No Latvian On Babbel: Try The #1 Best Alternative

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Having no Latvian on Babbel shouldn’t deter you from learning a new language. I’m here to tell you that you’re missing out on a fantastic option—the Ling app—that you can download right this second!

Learning a new language is an exciting and gratifying adventure. And your language study platform can greatly influence your linguistic journey. As I mentioned, don’t give up hope just because Babbel doesn’t offer your target language course. The popular language-learning app like Babbel does not yet provide Latvian lessons, but it might plan to do so. Well, are you going to wait until then? 

This in-depth blog post will cover where Latvian is spoken, how difficult it is to learn Latvian, what I thought of the Babbel app, and how I found Ling a better option for learning Latvian!

The Latvian Language Overview

Okay, as Latvian language learners, it’s always helpful to have a deeper understanding of the language we’re learning, right?

Where Is Latvian Spoken?

Latvian is the official language of Latvia—Europe’s northernmost country. It’s part of Indo European language family, a Baltic language closely related to Lithuanian.

Over 1.3 million people speak the Latvian language. Although most Latvian speakers are found inside Latvia’s borders, you can also find Latvian native speakers in countries like Lithuania, Estonia, and Russia. It’s important to recognize the role that the Latvian diaspora in other nations serves in ensuring the survival of the Latvian language.

Is It Difficult To Learn Latvian?

As previously noted, Latvian has several related languages, like many other Baltic languages. Learning the Latvian script is a snap for native English speakers because relearning the alphabet is unnecessary. On the other hand, Latvian’s unique grammatical structure and inflectional character may provide some difficulties.

Like other European languages, Latvian has a variety of noun, adjective, and verb forms that vary according to case and gender. Although this may seem difficult at first, the consistent phonetic writing of Latvian makes it easy to pronounce. Learning Latvian is possible for anybody motivated to put in the time and effort required, along with access to the necessary materials.

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Babbel Review

Because of its focus on providing meaningful, real-world language practice, Babbel has quickly become a favorite among language learners. Babbel’s strengths are its focus on practical language use and tailor-made study plans.

However, at present, there is no Latvian language course available on Babbel. Even though it offers only 14 language courses today, Babbel is still a great resource for anyone interested in learning languages other than Latvian.

Why Is There No Latvian On Babbel?

While you may wonder about the absence of Latvian, rest assured that every decision is carefully crafted to meet the needs of our discerning learners. Factors such as market demand may be taken into account. As mentioned earlier, although Latvian is one of the Indo-European languages and is part of the Baltic language family, only 1.3 million people speak Latvian, which is pretty low.

At Babbel, they strive to provide an unparalleled language learning experience, and I believe they try to continue to expand their linguistic offerings.

Well, don’t stop here. Let’s uncover the thrilling world of language learning, where even the most daunting challenges become mere hurdles to mastering Latvian. Embrace the challenge and open yourself up to numerous alternative paths that await, each packed with endless possibilities!

Use The Ling App To Learn Latvian!

I’m introducing the ultimate solution to completely transform your journey to mastering Latvian in record time!

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The Ling App

Unlock a world of linguistic mastery with Ling! Immerse yourself in expertly created lessons, take advantage of the power of vocabulary expansion tools, and engage in captivating engaging activities. Experience the ultimate language learning journey that will elevate your skills to new heights.

Maximize the secrets of Latvian fluency with Ling’s personalized language scheme. Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your skills to the next level, its tailored approach guarantees that you’ll make steady progress while staying inspired and fully immersed in the learning process.

Want to speak Latvian and make it to be your other native language? So, without further ado, here’s what you’ll receive after downloading the Ling app!


  • Collection of 200 engaging lessons at your fingertips.
  • Unlock the secrets of flawless grammar with our comprehensive collection of examples and expert notes.
  • Discover a captivating collection of memory-training games and activities within the app
  • Maximize the perfect Bengali pronunciation with our exclusive audio lessons, expertly crafted by a native speaker.
  • Give your chatbot the ultimate real-world experience


With some great beginner lessons, you can start learning with Ling at no cost. In addition, monthly memberships are available for $8.99. However, if you’re ready to commit for an entire year, the yearly membership is only $79.99. Along with the annual plan, Ling offers a free seven-day trial. Long-term members can purchase a $149.99-lifetime membership.

What Are You Waiting For?

Discover the thrilling world of language learning, where limitless possibilities await! While it’s true that Latvian may not be available on Babbel, fear not, for this mere obstacle is but a beginning on your path to linguistic mastery. Embrace the challenge and unlock a world of boundless opportunities that lie before you!

Learn Latvian Online With Ling Now!

Say goodbye to wasting precious time searching for the perfect app to master the Latvian language. Here, discover the unparalleled power of Ling, the definitive solution for effortlessly mastering the unique Latvian language. Experience the extraordinary journey to linguistic excellence with Ling as your trusted companion. Unlock the possibilities and make your dreams of mastering languages incredibly attainable!

Most Latvian learners chose the Ling app for their language journey, so why not join them? Download Ling from App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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