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Did you ever wonder what animal names would be like in a different language like Croatian? While it certainly would sound a bit foreign and maybe a little odd at first, it’s very interesting to know how these are said in a different language! From knowing how to say common animal names in Croatian to fun facts you don’t want to miss out on, we have made the best guide for you!

Aside from that, you can use this guide to strengthen your Croatian vocabulary too! However, if learning Croatian still hasn’t crossed your mind, you might want to consider this as your sign. Home to beautiful places and a language like no other, it is more than worth it to give this language a chance. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the beautiful language of Croatia now!

Animal European Pine Marten is the national animal of Croatia

Did You Know?

Did you know that Croatia’s currency is after an animal that is called the European Pine Marten?

Because this specie is very luxurious, this rare furry friend has played a great role in Croatian monetary history. And because it is considered to be one of the endangered animals in Croatia, such a rare animal is actually strictly protected. Definitely be on the lookout for these!

Common Animal Names In Croatian

If you want to have more knowledge about the Croatian language a bit better, this is definitely a good way to get you started. Read more down below to expand your vocabulary!

Common Animal Names In Croatian

Chicken in Croatian is called Piletina

Poultry Animal Names In Croatian

Whale in Croatian is called Kit

Aquatic Animal Names In Croatian

Sea HorseMorski konj
StarfishMorska zvijezda
Firefly is called Krijesnica in Croatian

Insects In Croatian

Brown Bear that Croatians call Snositi

Wild Animal Names In Croatian


More Animal – Related Vocabulary In Croatian!

Aquatic AnimalsVodene životinje
PetsKućni ljubimci
Poultry AnimalsPerad Životinje
Wild AnimalsDivlje Životinje

Easy, right? With these animal names in Croatian, you will surely be able to describe these creatures and species more accurately if you are talking to someone that understands the language or if you find yourself visiting such an amazing country!

Ruppell's Griffon Vulture is an endangered animal species in Croatia

2 Endangered Animals In Croatia That We Should Look Out For!

Now that you already know about how these animal names are translated to the Croatian language, it is also right to know about the endangered species in this nation. Due to habitat loss and how the world is constantly changing its climate, it is very sad that other species are in the brink of becoming extinct.

With this risk and the dangerous effects on our ecosystem, it is very important that we are responsible for our actions. That said, what better way to get things rolling than by knowing which animals are going extinct and being knowledgeable about it?

Adriatic Salmon

Located in the Adriatic sea, this is one of our fish species that are slowly facing extinction. If you find yourself on the beautiful and pristine beaches in Croatia, definitely make it a point to be mindful of the trash that you bring and dispose of it properly because these creatures might lose their homes and their lives too!

Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture

With forests dying because of how farmlands are expanding, this makes the population of Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture is decreasing at a rapid rate. Though all animals are protected under Croatian law, it is still important that we take into account our actions and how they contribute to the environment. Because this is one of the vultures that are considered to be endangered, let’s try to plant more trees and give them a home – tree planting in Croatia definitely sounds like a plan!

To wrap things up, may you have learned a thing or two about this guide we have made for you! Indeed, these animals make the world function and are better. From various mammals to wildlife, we hope these animal names made you interested in the Croatian language. If you want to dig deeper into this language, then there’s nothing more that we can recommend than trying our Ling App today!

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