3+ Simplified Ways To Say Sorry In Albanian

Sorry seems to be the hardest word, but not if you’re learning Albanian with the Ling app. Sorry in Albanian is Më fall. In this article, we discuss how to say sorry in a respectful way, replying to an apology, feelings, and some lesser-known facts about Albanian culture. Let’s go!


How To Say Sorry In A Respectful Way

If you want to apologize in a more respectful way:

‘I am sorry’ is Më vjen keq.

‘Excuse me, I’m sorry.’ Më falni. Më vjen keq.

Maybe you’ve done something really bad. You ate the last piece of byrek. In this case, you can say:

‘Please, forgive me’: Ju lutem, më fal.

Replying To An Apology

Quote of the week: To err is human; to forgive, divine.

And why would you not be in a forgiving mood on a long weekend in Tirana(the capital city)

‘I forgive you’: Të fal.

‘Don’t worry’: Mos u shqetëso.

‘I’m fine’: Jam mirë.

Related Remorseful Phrases

Like French, German, Italian, and English there are infinite ways to express remorse. Sometimes sorry is not enough and you have to explain your feelings further.

I’m sad: Jam i trishtuar

I feel regret: Ndjej keqardhje

Full of pity: i mëshirshëm

Yes And No In Albanian

In Albanian Po is ‘Yes’ and Jo is ‘No’.

Let me paint a picture. It’s August, and the mercury is hovering at 27 Celsius. You’re enjoying a smoothie on a promenade on the Albanian Riviera when you accidentally walk out into the street. A Mercedes driver (everyone drives a Mercedes in Albania) winds down the window and says bej kujdes (be careful).

Because you’ve been studying the Albanian language with Ling App, you reply Më falni. And then ‘is everything ok?’ është gjithçka në rregull?

The funny thing is he might shake his head at you and then say jo

He isn’t confused, and neither should you be. In certain Balkan cultures, it’s common to shake your head when you mean yes and nod your head when you mean no.

If you want to learn more ways to say yes and no in Albanian, please don’t forget to check out our blog post!


A Sidenote On Culture

From Pop Music

Albania, like all countries in the Balkans, has a rich cultural history. British hit-maker Dua Lipa can trace her heritage back to Albania/Kosovo and regularly posts photos on Instagram of her homeland. The same goes for another British singer Rita Ora. Although her 2021 hit alongside David Guetta and Imanbek was filmed in Bulgaria, in the video she’s seen wearing a traditional Albanian headdress(known as a kapica) and even riding a horse!

It might seem strange that two beautiful British popstars come from a country with only a population of 2 million, but Albania has a diaspora of 8 million people.

From Harry Potter

If you say Albania to any Harry Potter fan, they will immediately tie the country with the vast Harry Potter folklore. Perhaps it is bad for the tourism board to try and sell the place where Lord Voldemort flees to after his first defeat, but then I think J.K Rowling picked Albania for its natural features and the inherent mysteries that lie within that rugged landscape.

70% of Albania is mountainous. Its second most famous is called: the city of 1000 steps. Its most famous mountain range is called the ‘Accursed’ mountains. The country is also home to many stunning lakes and rivers. What better place for a supervillain to a hideout? And what better place to explore for the adventurous among you?


How Important Is It To Say Sorry In Albanian?

Albanians take their honor seriously. As a tourist there probably isn’t much you can do to draw the ire of too many of the locals, but the concept of ‘besa’ is worth knowing if you plan to stay there a long time.

For those of you familiar with Greek(a nearby country) the word has been changed to “μπέσα”, or trustworthiness: philotimo.

More On Besa

Besa translates to ‘pledge of honor’, and it is still taken seriously. It is a call to action to treat friends, family, and even strangers with respect. Don’t be surprised if you get invited to a neighbor’s house for dinner, and the same applies even if you are a total stranger. Albanian tradition dictates that a guest room must be prepared 24 hours a day in case a guest arrives in the middle of the night.

If you want to know how important Besa is, consider these two popular Albanian phrases:

Besa e shqiptarit nuk shitet pazarit (besa can not be sold or bought in a bazaar)

Shqiptaret vdesin dhe besen nuk e shkelin (Albanians would die rather than break besa)


Learning Albanian With Ling

Albania is one of those places that has to be seen to be believed. It captures the imagination of fantasy authors and travel bloggers alike. Do you feel ready to take the plunge yet? Having the courage to say hello is the hardest part. And why stop there? Here are 10 easy lines to introduce yourself in Albanian.

Understanding the official spoken language of Albania adds an extra dimension to your trip. Once upon a time, all you’d have with you would be hope, a prayer, and a phrasebook. Now with Ling App, you can become adept before you even set out for the airport.

With structured reading, writing, speaking, and listening lessons, you can learn Albanian at your own pace. Not only that, there are in-app points and rankings.

Don’t arrive in Albania feeling sorry for yourself because you didn’t download our application beforehand.

So there you have it: how to say sorry in Albanian. Is it as hard as you thought It would be? Please, let us know.

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