Memrise Vs Lingvist – An Honest Review For 2022

In the past ten years, language applications have become more and more popular, and for genuine reasons. The benefits of online language education are obvious-they are convenient, affordable, and easy to use. But, of course, language applications have several disadvantages. For example, no app can make you fluent and flawless, but it should be the beginning to make you near the fluent. In this article, we will know about Memrise vs Lingvist language learning apps.


Language Learning Apps Review: Memrise Vs Lingvist


Learn a second or new language through games, over 30,000 native-speaking videos, and humorous chatbots. Essentially, Memrise is a flashcard application. In the oldest classic form, this is a piece of paper with a word or phrase in the target language written on one side and a translation on the other side. It mainly focuses on learning languages online. However, you can also use the app to memorize and practice words in other subjects and fields.

To sum up, this is a vocabulary learning tool; Memrise has perfected it with modern technology.

Languages Selection

Officially there are currently 21 languages Memrise courses.

Memrise has content for both speakers of other languages and English speakers. These are the most popular language-learning courses for English speakers: Danish, Chinese (simplified), Arabic, French, Dutch, Japanese, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Turkish, and Spanish (Mexican and European).

Pros And Cons


  • Powerful language learning content suitable for beginners.
  • More than just learning of flashcards.
  • Good options in settings for customization.
  • High-quality


  • Ensure the quality of user-generated content.
  • Not suitable for advanced learners
  • Memrise only focuses on vocabulary


For the Memrise full version, here are subscription prices:

$139.99lifetime subscription

Free Vs Paid Version

There is no cost at all to set up a Memrise account. You can use the app to learn vocabulary and characters in different languages and essential phrases and sentences. In addition, you can learn more than just languages with Memrise, such as mathematics, history, science, geography, and other subjects.

Professional users use chatbots to help them learn through conversations, adaptive technology, native speaker videos, and statistics showing your amount of study and study time. Also, Pro users have access to challenging vocabulary exercises, which means that exercises can help you deal with vocabulary that you made mistakes in Memrise before.


Lingvist is a language learning resource that uses interval repetitions and flashcards to help you build a new language vocabulary. There are five language courses for English speakers, some of which have additional challenge sections, including additional reading, speaking, grammar, and listening exercises. As a result, Lingvist is simple to use and most effective for beginners or intermediate learners. In addition, Lingvist offers four types of challenges: speaking, listening, reading, and grammar.

Lingvist will help you take your target language skills to the next level through a wide range of exercises and course options.

Language Selection

Lingvist relatively offers less choice. Learning Spanish (Latin European or American), French, Russian, Portuguese, and German is possible as an English language speaker. Since developers of the Lingvist app are from Estonia, there is a mini-course also in Estonian.

Pros And Cons


  • Effective learning with spaced repetition and flashcards.
  • Learn direct vocabulary in the context
  • Automatically adjusts to user language level
  • Vocabulary is taught according to its frequency in a targeted language
  • Gives a notable amount of helpful statistics


  • Few languages are available
  • It becomes monotonous over time.
  • Little attention was given to grammar


For the Memrise full version, here are the prices for subscribing:

$39.99pay per 3 months

Lingvist language learning app offers a free trial with unlimited access to its functions. After the trial and free version, you will find a paywall where you can choose from three regular subscription plans. Subscribing to Lingvist Unlimited gives you access to all the program’s language courses and features available in all languages.


Lingvist VS Memrise – Which App Is Better?

When comparing Memrise vs Lingvist, most commenters in the Slant community recommend Memrise for most people. In the question “Which is the best app to learn a foreign language?” Memrise language learning app ranked first, whereas Lingvist ranked fifth. The biggest reasons people choose Memrise is:

Memrise uses “mems” to increase vocabulary, which connects words to their meaning. A typical example is associating words with images. Mnemonics are another method they use to help you remember new words.

Reviewers View

  • Reviewers believe that Memrise can better meet their business needs than Lingvist.
  • When comparing the quality of ongoing product support, reviewers believe that Memrise is the first choice.
  • When evaluating product directions, Lingvist vs Memrise received similar comments from reviewers.

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Final Thoughts On The Review Of Memrise VS Lingvist

The Memrise learning app is rich in content and is helpful for almost anyone who wants to know and learn a basic vocabulary in a new language. Lingvist is indeed a reliable learning platform that can reward regular learners with good grades. Its smart flashcard system can cater to users of all levels and adjust according to their existing knowledge. It is one of the best systems we have encountered. So this was our review about Memrise vs Lingvist.

So this was our review about Memrise vs Lingvist; however, we would say you should also look for alternatives, like Simya SolutionsLing app. The Ling app currently offers more than 60 languages; learning any target language with Ling is fun and effective.

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