The 5 Best Apps For Learning Thai

As we have always said here, apps are one of the best ways to get some learning whenever you have some downtime. The accessibility and convenience make them perfect for those 10-minute sessions while you are in the waiting room at the dentist or commuting to work. 

Language learning is all about consistency, which is why we have put together the 5 best apps for learning Thai to not only give you a fighting chance at succeeding but also provide different options based on what you are learning. If you are searching for your new favorite language learning app, then you have come to the right place.

1. Ling

It should be no surprise that Ling is at the top of the list of the best apps for learning Thai. The name itself, after all, means monkey in Thai. It is best described as the all-rounder of language learning, offering learning across multiple topics, tests, review features, and more. It covers not only vocabulary but grammar, writing, and speaking too with a gamification spin that makes the learning process that bit more interesting.

A number of different features have been implemented in the app that leverage language learning science to help you learn Thai. There are several tests and quizzes of different formats that will help you review previous lessons and keep things from getting stale by looking at the language from different perspectives.

The ChatBot is another important feature that walks you through realistic daily conversations in Thai, extensively covering the grammatical elements such as word order and more that would typically not be seen in basic vocabulary lists. 

For what it is worth, Ling offers more than 50 different languages, so if you are looking for something other than a Thai language app, you have plenty of other languages to choose from.

2. Vocly

Sometimes, you may have a firm grasp of the basic grammar of a language and are looking to move on by building up your vocabulary. For situations like this, Vocly is your best bet.

The Vocly app was designed specifically to help you learn new and relevant vocabulary. It is something you can visit quickly every day to help memorize new words, their meanings, and their pronunciation. It enables you to achieve this thanks to a variety of techniques that are available. Reminders are a major addition that does just that – remind you to focus and keep up the good work.

There are 100 different topics to choose from which helps you find the words you need to know for specific topics and situations. Planning to stop by a restaurant in Thailand? Learn the vocabulary necessary to order food in Thai. Of course, there are a few mini-games thrown in to make it a bit more fun to study Thai.

You can never go wrong learning new words in your target language, so even if you can only set aside a few minutes every day or so, you will still be growing and learning useful skills.

Check out what people are saying about Vocly app.

3. Write Me

Amongst these 5 best apps for learning Thai, Write Me is the one with the most descriptive name. Yes, as the name may suggest, it focuses on the writing element of languages. So what does this mean?

The app helps people learn the basics and the intricacies of writing letters and characters in different alphabets. For example, learning to write Thai can be very daunting at first, but using Write Me, you will be walked through writing each and every Thai consonant and vowel stroke by stroke. The pronunciation will also be covered in the app thanks to the inclusion of transcriptions for each and every character.

Through the use of the grid, arrows, and other guides, you will be able to see how each character is written practice it yourself as many times as you need right on your phone. If you prefer to watch, the animation feature will show you how it is done.

Of course, there is still some gamification worked in to help you learn. You can also review and track your progress at any time to stay on top of your knowledge. When it comes to writing, Write Me should be your top choice, which is why is amongst the best apps for learning Thai writing.

4. Simply Learn

Looking to travel to Thailand? Simply Learn is the app for you. It is a Thai language travel phrasebook app that brings together all the necessary phrases you would need to travel in Thailand. The app has been intuitively designed for quick navigation to help you find the words you are looking for in each situation. That means search functions and well-defined categorization.

Once again, native speakers are used to providing authentic recordings for the thousands of words that comprise Simply Learn. Whether you are in an emergency or just looking for the bathroom, you will find the right phrases along with audio and transliteration to help you nail the pronunciation and make sure you are understood.

Interactive quiz games make an appearance one more to aid the learning process using the power of spaced repetition to speed up the process. The whole experience is customizable down to the speed of the audio sample and text size. You can save words and phrases to your favorites for easy access, which is especially useful when you know you’ll need to ask about the spiciness of the food often.

All in all, Simply Learn is an evolution of the old travel phrasebook you used to chuck in your bag, all conveniently stored on your mobile.

5. Translate Me

Translate Me is the smart translate app for your phone. It provides instant translations for text and speech to decipher and translate a foreign language into a language you understand. 

Built on powerful voice-recognition technology, Translate Me is able to listen and provide translations for voice and speech. This makes it an ideal travel companion for when your Thai knowledge is failing you. You can also take pictures of the text you want to translate, making it ideal for translating signs and menus when traveling around. It is able to do this quickly too.

The conversation feature lets you write out your conversation with instant translations both ways, breaking down even more barriers and helping you communicate with even more people. Over 100 languages including Thai are supported by the app with sound too, so you can use it almost anywhere you go.

What Do you Think Are The Best Apps For Learning Thai?

If this post does nothing else, I hope at the very least you can see that there are many different options Thai language apps available for you to help you learn. Whether you are building up your vocabulary, learning phrases relevant for travel, practicing your Thai writing skills, or just learning Thai, there is an app perfect for you above. Give them a try for yourself.

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