15 Useful Ways To Say Yes And No In Albanian

Are you planning to visit Albania? You should at least know the basic phrases or answers to the questions like yes and no in Albanian. If we include statistics, about 7.6 million people speak Albanian as their mother tongue. Therefore, in order to start speaking the Albanian language, you need to start with simple questions, answers, and phrases that we bring you below.

Important words are the simplest ones in which you express that you want something or don’t want it, affirmative and negative forms, etc.

If you are quoting this, you are in the right place, and we advise you to stay until the end of the article because it is much easier than it seems. People usually pay to learn a new language, but learn and expand your knowledge with us for free.


Simple Phrases In Albanian Language

As in any language terms like “Yes and no in Albanian or ok” are first and foremost. It is certainly a new challenge but also a way to learn something new.

Albanian English
Po yes
Jo no
Ju lutem you are welcome
Në rregull alright, ok
Më falni sorry
Nuk kuptoj I don’t understand

Albanian English
jam be, get
Kuptova I understand
Mirupafshim goodbye
Nuk e di I don’t know
Ndalohet forbidden
Urime congratulation

Simple Expression In Albanian

Say Yes And No In Albanian

As in any language, terms like “Yes and no in Albanian or ok” are first and foremost. It is certainly a new challenge but also a way to learn something new.

The word “ok” is interpreted in all languages ​​as well as in Albanian. In all languages, ​​it has the same meaning, which is well known to all. For example, in the morning, when visiting the market, the locals will ask “a doni bukë” ( do you want some bread), and your answer is “po unë dua” ( yes, I want some).

Useful common phrases are sometimes crucial to know and help yourself in traveling. The basic Albanian knowledge could be very easy, no matter how confused letters may seem.

It might take some time, but in 2021, things became easier, and anyone can understand it. You can also visit another blog about introducing yourself in Albanian, which can be very useful.

Affirmative Sentences And Expressions

In every language, there are affirmative and negative words or sentences. Affirmative sentences express the will for something or something. When we are asked in a restaurant or somewhere else if we want to order a meal, the answer is “yes please” ( po të lutem ). There are many examples where you may find yourself or have someone ask you a question, to which you want to have an answer.

Many phrases could be used, but we will list the most frequent ones. Here is the list of examples in English with translation on Albanian.


English Questions English Answers Albanian Answers
Have you already ordered food? I have. unë e bëra
Do you need one more cigarette? Yes, please. po, ju lutem
Do you want a menu? Yes, thank you. po faleminderit
Is it free? Yes, it is. eshte
Do you need help to find a store? Of course, thank you very much. natyrisht, faleminderit
Do you want to visit Albania? Sure. sigurisht
Are you the first time here? Yes, I am. po unë jam


For casual talk in Albanian, you can say a few words to agree, expressing your attitude towards something. You can check here the basic phrases we might need when traveling to Albania.


Common Talk And Answers


English questions English answers Albanian answers
Do you want a coffee with some milk? It’s ok. është në rregull


Or you could just say:


You can come with us since we got a car. Ok. Ne rregull


If you dig a little deeper, useful phrases can really help a lot. Please note, to learn at least ten pick-up phrases so every local will welcome you. These are in the simple form almost everyone can make it. Why couldn’t you?


Negative Form And Manner Of Use


The Albanian language has well got its own negative form which is pretty easy. Don’t worry. We will show you the examples, so you understand the language better. Speaking Albanian or visiting the country, you will surely have the important moments to say your opinion. Let’s say a stranger asks you where is the local bank. You probably wouldn’t leave. You would answer him as one of the examples of the following language:


English Questions English Answers Albanian Answers
Do you want to hang out? No, I don’t jo, nuk dua
Do you have a driver’s license? No nuk
Do you speak German? No, I’m not speaking German jo, nuk flas gjermanisht
Do you search for a fish? No, I don’t jo, nuk po shikoj


If you want to express and make a clear decision there is a way to say it in Albanian. This is the right answer.


Hello, would you like to make another coffee? Not, at all aspak
Have you ever learned Albanian? No, I haven’t jo, nuk kam
Do you like traveling to Albania? No, I don’t like it. jo, nuk me pelqen


You see that you need just a little bit to say phrases in Albanian. Words are just simple but reading it sound uncatchy. Thank to our blog and Ling app, you can take lessons in any language especially Albanian. Search for titles and try to speak at least Yes and no in Albanian. On the page, you can hear the punctuation as well as search anything for free.


Learn Yes And No In Albanian And More Phrases With Ling


The Albanian language has 36 letters, and it’s not classified as a difficult language to learn. If you know English with us, it will be easy and efficient. This is not the last lesson, so please search and find all other topics related to Albanian. The word hello everyone can say, but can you express yourself and get the correct answer? The right answer your want to hear is: DO IT CONSTANTLY. There are links in the text, and in 2021, the Ling app is becoming more and more popular with a google search.


Yes and no in Albanian, different words, adverbs, common Albanian phrases; you can even get audio support. Visit our site and see what we prepared for you. In July 2021, people search for Albanian words more than ever. We recommend you get this app and search for your content. Basically, you don’t have to search, choose the language and enjoy your lessons. We want you to know one thing: there’s nothing to lose since everything is free and tailored for everyone. Don’t miss your chance for this opportunity and visit it now.


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