Verbling Review: 5 Best Features With Untapped Potential


Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 01:08 am

A poor experience learning a new language may reduce the motivation to understand your target language. So much so with a teaching platform only meant for serious language learners with a budget. In this Verbling review, we will examine how this language-learning platform has an untapped potential that may match its competitors.

When we write reviews for language teaching platforms, we often look at the quality of teaching from native teachers. We also look at how easy it is to schedule classes and an accessible support team. Today, we’ll be checking out untapped potential in learning online.

If you are looking for your own platform that can set up your own price per hour, then the good news is that Verbling accommodates these suggestions. Verbling is essential in many teaching platforms today since only a few websites have lower prices for students. It also has a considerable return on investment for teachers that will teach for the first time, as they gain $5.10 for the trial lesson.

But does it really support a student or a teacher compared to its competitors? It’s time to check if users found Verbling up to its reputation in this comprehensive Verbling review.


What Is Verbling?

Verbling Review Logo

Verbling is an e-language learning platform that helps teachers and students connect and learn a target language more efficiently. Similar to Preply and iTalki, Verbling offers one-on-one tutoring lessons for each student to help them with all their language learning skills.

The company that made Verbling was founded by Gustav Rydstedt, Jake Jolis, and Mikael Bernstein and aimed for Verbling Friends (+ Verbling Enterprise) to be an app to link users interested in learning a new foreign language. For years, it added nine new languages and expanded from being just an app that does email, chat, and video calls to a private tutoring lesson for each student.

Not only can you learn basic vocabulary with Verbling, but you can also have one or two classes with native speakers in a private session. Conversely, teachers can also earn from their own platform and have their own hourly rate to set per session.

After checking out the basics, it’s time to know more about the user experience, features, and the pros of cons of Verbling.

What Is It For? Verbling is a tutorial platform that connects native speakers that want to teach and students that want intensive one-one lessons.

Languages Offered: 61 languages

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced


  • Offers a free sample lesson for new learners
  • Sort teachers according to your budget
  • Make lesson plans with a clean and organized dashboard
  • Learn or work anywhere


  • Pricing can differ per language or expertise
  • You might not find the right teacher
  • Not every lesson has the same number or quality of teaching materials
  • Very strict requirements for teachers

Who Is Verbling For? For students and teachers that want a teaching platform for learning languages.

How Does Verbling Work?

For students, you can start registering an account right away. You can sign up using an email, your Facebook account, or an email account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll have to choose which language you’ll learn and how much your budget is. From the dashboard, you can filter the price rates, the language, and your schedule of availability.

On the other hand, earning while teaching a language is possible with Verbling. Like most teaching platforms, teachers must have a teaching certificate or verifiable teaching experience to increase their chances of admission.

Moreover, your internet speed will be tested with the criteria of your upload speed and if there are no interruptions during a live video call. This requirement is helpful for both the teachers and users to give the best service for every student that will use the site.

Ready to learn more about Verbling? Let’s check the basics with Verbling User Interface and Design first.

Verbling User Interface And Design

Verbling Review User Interface

Verbling is an easy-to-use app, no matter where you are. Verbling has two versions, the app, and the browser version. An organized dashboard will greet you with filters for your teachers, price rates, where your teacher is from, what language they speak, their gender, or subjects they teach. We believe it’s better to start your Verbling classes on the browser version, as all the features, tabs, and other settings are more accessible there. However, you can use Verbling on the go with their apps. The user interface is very concise and minimal. Students can also visit Tabs like Community, Student’s Lounge, and Articles and check their Settings.

5 Astounding Verbling Features For Teaching Languages

Excited to use Verbling? There are many positive Verbling reviews right now, but it isn’t as comprehensive. We’ve dialed down which features matter for language students like you that are serious about mastering your desired language as soon as possible.

As a general approach, it’s vital for any online teaching platform that promotes a flexible schedule to have all features that benefit the students and teachers. Let’s take a deeper look at Verbling features and how it differs from its competitors.

Book A Language Lesson Fast And Easy

The functions of the Verbling dashboard are very straightforward. You can start looking for a teacher just by using your target language. You’ll see which teachers are available for your schedule and according to your time zone. Filter the price and schedule, and you can also check if the available native speakers can speak your language too. After selecting the tutor, you can pay them via Paypal or your card. Their first lesson is free, so you check if the class you chose suits your preference. What a bargain, right?

Become A Native Teacher And Earn By Teaching Your Language

Teachers can use the Verbling platform to earn money while teaching a language. You can sign up as a teacher and put your lesson style up front. Prove your teaching experience and language expertise by joining the community of teachers that love Verbling as a tutorial platform.

Since it is a teaching platform, you’ll have to be aware of time zone conflicts, teaching styles, and types of students you’ll encounter too. Verbling will seamlessly guide you through the community and teaching standards they want to exhibit.

To be accepted as a Verbling tutor, you’ll need to be a C2 or a native speaker without a teaching certificate. On the other hand, it is required to have solid teaching experience to pass their requirements.

Get To Know The Tutors First

You can check the teacher’s profile if you’re not confident about booking a random teacher based on their pricing. You can view their lessons and even watch a video introduction to see what their classes are like. Their profile also has badges that show if the tutor is verified and has a background check. Lastly, you can also check their expertise through their profile and what the other students say about them.

Has A Dedicated Page For Schedules And Messaging

Do you have an upcoming schedule for your tutor? Do you want to message them and prepare your materials? Then you’ll have an easy way to talk to them beforehand. Verbling introduces separate schedule and messaging pages so you can easily go back and forth on what you need. You can also cancel your schedule via these tabs or adjust your dates accordingly. Of course, don’t forget to message the tutor about other changes or any questions you have in mind.

Keep Learning Words With Vocabulary Decks

Verbling Review Student Lounge

What makes Verbling different from its competitors is saving words while tutors teach. You can use these words as your flashcard or memorization game when taking a lesson. There are many languages available for each deck, but many Verbling users have tons of English exercises on vocabulary to support their pronunciation and their reading comprehension.

However, we noticed that the audio on these cards doesn’t sound like a native of that language but more of an AI-powered/robotic voice. This feature may not help achieve the natural sounds and tonation of languages like French, Chinese, or Arabic.

How Much Does Verbling Cost?

Verbling doesn’t have a fixed price rate as it is a language teaching platform. Instead, teachers can post their own rates or have an hourly rate depending on their expertise. Their prices may also depend on what language they are teaching. Most languages that are well sought after may take up to 58$ and above if these native speakers can also speak other languages.

Verbling may have expensive options, but students may find a budget-friendly tutor that starts at 5$ an hour. But on average, English teachers prefer to have 25$ per hour pay. Don’t be afraid to look for lower prices, though; you can still get quality tutors. Ultimately, paying for your teacher at a higher rate per hour will also give back what you’ve paid for.

Compared to other platforms like Preply and iTalki, Verbling is more on the expensive side because of their higher requirements. That condition for their educational standard alone makes Verbling worth trying.

Is Verbling Worth Trying?

Offers a free sample lesson for new learners

If you’ve tried other platforms, you’ll definitely know what we’re talking about. Not all teaching platforms offer a sample tutoring lesson for students. It’s a catch for people who want to try the app first without paying. When you book a free trial, you can access the materials, look at the teacher’s lesson plan, and even message them.

Sort teachers according to your Preferences

Verbling Review Finding Tutors And Teachers

Of course, we can’t deny that we have our likes and dislikes in teaching methods. The best thing about Verbling is knowing how qualified a person will teach you. You can watch the teacher’s tutorial lesson and even check their resume, and there’s also an extensive review section from their past students. It is an easy filter you can click and select with an extensive list of tutors.

Make lesson plans with a clean and organized dashboard

As a teacher, knowing how you teach students with different language levels is vital. Remarkably, many are picky or detailed in what kind of learning path they want to take. Verbling also supports its teachers, and many reviews mentioned that Verbling has a unique experience for the company and its students. You can make a reasonable amount even with low pricing rates, as many users are signing up on this app.

Learn or work anywhere Without Interruption

As you can book your lessons depending on your time zone, you’ll be free to learn your classes, whether you’re in San Francisco, the Andes, or Jakarta. You won’t even pay an extra cost to find your teachers since you can filter your options.

If you’re done with your lessons, you can review the vocabulary you’ve learned even when you’re offline. You can either start writing made-up conversations about these words or try pronouncing them too. It’s easy to miss out on this feature if you keep relying too much on your tutor. So make the most out of your daily Verbling lesson by practicing the decks of what you’ve learned during the weekend or even when traveling.

Verbling Cons: What Are Some Features That May Not Fit You?

Pricing can differ per language or expertise

For total beginners, your desired language may also have its advantages and disadvantages. You’ll most likely get higher prices for more qualified teachers and lower costs for beginners. Time zones can also be a painful reality for many students and teachers. There are many techniques to overcome this timezone difference situation, though. Moreover, some people may also put their rates high due to being multilingual or hired professionally in the academic field. So, it’s up to the users to filter out and determine what they want.

You might not find the right teacher

Considerably, there are still many times that the teaching style won’t fit your preferences. Although there can be many reviews from other users saying that teacher is a match made in heaven, the case might not be the same with you.

Inevitably, these issues will pop up one way or another for a small sample size. That said, it is not a consistent problem for any student that still wants to learn using Verbling.

Not every lesson has the same number or quality of teaching materials

Since Verbling has its separate community tab and vocabulary deck for languages, it benefits many language enthusiasts. However, less-known languages may not have the same grammar guide, vocabulary list, pronunciation audio (from the teacher), or writing exercises that you might have experienced in a popular language. For example, you’ve got excellent service from an English tutor, but you got a mediocre one from Spanish or Japanese. It’s not always the same for any language app too. But you’ll have better outputs learning from someone that will guide you through your whole lesson.

Very strict requirements for teachers

Why did we put this on the disadvantages? There are many ways it can be a positive experience for the users, such as getting the right quality for a higher price. You’ll be confident that you’ll learn way better than how you’ve been doing it alone.

However, not every language has an interested student to learn from it from time to time, so that may not make up for the teaching experience requirement. Let’s say you want to learn more about an almost endangered language like Quechua or less-known languages like Yoruba or Twi. There are slimmer chances of getting an excellent Quechua teacher than getting a basic English speaker to teach you the English alphabet and writing.

Moreover, the support team for less spoken languages may not be as effective as French, English, German, or any trending language right now.


Verbling Review: A Serious Language Learner Should Benefit From It

Verbling provides another learning experience for many users who want to learn languages fast. An online tutorial platform or course provider is the best way to learn a new skill, language, product, or method without meeting your tutors in person. After the pandemic, many people are becoming more open to learning online than enrolling in a physical tutorial center or educational institute for a shorter period.

Such is the situation of people that want to travel around the world and learn a new culture or language but are restricted due to unforeseen circumstances. Apps like Verbling allow flexibility, time-budgeting, and money-saving approaches to learning a new language. Whether one of the most popular languages you can find in apps like Rosetta Stone, Babbel, Mango Languages, or Lingbe, Duolingo, Verbling has professional teachers to hold a class for it.

However, it can be quite expensive to have Moreover; some users may feel skipping the lessons just like any traditional school or university they would go to. Again, these unknown reasons may differ for each person, and we all have busy lives to look after.

But what’s a better app than getting a free lesson as a beginner without worrying about anything else? What if this app can also be helpful in your writing, listening, speaking, and reading skills? There are more bonuses to uncover, so let’s check out how mind-blowing Ling is!


Learn Languages Effectively With Ling App

Verbling Review by Ling App

Having a private tutor is excellent since you’ll have someone to mentor you and guide you in the right direction. As a language student, you need to have the suitable materials and the right guide to focus and level up from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels.

However, not everyone has the budget or time to sit for a few hours with a native speaker. If your choice is to learn with a language app instead, Ling is a perfect choice. Why do we say this? It has support for less spoken languages in the world. But you can find even the more popular languages with the same lesson plans. With 60+ languages and 200 lessons to teach, you’ll develop the habit of being self-taught without spending your time thinking about your budget.

With diverse choices to choose from, you’ll benefit the most from Ling. You can even use it offline without worrying about your internet connection or your internet speed. Download Ling now on the Play Store or App Store and master new words effectively!

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