Quizlet vs Mondly: Which Is More Spotlight Worthy App?

Searching for an effective language learning app is crucial. So, you made a big brain move on discovering the difference between Quizlet vs Mondly.

In language learning apps, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. The language learning process is pretty crucial, especially if you are a beginner. That’s why you have to be critical in choosing the best language learning app. As language learners, you need to find what’s best for your learning style and, of course, budget.

Quizlet and Mondly are way too different apps. In this blog, we will walk you through the different factors that make these two apps differ from each other.


Discovering The Two Language Learning Apps

Nowadays, Before we go any further, we should first discover what Quizlet and Mondly are.

What Is Quizlet?

With 500+ study sets, Quizlet has already helped 60 million monthly learners to reach their learning goals. It was initially launched as a language learning app after Andrew Sutherland created his first study set and aced his exam. But now, it is not just for language learning anymore. It also covers other subjects which help learners and professionals build their flashcard-like study sets.

What Is Mondly?

By combining conversation-focused curriculum, speech recognition, and gamification, Mondly was named “Editors’ Choice” in Google Play and “Best New App” by Apple. These are just two of the awards received by Mondly, here’s more:

This app helps more than 20 million language learners reach their full potentials in language learning. It uses fun and effective language courses designed by language experts.


Quizlet VS Mondly: What Makes Each Language Learning App Different?

Learning languages is not an overnight process. You can’t learn a new language and speak like native speakers in just one night. Even if you have the help of different language learning apps, the process might be tough if you do not find the best language app that suits your needs.

Talking about Quizlet vs Mondly, we have different factors to consider. Before we go any further, always remember that these apps have different purposes and own special features. This is what we’re going to find out.

Interface And Design

Aside from key features, language learning activities, and learning materials, users want an easy-to-navigate and aesthetically pleasing app.

Not all language learners or users are digital natives. Other users are digital immigrants whose not really that familiar with the use of technology. So, in developing an app, make sure that it is easy to use and navigate. It will really cause inconvenience to the users if they will still work hard to figure out what to click.

In communication and education, visual imagery plays a critical role. In fact, a study conducted by Alicia David entitledThe Impact of Design and Aesthetics on Usability, Credibility, and Learning in an Online Environment” discusses it further.

So, let’s talk about Quizlet vs Mondly in terms of interface and design:


Going minimalist is the style of Quizlet. When you go to their website, you can easily find what you are looking for. They use simple fonts, which make everything easy for the eye. It doesn’t have too many colors and pictures to emphasize the important buttons to click.

The interface of Quizlet is simple. It uses flashcards for the study sets you are learning.


In terms of Compared to Quizlet, Mondly is very different from Quizlet. It is colorful, and it has different visual representations such as pictures and icons. But, despite all these elements, it is still not heavy for the eyes. You can still read and see everything clearly and neatly.

The theme of the interface of Mondly is travel. With this, your language learning experience is interpreted as a journey, and each place (category) you will land on offers different experiences and new lessons.

Languages Offered

Many users are impressed by the number of languages that a language learning app can offer. But remember, more isn’t always best.

Because we are talking about language learning apps, let’s see what Quizlet vs Mondly can offer. Remember, in choosing the best language learning app for you, the number of languages an app offers should not be the basis. You must first ensure that the app is offering your target language because if not, then it will not be helpful for you. So, here are the languages that each app offers:



Because Quizlet is not only a language learning app anymore, it also offers a variety of study sets in different subjects such as Arts and Humanities, Math, Science, Social Science, and more.


English (British)English (American)SpanishFrench

These are the languages that you can learn and learn from. But sometimes, Mondly lacks some grammar lessons or grammar explanations for uncommon languages.


Having unique features is what makes a language learning app appealing and interesting to users.

Each language learning app was developed based on research and Science. Developers spent a long period of time making each feature perfect. They are challenged to make their app stand out from other language learning apps. So, here is the difference between Quizlet vs Mondly in terms of features.


Having 5 different study modes to choose from is the trademark of Quizlet. These study modes are Flashcards, Learn, Write, Spell, and Test. Each study sets can help you develop different language skills like vocabulary, speaking, listening, and reading. Here’s brief information on what each study sets can do:

  • Flashcards – tests your knowledge of the terms and definitions
  • Learn – create and personalize your study plan
  • Write – measure your knowledge about your study material
  • Spell – lets you type what you hear
  • Test – evaluate your overall learning

Quizlet also has the Live feature where students can play individually or by a team with up to 4 members. This is a really nice feature that can promote collaboration and cooperation among students or learners. In language learning, you can use Quizlet Live not just for vocabulary learning but also for language exchange.


The Explanations feature will help you find lessons not just about languages but in different subjects as well. But beware because there are lessons that are not verified so, make sure to check if the lesson you are learning has a green check badge that indicates it has been verified.


This Quizlet feature helps learner create their own study sets based on their desired lesson. Although there are pre-made study sets, personalizing your own study sets will make you more comfortable while learning.


After learning about Quizlet, let’s now proceed to Mondly. To begin with, Mondly has beginner, intermediate and, advanced levels. This will determine the words and phrases and language skills that you should learn. But, these levels don’t have a concrete barrier between each other.

The awards of Mondly that were mentioned above surely elevate your expectations for this app. So, let’s try to learn what you can do with Mondly.

Daily Lessons

The “Daily Lesson” feature allows you to learn short but meaningful lessons. You can learn from your native language or choose another language to learn from. What’s interesting about this is that it uses different media like images and audio, which is really essential when you learn languages. After each lesson, there’s a recap of what you have learned to ensure retention.

Different Learning Activities.

First is vocabulary learning activities where you have to match pictures with the word. Next is the translation activities, which lets you translate words, phrases, and sentences from your native language to your target language or vice versa. The third is the word order activities, where you have to put the words together to form a sentence. Sometimes, you can also see highlighted words which you can click for explanations and grammar tips.


Mondly also has a dialogue section where you can be part of the dialogue by using speech recognition technology with playback speed. This is a really good feature because you can practice your speaking skills and you can actually practice the language you are learning in a dialogue. In learning a new language, we all know that the main goal is to actually use what we have learned in conversations. So, conversational lessons like what Mondly has are very useful.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Aside from language programs, Mondly also has Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, making them unique compared to other language learning apps. Imagine being in the actual setting where you can use what you have learned, like in a taxi, restaurant, and hotel. How amazing is that? You can do this with Mondly Virtual Reality. Mondly is also capable of building a world with your own where you can interact, discover, and explore through Augmented Reality. While you interact with your new world, you can also learn languages which I think is pretty fun. From this, we can say that Mondly really takes its app to the next level.

Mondly For Business

If you own an international company and want your employees to learn a new language that they can use in business, this is perfect for you.

Mondly For Kids

Kids love games. What if I tell you they can play while they learn at the same time? Mondly For Kids can do the magic for you.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition is a learning approach used by language learning apps. With spaced repetition, lessons are retaken at increasing time intervals.

This might be not very pleasant at first because the questions look like it’s only repeating, but it actually helps your retention of what you have learned from short-term memory to long-term memory.

For example, in language learning, all the new words or phrases you have learned will appear again after 2 minutes, then the next appearance will be after 5 minutes, and so on.

Going back to our topic Quizlet vs Mondly, I will say that Mondly has this advantage. Quizlet was initially launched with spaced repetition system but not anymore.


Learning while having fun keeps learners motivated and engaged. In Quizlet vs Mondly, fortunately, both apps use gamification.

Quizlet has the Match and Gravity feature, but these games only help you build your vocabulary. It doesn’t help you develop other language skills.

Mondly, on the other hand, uses points and winning streaks to reward your progress. The sense of accomplishment will keep you motivated and eager to learn more.


Language learners have different ways to access courses and lessons. Some use computers and laptops, while some use their tablets and mobile phone.

So, between Quizlet vs Mondly, which of these apps are available in different ways?

Luckily, both Quizlet and Mondly can be accessed through the web and mobile. Just click the links found in the previous sentence or search it on the web for the web version. You may search it in the App Store for the mobile app if you’re an iOS user and Play Store if you’re an Android user.


One of the most important things to consider in choosing a language learning app to use is your budget.

Luckily, both apps have free language learning software or free versions, which you can use as a trial. Quizlet has a pretty generous free version compared to Mondly. On Mondly, there are lots of features that are not available in the free version.

But, remember, in comparing the prices of language learning apps, look at the quality of additional features that you can unlock with the paid or premium version. Now, let’s Quizlet vs Mondly in terms of pricing.

Quizlet Plus – $47.88/year ($3.99/month)

With Quizlet Plus, you’ll have access to a lot more additional features.

Mondly Premium – $9.99/ month (1 language only) | $47.99/ year (1 language only) | $47.99/ year (all languages)

Mondly Premium will unlock all the restricted content and features in the free version. Although trying the free version is already fulfilling, there’s nothing wrong with paying your way to learn a new language.


Final Thoughts

What a long journey of discovering and comparing Quizlet vs Mondly. Let’s have a recap of what we have discussed:

Quizlet Pros and Cons

Just like what is mentioned earlier, Quizlet doesn’t focus anymore on language learning as it covers other subjects as well. So, it is just fair not to compare this app to other language apps like Rosetta Stone, Babbel, and Duolingo. Quizlet has gone too far from where it initially started. It may have dropped a lot of essential features like spaced repetition, which is essential for language learning, but they made sure to improve in other aspects.

minimalist designcan be a little boring for some users
variety of study sets available aside from languagessome study sets are not verified
has pre-made study sets for different languagesnot solely for language learning
has gamification featurethe two games do not develop other language skills
has a lot of study modes good for vocabulary buildingno spaced repetition
affordable; generous free versionthe features you’ll get will not develop other language skills totally since it’s no longer solely for language learning
Quizlet VS Mondly | Pros And Cons Of Quizlet
Quizlet VS Mondly

Mondly Pros – Cons

Being a multi-awarded and highly-rated app, it’s no doubt that Mondly can really give you a meaningful and engaging language learning experience. They have really developed their technology which is a pretty nice move to attract more users and keep them engaged. Continuous research and improvement for the quality content, especially for uncommon languages, should be conducted.

creative designs, graphics, and animationscan be overwhelming to some
varied lessons activities for language learninguncommon languages do not have explanations
has gamification featuredo not have redemption for mistakes
uses spaced repetition; recaps also what you have learnedno clear differentiation between levels
reasonable pricinglimitation for only one language (although there’s a choice for all languages)
Quizlet VS Mondly | Pros And Cons Of Mondly


Learn Your Target Language With Ling

If Quizlet and Mondly aren’t your cups of tea, there’s nothing wrong with exploring other language learning apps. Ling App might be the answer to your needs. With millions of users and 4.7 ratings both in the App Store and Play Store, Ling App can definitely be your language learning buddy.

Ling App is backed with linguistic research, which helps you achieve language proficiency and fluency in a short period of time. It also has a number of languages to learn, like you are just playing a game. This app also uses spaced repetition, images, and audio recordings from native speakers to support your learning.

There’s nothing wrong with widening your horizons. Learning languages with Ling App is simple yet effective!

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