6 Best Apps For Learning Thai For Kids To Master It Easily

Best Apps For Learning Thai for Kids- Featured Ling App

Are you on the hunt for the best apps for learning Thai for kids? Well, today’s your lucky day because we’ve got you! Forget about trying to find expensive tutors online and save yourself some time and money by trying these apps today!

One thing that you need to know once you introduce the Thai language to your kids is that it’s not an easy road. If your young learner speaks other foreign languages or simply English, you have to expect that there will be challenges along the way due to the language barrier. You also have to remember that the Thai language is tonal, and the Thai alphabet is very different from the English one.

Nonetheless, just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to teach Thai to kids. In the modern age, you won’t need expensive Thai tutors as long as you have enough time to help your kid learn and the right app to aid you. Here we’ve gathered the best apps to help kids learn Thai without making them cry a bucket!

Why Learn Thai?

There are plenty of reasons why some people want their children to learn the Thai language; most are likely because they’re bilingual or they’re moving to the country. However, did you know that mastering this lexicon has other benefits?

It turns out that more than 60 million people speak this language, and learning it allows your kid to connect with other races. While exposing your child to other cultures at an early age is a beneficial method to create bonds, it’s also a good way to prepare for their future. Who knows? They might find a great job that they’ll love in Thailand once they grow up! The list of advantages goes on, and to ensure that they’re getting proper lessons, here are the apps we recommend!

AppPrices Start AtBest For
DuoCards$39.99 (Premium Plan)
$66 (Family Plan)
Expanding Vocabulary
Tobo Thai$6.49/3 months.Learning Conversational Phrases
Drops$8.5/monthLearning Essential Phrases And Words
KengThai$16.99 (One-Time Payment)Enhancing Writing Skills
LingoDeer$14.99/monthLearning Thai Grammar
Ling$8.99/monthEnhancing Speaking Skills

Best Apps For Learning Thai For Kids

Learning begins with the basics of the Thai language, like the alphabet or basic words and phrases. A few mini-tricks that you can use to teach them would be using flashcards or watching videos. However, kids can be quite picky sometimes, and in some cases, you might not have the time to make physical cards to help you. But thanks to modernization, there are now apps to learn Thai easily! Below are the applications we recommend for kids.

Best Apps For Learning Thai for Kids (DuoCards)- Ling App

1. DuoCards

Have you met Memo? He’s the mascot on DuoCards that acts like your child’s buddy during their breaks! The app has plenty of features that can help your kid learn the language easily. It specializes in teaching kids basic Thai words and phrases by using virtual flashcards.

Upon opening it, you’ll find Memo waiting for you. It gives you tasks to help you keep your learning progress on track and also help your friend get home, alongside some other add-ons! Once you complete some lessons, you’ll get a flame in return. This token is also the key to upgrading Memo’s surroundings. Additionally, there are video recommendations connected to YouTube to help learners understand the language better.


  • Easy-To-Use
  • Plenty of Interactive features
  • Learn basic Thai vocabulary.


  • Contains Ads.
Best Apps For Learning Thai for Kids (Tobo)- Ling App

2. Tobo Thai

What’s great about Tobo Thai is that you can learn different words any time you want, but when it comes to learning daily phrases, you have to earn certain points first. The app has 70 categories containing 50 words each, your child may choose whichever section they want. Plus, for every five words they learn, they have a choice whether to practice them or not. The game specifically uses flashcards too, but it also uses multiple choice to test your knowledge.


  • Interactive quiz games.
  • Straightforward Learning Style
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Helps learn conversational phrases.


  • Contains Ads
Best Apps For Learning Thai for Kids (Drops)- Ling App

3. Drops

If you want to expand your kids’ knowledge with new and relevant vocabulary, Drops is your go-to app. It’s a simple yet handy app that utilizes both the visual and auditory senses of learners. The game’s pretty simple since they only need to match the word with the photo and vice versa. So, your kid won’t find it confusing, but it could be a little boring for advanced learners.

Additionally, you can also review previous lessons if you want to refresh your knowledge of certain words. It also has different review tools like Review Dojo, Quiz Mode, and Word Collection. Drops doesn’t just focus on vocabulary, it can also help you and your family learn about essential Thai phrases.


  • Easy-To-Use.
  • Wide-Range Vocabulary.


  • Contains Ads.
  • Limited screen time for the free version.
Best Apps For Learning Thai for Kids (KengThai)- Ling App

4. KengThai

It’s no joke that the Thai script is also confusing for adults, so to enhance one’s writing skills, it’s best to start at an early age. With KengThai, practicing writing letters in Thai becomes easy. It’s like a virtual writing book, but it saves you some paper!

Moreover, the app isn’t limited to this feature, it has mini-games that broaden every learner’s Thai knowledge and even enhance their vocabulary. This app also introduces every Thai consonant and vowel, making it easier for young students to identify the differences among them.


  • Offers a variety of interactive games.
  • Helps in learning Thai writing.
  • Fun and colorful.
  • Cheap.


  • Lack of lessons regarding Thai grammar and sentence structure.
Lingodeer logo

5. LingoDeer

Aside from wanting them to learn Thai vocabulary, it’s also essential for them to understand the grammatical elements and sentence structure of the Thai language. With LingoDeer, your children will be easily exposed to this as their language-learning journey introduces these lessons head-on.

Plus, one thing that you’d appreciate about this app is that you can’t skip any lesson. You have to finish the first one before heading to the next session. So, this prevents you from missing boring but important parts of this foreign language.


  • Wide-Range Thai Lessons.
  • Easy-To-Use.
  • Teaches grammar.
  • Enhances listening skills.


  • Expensive.
  • Contains Ads.
Ling App for learning languages for kids

6. Ling: Learn Languages

This Thai language app is one of the best you can use if you want to reinforce your child’s speaking skills. Aside from introducing basic Thai words, they may also learn conversational Thai phrases as they advance their learning process. It also teaches learners the correct Thai sentence structure and grammar, just like LingoDeer.

Moreover, what makes this app stand out the most is its powerful voice recognition technology. With this feature, your child can easily learn how to speak Thai fluently, like native speakers. Upon repeating the sentence the voice actress says, your tone would be evaluated and rated to see if you still need practice or if you’ve said things perfectly.


  • Easy-To-Use.
  • Wide-Range Lessons (Only for the paid version).
  • Helpful in improving speaking skills.
  • Cheap.
  • Ad-FREE.


  • Limited lessons for the free version.

Which Thai Language Learning App Should You Pick?

It must be hard to pick among these wonderful Thai apps, but before determining which one’s the best, it’s important to note that your goal matters here. If you want your children to master writing Thai scripts, then KengThai is best suited for this job. If you want them to learn more about grammar, choosing LingoDeer would be perfect. Lastly, if you want to improve their conversational skills, then Ling is your Pokemon here.

You see, the decision is yours since it really depends on your objective. Nonetheless, if Ling has captured your heart’s best interest; here are the things you need to know! It offers more than 60 languages, and it also has plenty of exercises and quizzes that kids would love. Want to start the journey with us? Download Ling now on Play Store and App Store for FREE!

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