6 Online Platforms Where You Can Find The Best Thai Tutors

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Recently, Thailand has become a popular choice among digital nomads who work remotely. Did you know that the country is home to 4 million expats from around the globe, which make up 5% of the total population?

What all expats have in common is that they want to learn the Thai language to show respect and accommodate themselves in the Thai culture. Some prefer using language learning apps to learn Thai, while others believe they learn better with the help of a native Thai tutor. If you’re in the second group, this blog post is for you! We’ve prepared a list of online platforms where you can find the best Thai tutors!

Quick Summary:

Our Top Picks for Platforms to find Thai tutors
Best For
Linv Live logo Ling app review learn Thai with tutors

Ling Live

  • Interactive learning with mini-games
  • Chatbot to practice real-life conversations
  • Finger tracing technology to practice writing
Italki logo image - Ling review widget


  • Practice with language exchange partners
  • Join group classes
  • Try the first lesson with a discount
Amazing Talker app logo

Amazing Talker

  • Gamified learning
  • Common daily-life words
  • Practice useful conversations

1. Ling Live – Find The Best Thai Tutors For Affordable Rates

Ling Live, Ling’s sister app, is an online platform that brings language learners and tutors together. Thai tutors are divided into two categories, community tutors and professional Thai tutors who have been teaching Thai to foreigners. Unlike some other tutoring platforms, Ling Live gives training to all the new tutors, whether they are community tutors or professional teachers.

Once you log in to the app, you will see a list of Thai tutors to choose from. These tutors also work on the Ling app‘s content, so you know you’ll be in good hands! You can see their basic info, such as a video introduction, bio, languages they speak, and their rates. After you select a tutor, you should pick a lesson topic ranging from the Thai alphabet and greetings to prepositions and much more.

During regular Thai lessons, your tutor will touch upon new vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar topics. As with any other tutoring platform, you are free to select the date and time of your lessons. Lessons are conducted 1-on-1 via mostly Zoom unless you prefer other alternatives like Skype and FaceTime.

Download Ling Live from the App Store or Play Store for free!

Devices: Available on mobile only.

Best Features

  • The Thai language is one of the focus languages of the platform.
  • A free trial lesson is given to new users.
  • Ling Live gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your trial lesson, you are granted another free lesson.


  • Pricing varies between $8 and $30 per lesson based on the experience and quality of the tutor.
Ling Live-best Thai tutors-Ling

2. Italki – Find Thai Tutors And Language Exchange Partners

Italki is a popular online tutoring platform for language learners. Once you log in, you can start searching for Thai tutors by filtering them based on rates, country, other languages, etc. Sounds like any other tutoring platform so far, yes? But Italki offers you more than just tutors.

Italki has a community of language learners from around the world. There is a social feed where you can do some interactive activities, share your thoughts on a given topic, and more. You can follow other learners and chat with them by texting. It provides a safe environment for language exchange with a Thai native speaker, and you don’t need to pay anything to use the community feature.

Devices: Available on both mobile and desktop.

Best Features

  • Italki also provides a community for language learners to connect and get to know other cultures.
  • You can join group classes rather than 1-on-1 lessons.
  • It offers a discount for your first trial lesson.


  • Pricing varies based on the tutor starting from $5 per lesson.
Italki-best Thai tutors-Ling

3. Amazing Talker – Find The Best Thai Tutors Quickly

Amazing Talker is another platform where you can find an online Thai tutor. After you log into the platform, you select a Thai tutor, pick a suitable date and time, and you’re good to go.

If you can’t decide which tutor meets your needs, Amazing Talker can help you with that! All you have to do is complete a quick questionnaire about your language goals and needs. Then, they recommend the best Thai tutors based on your specific learning needs. Also, before starting your lesson, you should pick a lesson type such as Thai for travel, basic Thai, or business Thai.

Devices: Available on both mobile and desktop.

Best Features

  • The tutor matching system helps you find the best tutors for your needs by asking you specific questions.
  • Amazing Talker prefers tutor quality over quantity. Hence, they have a strict application process for tutors.
  • You can also find tutors for other categories, such as K12 Education, academics, music, sports, and lifestyle.


  • Pricing varies between $10 and $30 per lesson based on the experience and quality of the tutor.
Amazing Talker-best Thai tutors-Ling

4. Tutoroo – Find Thai Tutors In Your Location

Tutoroo is another online language tutoring platform. This platform is home to language tutors only. Their website has a very simple and plain design, so you don’t get distracted. The process is the same: you select your target language, location (if you want to have face-to-face lessons), gender of the tutor, and rates.

Unlike other language tutoring platforms, Tutoroo doesn’t give you the option to choose a lesson type or topic before your lesson. Another con is that tutors don’t have video introductions on their profiles. I think it’s a must for this kind of online tutoring platform because students may want to have an idea of their attitude, accent, and teaching style before booking a lesson.

Devices: Available on desktop only.

Best Features

  • You can find Thai tutors in your location.
  • You can have online or face-to-face lessons.
  • Tutoroo’s interface is super simple and easy to use.


  • Pricing varies based on the location and popularity of the tutor.
Tutoroo-best Thai tutors-Ling

5. LanguaTalk – Find Native Thai Tutors Only

LanguaTalk is a language-learning start-up founded in 2021. It’s relatively new in the field, but it has already made a name.

Currently, there are only six Thai tutors available on the platform. However, they are all native Thai speakers and qualified tutors with experience. Tutors on LanguaTalk are encouraged to use videos and podcasts in their lessons to focus on conversational language skills. When you book a lesson, a quick form pops up where you’re supposed to tell your tutor what you need to improve and why you are learning this language. I think this is crucial for getting the most out of a language lesson for both the learner and the tutor.

Devices: Available on desktop only.

Best Features

  • LanguaTalk provides speaking and listening practice to develop your conversational skills.
  • You can book 1-on-1 lessons personalized to your needs.
  • High-quality professional language tutors.


  • Pricing varies between $13 and $20 per hour based on the tutor.
LanguaTalk-best Thai tutors-Ling

6. Preply – Find Thai Tutors Easily

Preply is another alternative for finding Thai tutors online. The tutor-finding system is the same as any other platform. You select your target language, learning goal, and suitable date and hour for the lesson. What makes Preply different is that it offers a free language proficiency test. It’s not compulsory, but it’s encouraged if you think you’re above beginner.

However, I want you to know that Preply is a platform with many negative reviews from both tutors and learners. For tutors, it’s said that the commission fees are too high, and students have reported tutors not showing up to the lessons, and what’s worse, they couldn’t get a refund. However, some learners are satisfied with this platform as well. So, choose wisely!

Best Features

  • Flexible lesson calendars.
  • A generous learning material library.
  • Preply Class functions such as screen and document sharing.


  • Pricing varies based on the tutor starting from $5 per lesson.
Preply-best Thai tutors-Ling

Why Should You Learn Thai With A Tutor?

Some people may think of language tutoring as an old-fashioned method for learning a foreign language. However, a private Thai tutor can really contribute to your learning. Although I’m a big advocate for language apps, language tutors have many benefits as well.

A tutor teaches you how to learn: Language learning is a big endeavor. You may not know where to start learning Thai or how to improve all language skills. A Thai tutor can guide you through all the steps of language learning to become proficient. They plan everything related to your learning process for you. They also advise about how to learn Thai effectively and which methods would work best for your needs.

Tutoring makes you feel accountable for learning: One of the most important and equally challenging parts of language learning is consistency. You can achieve your language goal only if you are disciplined and take it seriously. When you’re on your own, it’s more difficult to keep yourself accountable for learning. Who is gonna know when you skip studying for a week? A private Thai tutor can make you feel accountable by giving you homework and assessing your progress.

A tutor gives you quick feedback: Feedback is crucial for learning from your mistakes, and your tutor, who is a native Thai speaker, can give you instant feedback to correct your pronunciation when you speak Thai. If you are confused about a grammar topic, they can also give you a comprehensive lesson on it.

I understand that you’re considering a lot of things before you book a lesson from a private Thai teacher. First of all, the online platform you use must be reliable and reputable. Nobody wants to deal with no refund policies, tutors not showing up to online lessons, etc. These kinds of things happen in the world of online teaching. That’s why we prepared this blog post and mentioned only the best of the best platforms for learning Thai.

Build A Strong Thai Foundation With Ling Before Hiring A Tutor!

If you are a complete beginner with zero knowledge of the Thai language, I strongly advise you to build your foundation with self-studying before you hire a tutor. This way, your private lessons will be more efficient, and you will progress faster. The Ling app is the perfect app to build your Thai skills from zero to the advanced level!

With the Ling app, you can learn the Thai alphabet including how to write and pronounce the Thai script, acquire conversational skills, topical vocabulary, and even grammar tips!

Download Ling from the App Store or Play Store and start learning Thai for free!

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