10 Easy Lines To Introduce Yourself In Albanian

Are you wondering about the best ways on Si të prezantoheni (how to introduce yourself) in the Albanian language? Create an impactful connection and leave a lasting positive impression among the locals by speaking in their native tongue like a pro. In this post, we will walk you through the ten parts of a standard self-introduction, which you can use for starting a conversation or presenting yourself with your colleagues/classmates. If you are ready for us to spill the tea, let’s get started!

If you’d ask us what one example of a language that is so unique and can stand on its own is, then that would definitely be the language of Albania. Also known as shqip or gjuha shqipe, the Albanian language is one of the oldest languages in Europe, but over 7.5 million people still speak it from across the globe. What makes it interesting to learn is that it sounds so unique and quite easy to learn since most modern vocabulary has been adopted from Slavic, Turkish, Latin, and Greek languages. However, according to FSI, mastering the language can take you approximately 44 weeks or about 1100 class hours.

To help you get an experience speaking the Albanian language, we have prepared here ten lines that can significantly help you strike a conversation with any of the locals. A jeni gati? (are you ready?)Let’s dig right into it.


Introduce Yourself In Albanian

Introduce Yourself In Albanian

Whether you are visiting Albania for a short time or planning to move to the country, it is impossible for you not to have a chance to introduce yourself. You can get by using the essential words and phrases in theory, but it doesn’t mean it is enough. In order to get a positive first impression, it would be wise to learn how to do it right by using the 10 lines we have below.

A. Start With A Greeting

The first step is to learn how to greet people in the Albanian language. The ones listed below not only sound courteous but also indicates that you are beginning a conversation. The sentences we listed below can be used in both formal and informal settings, so you can rest assured knowing that there will be no room for miscommunication.

Albanian LanguageEnglish Translation
Pershendetje te gjitheveHello everyone!
Përshëndetje! / TungjatjetaHello
Mirëmëngjes!Good morning
Mirëdita! / Ditën e mirë!Good day
Mirëmbrëma!Good evening
Si po ia çon?How are you doing?
Si jeni?How are you?
Eshte kenaqesi te te takoj.It is nice to meet you
Niceshtë mirë të takoj të gjithë ju.It is nice to meet all of you

B. Say Your Name

Once you have stated your greetings, you can now move on and state your name in any of the ways below. The lines below also answer the question “Si të quajnë?” or “Si ju quajnë?

Albanian LanguageEnglish Translation
Unë jam Simon.I am Simon
Unë quhem Simon / Emri im është SimonMy name is Simon
Simon është emri im.Simon is my name
Mund të më quash Simon.You can call me Simon
Emri im i parë është Simon.My first name is Simon
Unë preferoj të quhem SimonI prefer to be called Simon

C. State Your Nationality Or Where You Are From

No matter what country you visit, there will always be questions about where you are from or your nationality. So read on the useful expressions below you can use every time someone asks you “nga jeni?” or confirms “A je amerikan?

Albanian LanguageEnglish Translation
Une jam amerikan.I am an American national.
Unë jam nga Amerika.I am from America.
Unë jetoj në Amerikë.I live in America.
Udhëtova nga Amerika.I traveled from America.

D. Tell Them Your Age

If you have a need to share with people how old you are right now and answer the question, “Sa vjeç je/jeni?” take a look and use the really simple statements below. Then, to make the example sentences better and in your actual age, read on our available special guide about the Albanian numbers.

Albanian LanguageEnglish Translation
Unë jam njëzet e një vjeçI am 21 years old.
Unë jam njëzet e një.I am 21.

E. Share Details About Your Profession

Got a question that goes like this one: Cfare pune ben? Depending on the kind of introduction you are dealing with, you might find yourself needing to share information about your profession or your job. To speak and express like a pro, use the example Albanian phrases below.

Albanian LanguageEnglish Translation
Unë jam punonjës zyre.I am an office employee.
une punoj tek…I work at…
Dikur punoja në …I used to work at…
Unë jam i papunëI have no job.
Une jam nje…I am a …
Une punoj ne …I work in…
Unë jam student.I am a student.

F. Share Details About Your Hobbies

To connect with the locals better and express who you really are, it would be wise to start learning the following statements below.

Albanian LanguageEnglish Translation
Më pëlqen të këndoj.I like singing.
Më pëlqen të kërcej.I enjoy dancing.
Më pëlqen të luaj lojëra.I love playing games. 
Të luash video lojëra është një nga hobi im.Playing video games is one of my hobbies.
Unë bëj ngjitje në rritje.I do mounting climbing.

G. Share Details About Your Family

Got people asking you about your family? Seize the moment and show your enthusiasm to connect with others by using the statements below related to your family.

Albanian LanguageEnglish Translation
Unë jam më i madhi në familje.I am the eldest in the family.
Unë jam më i madhi.I am the eldest.
Unë jam i martuar.I am married.
Kam femije.I have children.
Kam një vajzë.I have a daughter.
Kam një djalë.I have a son.
Unë kam vëllezër e motra.I have siblings. 

H. Share Details About Your Pet/s

Want to let others know about your sweet spot for animals? Feel free to utter any of the statements below.

Albanian LanguageEnglish Translation
Unë kam një qen.I have a dog.
Une kam nje mace.I have a cat.
Unë kam një zog.I have a bird.
Unë i dua këlyshët.I love puppies.
Unë i dua kotele.I love kittens. 

I. How To Share Your Contact Details

In today’s age where everything is connected, it would be wise to learn how you can exchange contact information with the people around you. If ever you hear someone ask you, “Cilat janë informacionet tuaja të kontaktit?” use the statements below.

Albanian LanguageEnglish Translation
Numri im i telefonit celular është…My mobile phone number is…
Mund të më telefononi në…You can call me at…
Mund të më dërgoni një email në…You can send me an email at…
Adresa ime është…My address is…
Adresa e e-mail-it tim është…My email address is…

J. Initiate The Other Person To Introduce Himself

You can simply add a follow-up question to the end of the introduction to prompt the other person to share the same thing about himself as well.

Albanian LanguageEnglish Translation
Po ju? Më trego për veten tënde.How about you? Tell me about yourself.
Kjo është e gjitha, faleminderit!That’s all, thank you!
Si e ke emrin?What’s your name?
Sa vjeç jeni?How old are you?
Ju lutemi kontaktoni për çdo pyetje.Please reach out for any questions. 

When it comes to learning the Albanian language, all you need is the right motivation and tools to start speaking like a total pro. As I reach the last part of this post, I hope that I could shed light on the easiest ways to introduce yourself in the language. Also, feel free to share this post online to help us reach out to other language enthusiasts out there.


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