10 Best Croatian Food That You Must Try Today!

Pan with traditional Croatian Food Peka wiht mixed meat and vegetables

What have you noticed about learning new languages? Countries usually have their own culture when it comes to local delicacies. And with that in mind, you’ll discover that some food-related words do not have an equivalent in the English language. In this article, you will learn more about the best Croatian food you can try out on your next food trip with friends or on your next visit to Croatia!

From Traditional Croatian food that can stimulate your taste buds and boost your appetite to Croatian dishes that just make your mouth water, read on to learn Croatian and their different types of food.

Table with dishes of croatian cuisine

What Is The Traditional Croatian Food?

From commonly served simple dishes like Black Risotto, Croatian desserts, delicious food that is simmered down, and Croatia’s delicious pastry, if these sound tempting to you, continue reading to learn more about Croatian food!

1. Istrian Yota

Known as the country’s national dish, Istrian Yota is a stew made of beans, potatoes, bacon, and sauerkraut. It is popular in the region of Istria, hence the name Istrian Yota. This dish is popular because it is considered to be the national dish of Croatia. It is very appetizing and is filled with so much flavor when you taste it. A reflection of the Croatian culture.

Pan with Croatian Must Try Meal Peka with potatoes

2. Peka

This has got to be one of Croatia’s traditional dishes that boasts the country’s long-lived customs and heritage that make Croatia what it is today. Meat drizzled with olive oil, then topped with your choice of vegetables plus boiled potatoes to give it an extra ‘oomph’ and then slowly cooked to perfection over coals, Peka is a must-try when you visit Croatia.

The meat used for this dish depends on your preference, but usually, and traditionally, Croatians usually use lamb meat as their meat of choice. This is one of the traditional Croatian dishes you should not forget about when visiting Croatia. 

Famous Croatian Dish Black Risotto with Seafood

3. Black Risotto

Another traditional Croatian food, this dish is Croatia’s staple. If you visit Croatia or you have a Croatian restaurant a couple of blocks down your street, and you don’t try this, you’re missing out.

Crni Rižot, another term for Black Risotto, is for all seafood lovers. It is a high-quality dish that is intense in flavor, in the best way possible, made up of cuttlefish with risotto rice and then onions and Mediterranean herbs to taste.

If cuttlefish is not available, substituting it with squid is also okay! It might look intimidating to some, especially because of the squid ink used, but fear not! This aromatic and intense seafood flavor, a Croatian staple, should be a part of your bucket list! And if you are a fan of cooking seafood, the recipe for this Croatian food is the easiest.

Croatian Noodle Dish Fuzi with meat

4. Fuzi

Made with flour and eggs, Fuzi is a type of pasta best known in Istria, one of the regions in Croatia. Very easy to make, so creamy, and has the perfect texture that melts into your mouth, this pasta can be served alongside other dishes. It is made up of white wine, a few herbs, and spices to make it very flavorful and tomato sauce. To some, it might just be a simple dish, but it is considered one of the authentic Croatian foods.

5. Strukli

Originating from the Zagorje region of the country, this dish leans more on the dairy side of ingredients. With cottage cheese as its main ingredient stuffed inside a dough, this traditional Croatian dish is very rich in flavor, making it a unique yet remarkable meal for you. This delectable pasta can be a part of your comfort food! Prepared in various ways, this lasagna-like meal can either be boiled or baked the way that you like it. It can also be paired with meat dishes that fit your liking.

Blond boy eating Fritule dipped in chocolate in the streets of Croatia

6. Fritule

Known to many as Croatian Fritters,  this fried pastry is something you don’t want to miss! Your best go-to for dessert, Fritule is like miniature doughnuts that are a part of Croatia’s tradition.

Coated with powdered sugar, this sweet delicacy is best served with a crunch of perfection outside yet a very soft and warm inside. Fritule are best eaten and are traditionally served during the Christmas season. So if you ever find yourself in Croatia this summer, then you are in for a treat!

7. Gregada

Gregada is one of Croatia’s traditional dishes as well. It is a simple yet appetizing fish stew that originated from the island of Hvar in Croatia. One of the very popular seafood dishes, Gregada is cooked with potatoes and herbs like rosemary. Even if the way this dish is prepared has evolved through time, it is still one of Croatia’s traditional foods that mirror the culturally rich history and heritage, especially in coastal Croatia.

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8. Brudet

Sometimes called Brodet, this is another type of fish stew famous in Croatia. Showcasing the seafood culture of Croatia will definitely stimulate your taste buds and make you full after. One of the many fish dishes, this typical Croatian food is made up of a variety of fish and other types of seafood to make it very flavorful and achieve the best taste for the stew. It is then accompanied by a lot of garlic, basil, and tomatoes to elevate the taste of the meal, which makes people go back for more.

Popular Croatian Dish Pasticada Meat and potatoe in brown sauce

9. Pasticada

If you are looking for slow-cooked Croatian beefy food with a very creamy sauce and a very smooth texture that will make your taste buds happy, then say less. This stewed beef dish is the way to go. Served with homemade pasta most of the time, this Croatian staple is a must, emphasizing the must!

The meat for this dish is marinated for a very long time to let the marinade, made up of olive oil and vinegar or even white wine, really get into the meat to make it very flavorful. It is then seasoned with nutmeg, salt, pepper, and other spices. You may even sprinkle a bit of lemon zest if you’re up for it! This dish which originated from the region of Dalmatia, is not just a staple of the place but even in Croatia.

Cabbage wraps stuffed with meat is a famous dish from Croatia

10. Sarma

You’ll enjoy learning Croatian food vocabulary while learning how to make Sarma. These stuffed cabbage rolls are definitely a crowd favorite! Perfect for big and special occasions, Sarma is very aromatic and tasty because of how it is cooked and prepared. Using white vinegar, paprika, nutmeg, pepper, and dried bacon to taste, this meal is savory and very filling.

The catch is that when you eat this Croatian food, it gets tastier and better after the day you cook it. It can last for many days, but the flavor becomes more intense and appetizing. What more can you ask for, right?

These are just a couple of Croatian food and Croatian food recipes that you can try out when you have the time or when you want to try out something new. If you have access to Croatian food, you should definitely try it! Pop in some lemon juice or even Croatian red wine if you’re feeling it, and you might taste continental Croatia without even having to go there. Croatian drinking culture is also an important thing to remember, so do brush up on their etiquette as well.

Collage with 4 images depicting Croatian Must Try dishes with Cevapcici, Sardines, Fries and potatoes

What Is The Croatian Cuisine?

Croatia is home to various and a very diverse set of cuisines.

In their country, there are a variety of cooking styles that can be seen. This makes the traditional Croatian cuisine and the modernized kitchen and its food a reflection of their rich culture.

In each region, people follow distinct traditions and customs even in what they eat. Because Different neighboring countries influence Croatian dishes, this makes Croatian cuisine a hotspot for not just good food but is a result of cross-cultural relationships through time.

Taking mainland Croatia as an example, this area’s cuisine is known for its Hungarian, Austrian, and Turkish cuisine influences, making the food rich in flavor through pepper and onions. You know, the good stuff. Whereas in the Coastal regions, you can see Mediterranean and Greek influences by using different herbs and spices. 

Because Croatia stretches a vast amount of land and has displayed diversity in many aspects, their food is the same. From seafood to different kinds of meat, Croatians surely have a various yet mouthwatering Croatian culture of food! Not only that, but this country is so abundant in herbs, spices, and seafood which makes Croatian food one of the best out there!

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