New Year In Arabic: Mystery Behind 2 New Years

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Do you know that Muslims experience the new year twice a year? They celebrate one and mourn the other. If you’d like to learn how to say happy new year in Arabic while cracking the mystery behind why Muslims experience a new year twice a year, then keep reading, as we will walk you through everything in detail.

Just like Korea and many other places, Muslims have their own calendar AKA the Islamic calendar. So when Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, starts, the Muslims call it a new year but don’t celebrate it. Let’s explore why is the new year, as you may say السنة الجديدة (alsanat aljadida), mourned in many Muslim countries.

January Versus Muharram

There’s a clear difference between the Islamic new year and the western new year in Arabia. While in the latter, you might be mourning the month, in the former, you have to give year wishes in Arabic to your friends and family in all Arab countries.

The first month of the Arabic calendar brought suffering to أهل البيت (ahl albayt), meaning the family of the last prophet in Islam. During this time of the year, many Muslims wear black clothes, distribute food and water, and mourn on the streets.

On the contrary, the first day of the Gregorian calendar is celebrated vigorously, and people often spend new year’s day throwing a party or other events for celebrations. Dubai has some super unique ways that you can check out to celebrate new year’s eve.

Happy New Year In Arabic

As you’ve cracked the mystery, let’s learn some essential words you’ll need to talk about or wish for a happy new year in Arabic.


Confettiقصاصات ورق ملونQusasat Waraq Mulawan
Countdownالعد التنازليAleadu Altanazuliu
Extravaganzaإنتاج فني مذهلIintaj Faniyun Mudhhil
Happy New year In Arabic Ling App


Father Timeوقت الأبWaqt Al’ab
Firecrackersمفرقعات ناريةMufarqaeat Naria
Fireworksالعاب ناريهAleab Narih
Holidayيوم الاجازةYawm Alajaza
Hourglassالساعة الرمليةAlsaaeat Alramlia


Merry-Makingمرح صنعMarah Sune
Midnightمنتصف الليلMuntasaf Allayl
New Yearالسنة الجديدةAlsanat Aljadida
New Year’s Eveليلة رأس السنةLaylat Ras Alsana
Noise Makerصانع الضوضاءSanie Aldawda’
Out With The Oldخارج مع القديمKharij Mae Alqadim

Good Luck In Arabic

Good Luck in Arabic Ling App

The new year is about wishing each other good luck, so why not learn helpful sentences that you can use to impress the natives? Good luck in Arabic is called حظًا سعيدًا (hzan seydan) Here is a perfect cheat sheet for you to get started!

Are you happy now?هل انت سعيد الان؟Hal ant saeid alana?
Be happy!كن سعيدا!Kun saeida!
Bon Voyage!رحلة سعيدة!Rihlat saeidatun!
Come home happily.تعال إلى المنزل بسعادة.Taeal ‘iilaa almanzil bisaeadatin.
Everyone is a fortune teller.الجميع عراف.Aljamie earaaf.
Everyone is happy.الجميع سعداء.Aljamie sueada’.
Find happiness.ابحث عن السعادة.Aibhath ean alsaeadati.
Good luck driving!حظا سعيدا في القيادة!Hazana saeidan fi alqiadati!
Happiness is our destination.السعادة هي وجهتنا.Alsaeadat hi wajhatna.
Happiness is spreading.السعادة تنتشر.Alsaeadat tantashiru.
How do you get happy?كيف تصبح سعيدا؟Kayf tusbih saeida?
I love happy endings.أحب النهايات السعيدة.Ahibu alnihayat alsaeidata.
I want to give her a gift so that she can be happy.أريد أن أقدم لها هدية حتى تكون سعيدة.Urid ‘an ‘uqadim laha hadiatan hataa takun saeidatan.
I want you to be happier.اريدك ان تكون اسعدAriduk an takun asead
It’s a happy cat.إنها قطة سعيدة.Iinaha qitat saeidatun.
Live happily ever after.العيش بسعادة من أي وقت مضى بعد.Aleaysh bisaeadat min ‘ayi waqt madaa biedu.
To be born under a river star.أن يولد تحت نجم نهر.An yulad taht najm nahr.

Year In Arabic

Here are some valuable words to talk about عام (Eam), i.e., year in Arabic.

Each Yearكل سنةKulu Sana
Every Yearكل عامKulu Eam
Last Yearالعام الماضيAleam Almadi
Leap Yearسنة كبيسةSanat Kabisa
Next Yearالعام القادمAleam Alqadim
Once A Yearمرة كل سنةMaratan Kula Sana
This Yearهذا العامHadha Aleam

New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s now talk about the common phrases used to make and share the new year’s resolution list.

I plan to save up.أخطط للتوفير.Akhatut liltawfir.
I plan to learn how to drive.أخطط لتعلم كيفية القيادة.Ukhatut litaelum kayfiat alqiadati.
I plan to get money.أخطط للحصول على المال.Ukhatut lilhusul ealaa almal.
I plan to buy a car.أخطط لشراء سيارة.Ukhatut lishira’ sayaaratin.
I plan to write a book this year.أخطط لكتابة كتاب هذا العام.Ukhatut likitabat kitab hadha aleami.
I plan to learn baking this year.أخطط لتعلم الخبز هذا العام.Ukhtut litaealum alkhubz hadha aleami.
I plan to visit the museum this year.أخطط لزيارة المتحف هذا العام.Ukhatut liziarat almathaf hadha aleama.
I plan to paint the walls this year.أخطط لرسم الجدران هذا العام.Ukhatut lirasm aljudran hadha aleami.
I plan to study harder this year.أخطط للدراسة بجدية أكبر هذا العام.Akhatut lildirasat bijidiyat ‘akbar hadha aleami.
I plan to work out this year.أخطط للعمل في هذا العام.Ukhatut lileamal fi hadha aleami.
I plan to shop less this year.أخطط لشراء أقل هذا العام.Ukhatut lishira’ ‘aqala hadha aleami.

Wrapping Up


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