Looking For Early Black Friday Deals? Ling Brings You A Solid 50!

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Hey language lovers! Ever started learning a new language but got stuck at Sawasdee or Kumusta? Well, Black Friday deals on language learning platforms are here to change that.

Don’t believe me? Well, just last year, I stumbled upon an early sale and, voilà, my Thai went from ka, prod (yes, please) to mee khwam-sa-mart (to be capable) in months! Language learning platforms like the Ling app complement your learning journey beautifully. And if you are merely a casual learner, you don’t even need anything beyond these engaging and fun apps to learn a language at your own pace.

And events like the Black Friday sale are the perfect opportunity to bag great, new deals. Whether it’s your mom looking for holiday decor or you looking for the lowest prices on language podcast subscriptions, who doesn’t covet a happy pocket?

Holiday Shopping Season: What To Expect

The first and foremost thing to do is to keep an eye on popular sites like Ling, Duolingo, Babbel, Rosetta Stone, and so on. They often offer early sales and exclusive deals, making it the perfect time to start planning your language journey. Expect everything from discounted subscriptions to free trial extensions.

For instance, the Ling app has come up with a dream-deal this Black Friday. Ling is offering its yearly subscription of $119.99 at a flat 50% discount! Now, don’t tell me it isn’t a steal! Go, check out this eye-popping offer for the Black Friday 2023 event on the Ling website. Just click on “Buy Now”, add your card details and pay only $59.99 to get your Ling yearly subscription – a massive 50% off on 60+ language courses offered by Ling.

After all, with Ling, you ‘learn more, spend less’. And the best part? The Ling offer lasts till November 29th, 2023!

The Best Black Friday Deals For Language Learning

As we enter the Black Friday frenzy, expect language learning platforms to roll out their best Black Friday deals. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to master a new language, this is your chance to get premium access without breaking the bank.

Discounts On Popular Platforms

These platforms offer more than just lessons. In fact, these are gateways to new cultures and opportunities. As I shared earlier, last year after grabbing a deal on an immersive Thai course, I ended up virtually exploring the streets of Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai – talk about a digital adventure!

Tech Gadgets & Tools For Language Learners

Don’t forget the gadgets that make learning easier. Smart home devices with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa can be great language buddies, helping you practice pronunciation and listening skills. Why not keep a lookout for them at Amazon’s Black Friday sale?

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Language Learning For All Ages

Language learning platforms often have Black Friday sales too. These apps can be your daily companion, perfect for squeezing in a lesson or two during coffee breaks.

Deals On Kids & Adult Courses

Whether you’re looking for fun interactive courses for kids or comprehensive programs for adults, Black Friday has something for everyone. My 12-year-old nephew received a subscription to a Spanish course designed for kids, on his birthday last year, by his language coach. Today, he doesn’t allow me to turn on the Spanish subtitles during our Netflix binges!

Fun Learning For Kids

For even younger kids, these language courses are often packed with games and stories, making learning a delightful experience. And for us adults, there are plenty of options that fit our busy schedules and learning styles. Whether it is Duolingo’s short and crisp lessons or Ling’s AI chatbot for practicing conversations, you are guaranteed an engaging experience without a dull moment!

Beyond The Basics

You hear Black Friday and your mind races in every direction – home improvement, home decor, kitchen appliances, kitchen essentials, smart TV, and whatnot, offered by major retailers!

Who would have thought that you would also see Black Friday sales on a language learning website?

Specialized Software & Tutors

Imagine chatting with a native speaker or digging deeper into grammar – these advanced tools make it possible, and Black Friday makes it affordable.

Deals On Language Books & Resources

Language learning isn’t just about apps and courses. It’s also about enriching your library with books and online resources. Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on these. In fact, from grammar guides to bilingual novels, these resources can significantly enhance your learning experience. They also make great gifts for fellow language enthusiasts!

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Why The Craze Behind Black Friday?

Black Friday deals have evolved into a global sensation. They have kick-started a festive shopping frenzy with unmatched enthusiasm and expectation.

Initially rooted in America as a post-Thanksgiving ritual, this shopping spree has taken the world by storm, representing a day filled with unbeatable offers and significant markdowns.

But it’s more than just grabbing deals. It transforms into an exhilarating retail quest where going after top bargains becomes a shared experience. I would say it is like its own celebratory, festival-like occasion.

Shops, both offline and online, roll out tempting discounts on everything from cutting-edge electronics to language courses, making high-end items and typically pricey buys more attainable for many.

Its widespread charm has made Black Friday a much-anticipated celebration. This has further blended the pleasure of saving with the thrill of deal discovery, sparking a shopping excitement that enthralls shoppers globally.

Tips For Choosing The Right Deals

Now, before you jump on a deal, consider your learning style. Do you prefer interactive lessons, or are you more of a book learner? Choose a deal that aligns with your preferences and learning goals.

Get Discounts On Advanced Language Learning Tools

For those looking to go beyond basic proficiency, look out for deals on advanced tools. These might include specialized software or access to private tutors.

Match Your Learning Style With The Right Platform

Remember, the best deal is the one that gets you excited to learn and explore a new language. For instance, the in-app purchase within the Ling app allows its users to get a yearly subscription at $59.99 instead of $119.99! This gives you access to all the advanced lessons and grammar tips at one go so that you can jump ahead in the learning journey according to your proficiency level.

And yes, don’t forget to mark your calendars for this in-app purchase offer: November 24th to November 30th. Download the Ling app on the App Store or Play Store and wait for the clock to tick faster!

This Black Friday, let’s turn those language-learning dreams into reality!

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