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Telugu is considered a relatively challenging language to learn due to its linguistic features and script. It is the official language of Andra Pradesh and Telangana. Telugu is written in a unique script with 56 characters, which may be entirely unfamiliar to learners who are used to the Latin alphabet and Latin script. Along with this, it has a complex phonetic system with vowel and consonant clusters, making pronunciation challenging too. This is why people tend to seek the help of a good Telugu learning app. But what is the best app for this?

When compared with English, Telugu grammar involves complex verb conjugation, noun declensions, and sentence structures. It is certainly a beautiful language and one of the most spoken languages in India, so it certainly makes sense if you are trying to learn Telugu.

One of the biggest problems people have shared with me while learning the Telugu language is the limited resources to learn its vocabulary and ways to understand the cultural context, which helps get societal norms easily. Well, today we are here to bring an end to your problems! Behold – the best 3 apps to learn Telugu fluently and in a very short time!

Telugu Learning Apps

Telugu Learning AppKey FeaturesPricing
Learn Telugu QuicklyHas 18 languages from which you can learn Telugu
Focuses on alphabets and flashcards
Categorized phrases to start conversations early
Free; pay $2.99 to remove ads
Ling AppHelps to speak like native speakers
Focuses on all aspects of language learning
A gamified and entertaining way to learn Telugu
Free trial available, starts monthly at $8.99
Mango LanguagesThe slightly traditional method of learning
Effective for people who love structure
Focuses on conversation building through each lesson
14-day trial period, monthly payment of $7.99
Learn Telugu Quickly_ Logo_Telugu learning app_learn languages_Learn Telugu

Learn Telugu Quickly

The Learn Telugu Quickly app by Altergyan is well recommended for learning Telugu, especially for those who find reading and the Telugu script the most challenging aspects. It focuses on teaching the Telugu alphabet, which is crucial for studying the language.

The app prioritizes building a strong foundation in the language and offers the advantage of being able to study Telugu from 18 different languages. This accessibility makes it suitable for a wider range of learners with diverse language backgrounds.

You will find activities designed to be entertaining yet effective in helping learners grasp the language concepts more easily. Flashcards are included in the app, which allows learners to review and reinforce what they have learned, aiding in better retention of information.

The app supports audio and text, enhancing the understanding of the language and pronunciation. It can certainly serve as an additional resource for anyone interested in learning Telugu, particularly for beginners who want to focus on mastering the Telugu alphabet and building their vocabulary.

Ling App_ Logo_Telugu learning app_learn languages_Learn Telugu

Ling App

The Ling App is a highly recommended option for learning new Telugu vocabulary quickly and effectively. It is a popular language-learning platform that offers various interactive games and quizzes that make the learning process enjoyable and engaging. It is also designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to learners of all levels.

The app provides hundreds of useful words and phrases in Telugu, allowing learners to build a strong vocabulary foundation. Its interactive games and quizzes make the learning process fun and engaging, motivating learners to continue their language studies.

The Ling App includes audio clips of words and phrases, which are essential for learning languages by improving listening skills and helping practice pronunciation. Listening to spoken words by native speakers enhances the learner’s ability to understand and speak Telugu more accurately.

Reviewers, including myself, praise it for its straightforward approach to language learning, making it easy to use and highly effective. Users can access the first 8 lessons for free, allowing them to get a taste of the app’s content before deciding whether to subscribe.

For full access to all the app’s content, users can subscribe to the Ling app. The subscription cost is $8.99 per month or $54.99 per year. The Ling App is a valuable tool for language learning, especially for those interested in learning Telugu grammar and vocabulary quickly and efficiently.

Mango languages

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is considered one of the best apps for learning Telugu, particularly for those who prefer a more traditional course structure. The app offers clear conversational and grammar goals for each unit, which helps learners stay focused and organized in their language studies. As you progress through the lessons, you can work towards achieving the objectives set for each unit.

Each lesson builds upon the previous ones, creating a logical and gradual progression in language learning. The app emphasizes teaching the language through conversations, allowing learners to develop natural speaking skills and proper vocabulary usage.

While the Telugu course might not be as extensive as other languages offered on the app, it is designed to provide learners with a solid foundation in the language. The lessons are interactive and enjoyable, making the experience of this language-learning app engaging and effective.

The app offers access to one language for $7.99 per month. For access to all languages available on the app, the subscription cost is $17.99 per month. Users can also opt for a yearly subscription at a discounted rate.

A plus point is that Mango Languages offers a 14-day free trial, allowing learners to test out the app and its features before committing to a subscription. As mentioned, Mango Languages is recommended for those who prefer a structured and traditional approach to learning Telugu. Its focus on conversational learning and clear lesson objectives provides a valuable platform for building language proficiency.

Choose The Best Telugu Learning App: The Ling App

Learning the Telugu language, from my experience, can be tiresome at times. As you can see from this list, there are pretty decent language apps to learn Telugu. But this Dravidian language needs a holistic approach, and I have found this only from the Ling app.

Learn Telugu Quickly and Mango Languages are certainly two very interesting apps for learning the Telugu language. Still, Ling is unique because of the equal importance given to speaking, reading, writing, and listening to the language.

This classical language requires an approach that not only teaches common phrases and basic vocabulary but includes its rich culture, especially if you plan to visit India. Plus, with the Ling App, you can connect with other learners on the same journey to learn Telugu together.

Language learners often seek an interactive app, and Ling does not disappoint. With the AI Chatbot constantly on cue, you feel you are with a companion in a real-life class rather than using a language app. It also helps your communication skills develop rapidly and has excellent audio recordings to help you pronounce the language right from the very start!

This wonderful app is generally inexpensive compared to most apps. Try learning Telugu, other Dravidian languages, or even uncommon languages on the Ling app. In fact, there are 62 languages for you to explore once you download this app through the Google Play Store or the App Store. Try Ling today!

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