Serbian Films, Can They Help You Learn Serbian?

This is probably the most popular question when it comes to learning a new language. So, can Serbian films help you learn Serbian? The answer is yes! You can learn any language by watching movies and TV shows, but that should not be your only path. Learning a new language sometimes can be pretty difficult and exhausting, so that’s why you should choose the Ling learning app.

So let us get back again to Serbian movies. Serbia actually has pretty exciting cinematography. So a lot of movies are rewarded, although not a lot of people know about them. The most common topic when it comes to Serbian films is the Yugoslav war. Still, there are also many comedies that are definitely better for learning Serbian, especially if you are a beginner.

I could probably go with this topic all day long because there’s a lot of Serbian films you should watch. I’ve chosen only those I find being most comfortable for beginners and those that will surely make you laugh. So then, you are really going to like Serbian people, but also their movies, and in combination with Ling, you will talk Serbian like you were born there.

How Can Serbian Films Help You Learn Serbian?

It depends on which movie you choose to watch. Later in the article, we are going to get through some of the best Serbian films which can help you learn Serbian.

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What Can You Actually Learn From Serbian Films And Can They Help You?

You can hear a lot of slang in Serbian movies, and curses are also something that comes pretty much with it. Maybe it’s not the most polite thing, but Serbian people are using a lot of slang and curses, so that’s why Serbian films can pretty much help you, especially if you wanna feel like a real Serbian.

Although if you want to be more polite and talk to people more kindly, Serbian films should not be your only source of learning.

But, the true thing is you should definitely watch some Serbian films and here is our list of ‘famous.’


4 Best Serbian Films That Will Help You Learn Serbian

These are some of the best Serbian movies that will help you learn Serbian. They are all pretty much beginner-friendly, and you will enjoy Serbian humor as well.

Let’s jump right to them!

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Kad porastem biću Kengur (2004)

Serbian Films

The literal translation of this Serbian film would be ‘When I grow up I wanna be a Kangaroo,’ but it’s not about a Kangaroo at all.

This is one of the most favorite movies among all generations, and you can always watch it over and over again! It’s about a young man who went to England and became a goalkeeper for a Football club called Eastwick. All of his friends from the neighborhood are watching this game, and that’s where the action begins. I won’t tell you about the whole movie, but you should definitely watch it, especially if you want to learn the Serbian language.

What Are The Most Common Words In This Serbian Film?

As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of slang, especially when it comes to this movie.

Like people in America like to use the word ‘Bro,’ you can also hear that from Serbians, which is probably the most common word in this film. Serbian people say ‘Brate,’ which we can translate to (Brother), but that is something they use to say to someone they like, especially their friends.

But that is also something you can hear on the street too! So don’t get surprised if someone pulls you on the street and says, ‘Brate jel imaš pljugu?’ which means, ‘Do you have a cigarette bro?’. That is also one of the sentences you can hear in this movie also.

Munje (2001)

Serbian Films

Very similar to the previous one, this is one of the most favorite Serbian films as well! There is plenty of humor in this movie, and also there are not a lot of difficult sentences either. So if you are a beginner you should watch it definitely, and you’ll probably laugh a lot! Oh, and I almost forgot… The literal translation would be ’The Thunderbolts’

This movie is about two young guys, stealing their father’s car so they could go to a party. They meet two girls, and they decide to go to another party with them. They jump into a police officer and that’s where their party begins.

How Can This Serbian Movie Help You Learn Serbian?

It can definitely help you learn Serbian, especially if you are a beginner. In this Serbian film, you will hear a lot of simple sentences mentioning parties and women.

So if you hear ‘Brate jel ideš na žurku?’ that means ‘Are you coming to a party bro?’. You will also hear a lot of bad words which can make you laugh, but that is probably not the best way to talk to someone on the street or somewhere else.

Jedini Izlaz (2021)

Serbian Films

Now let’s try with something newer. ‘Jedini Izlaz’ or ‘The only way out’ is another Serbian film, that looks pretty like a Hollywood blockbuster. This movie will leave you out of your breath, and you’ll probably enjoy each second of it.

This movie is a mystery, and until the end of it, you won’t find out what is actually happening. If you like Christopher Nolan and his movies, then this is definitely something you’ll enjoy. A lot of great actors, perfect scenario, and also unlike these other movies I’ve recommended, this one was made with a pretty high budget.

As I said, a true Hollywood look alike, but only on Serbian.

Will This Serbian Film Help You More Easily Learn Serbian?

This Serbian film was made, not only in Serbia but also in Croatia, so besides Serbian, you can learn some Croatian words too. As you may know, these languages are pretty much the same, but many words and phrases are not an exact match.

As I mentioned earlier, this movie is something special. You can learn a lot of new words in it and in combination with the Ling app, who knows… You may become a new Serbian acting star 🙂

Klopka (2007)

Serbian Films

‘Klopka’ or ‘The Trap’ is way beyond all the Serbian films mentioned earlier. This is like a Hollywood blockbuster, and you are certainly going to enjoy this one. I won’t tell you much about this movie’s topic because you should definitely watch it. And I promise you are going to watch from the beginning to the end without blinking an eye.

Can ‘Klopka’ Help You Learn Serbian?

As I mentioned before, this movie truly is something special. Hollywood producers even bought a license, so they could make their own version of this movie.

In this Serbian film, you probably won’t hear a lot of bad words and slang, so that’s why it is probably the best choice if you want to learn Serbian through Serbian films.



As I mentioned earlier, Serbian films will help you learn Serbian. If you have some friends in Serbian, then Serbian films will definitely help make many jokes with them. Serbian people like to talk about their movies, so that would probably be a good way for starting a new friendship with some of them.

People in Serbian are amazing, but they could get offended pretty easily. You don’t want to make jokes all around, especially with people you don’t really know that well. No one would like it. That is why you should start learning Serbian the real way and try our Ling app for free today!

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