
Turn leftnach links[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]nach links[/Speechword]
Turn rightnach rechts[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]nach rechts[/Speechword]
UpstairsNach oben[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Nach oben[/Speechword]

Compass terms to help with reading maps and directions:

Eastder ost[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]der ost[/Speechword]
Northder nord[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]der nord[/Speechword]
Southder süd[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]der süd[/Speechword]
Westder west[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]der west[/Speechword]

Asking For Directions In German

ask for directions in German

Here are some useful questions you can ask the locals to help you get around and avoid getting lost. It also might be useful to know how to introduce yourself and don’t forget to say thank you!

I’m lostich bin verloren [Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]ich bin verloren[/Speechword]

Please show me on the map Bitte zeigen Sie es mir auf der Karte [Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Bitte zeigen Sie es mir auf der Karte[/Speechword]

English QuestionGerman QuestionPronunciation
Can you help me?Kannst du mir helfen?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Kannst du mir helfen?[/Speechword]
Can you show me?Kannst du mir zeigen?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Kannst du mir zeigen?[/Speechword]
How do I get to…?wie komme ich zu/ Wie komme ich nach…?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]wie komme ich zu/ Wie komme ich nach…?[/Speechword]
How do I get there?wie komme ich dorthin?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]wie komme ich dorthin?[/Speechword]
How long does it take to get there?Wie lange dauert es, um dorthin zu gelangen?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Wie lange dauert es?[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]um dorthin zu gelangen?[/Speechword]
Is it close to here?Ist es hier in der Nähe?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Ist es hier in der Nähe?[/Speechword]
Is it far from here?ist es weit?/Ist es weit weg von hier?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]ist es weit?[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Ist es weit weg von hier?[/Speechword]
Where are the stairs?Wo sind die Treppen?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Wo sind die Treppen?[/Speechword]
Where can I find…?Wo kann ich finden…?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Wo kann ich finden…?[/Speechword]
Where is…?Wo ist…?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Wo ist…?[/Speechword]
Where is the bathroom?Wo ist die Toilette?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Wo ist die Toilette?[/Speechword]
Where is the train station?Wo ist der Bahnhof?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Wo ist der Bahnhof?[/Speechword]
Which direction is it?Welche Richtung ist es?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Welche Richtung ist es?[/Speechword]
Where are you going?Wo gehst du hin?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]Wo gehst du hin?[/Speechword]
Where are we?wo sind wir?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]wo sind wir?[/Speechword]
Where are we going?wohin gehen wir?[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Male” isinline]wohin gehen wir?[/Speechword]


Useful Apps That Can Help You When You Are Lost!

find directions in German

Here are some apps that are favored in Germany to help you get around.

  1. DB Navigator – this is a helpful navigation tool when planning train journeys. You can see routes and where stations are located. You can also purchase tickets.
  2. BVG Fahrinfo-App – helps you get from A to B quickly and affordably. This app shows travel routes and the best modes of transportation to get there.
  3. Waze– operates similarly to Google Maps except will show you where any travel pain points will be or delays that may hinder your travel plans.
  4. Google Maps – is probably the most well-known navigation app, it will be your best friend in finding the places on your travel list


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