10 Slovenian Quotes Language Learners Should Know

Slovenian Quotes

When learning any language, famous quotes and sayings can give you a better idea of that culture and the values of the people who speak it.

If you grow up in Slovenia, you hear certain quotes throughout your life that serve as reminders and lessons and help shape your perspective and values. I’ve decided to share some of my favorite Slovenian quotes with you today, hoping that they inspire you as they have inspired me!

Meaningful Slovenian Quotes And Sayings

A Kind Word Finds A Nice Place – Lepa Beseda Lepo Mesto Najde

This is an old Slovenian quote that has been passed down for generations and can still be heard often today. It means that using kind words will most likely help you get a good outcome and build good relationships. It teaches us to always be respectful when we talk.

One Can Go Far Slowly – Počasi Se Daleč Pride

The English translation of this quote, “One can go far slowly,” is kind of like saying ”slow and steady wins the race.” What it wants to teach us is that taking things slow will always get you far. The idea is that patience and persistence are key to achieving long-term success. Instead of rushing and making mistakes, it’s better to move forward at a slow pace.

Whoever Digs A Pit For Someone Else, Falls Into It Themselves – Kdor Drugemu Jamo Koplje, Sam Vanjo Pade

What this means is that if you try to harm someone else, you might end up hurting yourself instead. This quote warns you that the consequences of plotting against someone else can come back to haunt you.

Dear Is The Home To The One Who Has It – Ljubo Doma, Kdor Ga Ima

It’s all about appreciating the comfort and security of having a place to call your own. It reminds us to cherish the warmth and love that a home brings because not everyone is lucky enough to have one.

A Barking Dog Does Not Also Bite – Pes, Ki Laja, Ne Grize

This quote teaches us that appearances can be deceiving. You know those dogs that bark a lot but when you get close, they’re actually pretty harmless? Well, this saying is about this, but meant for people. Those who make a lot of threats usually don’t do anything about them.

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No Soup Is Eaten As Hot As It Is When Freshly Prepared – Nobena Juha Se Ne Poje Tako Vroča, Kot Se Skuha

This means that nothing is as scary or horrible as it may have seemed at first. Don’t stress too much about things, as they will always work out.

A Donkey Goes Onto The Ice Only Once – Osel Gre Samo Enkrat Na Led

Meaning, only a fool would make the same mistake twice. We shouldn’t repeat things that went wrong in the past. It’s about being smart so we don’t end up in the same sticky situation!

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire – Kjer Je Dim, Je Tudi Ogenj

This is a way of saying that if there are signs of something, there’s probably some truth to it. Just like smoke usually means there’s a fire nearby. It reminds us to pay attention to the signs and not ignore problems.

Early Hour, Golden Hour – Rana Ura, Zlata Ura

This teaches us about the importance of starting your day early. Waking up early gives you a head start on the day, and this quote suggests that getting things done early often leads to better results. So, it’s like a nudge to make the most of those early hours when you’re feeling fresh and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Strike The Iron While It’s Hot – Kuj Železo, Dokler Je Vroče

This quote is a reminder to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Just like how it’s easier to shape hot iron, when you’ve got something you need to do, don’t wait around—do it while the timing is right!

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How Do You Say Quote In Slovenian?

The Slovenian word for ‘quote’ is citat. It’s the most standard word when you’re referring to a saying or proverb. It can be used in both formal and casual conversations. Another word you can use is rek. It’s also a word for when you’re talking about famous sayings.

Slovenian quotes have been around for ages, being passed down by generations. I still remember how my grandmother used to say these to me as a child, when it applied to the situation I was in.

Here, I’ve prepared a list of vocabulary that’s related to learning about Slovenian proverbs and different sayings. It will be useful if you’re learning the Slovenian language.

Lesson or MoralNauk
Cultural valuesKulturne vrednote

Is It Slovene Or Slovenian?

Both terms are correct, but it seems the more common one is Slovenian. The reason for this is mainly that it sounds better to English speakers, and to avoid confusion with similar words. You’ll find the term Slovenian used more often in media and online. However, both terms are still in use.

Is Slovenian A Rare Language?

Slovenian isn’t rare in terms of not being important. It’s actually the official language of Slovenia, a country of 2 million people. Of course, if you’re thinking on a global scale, it’s more rare than big languages like English or Spanish.

What Are Slovenian People Known For?

Slovenian people are most known for being quite successful at various sport competitions, especially skiing and basketball. You’ll find that once you visit Slovenia, you’ll receive a warm welcome with open arms, as they really value hospitality. Other than that, Slovenians make amazing wine, a tradition that goes back centuries. Slovenian wine is recognized worldwide for its amazing quality.

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Feeling Inspired?

Some of the Slovenian quotes we went through today carry really deep and profound meanings that we can all learn from. As language learners, you might even hear these in use when talking to Slovenians! The beauty of them is that they can resonate with people from all walks of life. I hope you enjoyed these quotes and learned some useful Slovenian vocabulary along the way.

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