20+ Easy Slovenian Onomatopoeia Words

Ever thought about how we try to capture the sounds around us with language? Well, then you’ve come to the right spot! This blog post will be all about onomatopoeia – words that sound like the noises they describe.

Like every language, Slovenian has its own fun set of sound words from daily life situations. This post isn’t just to help you understand Slovenian onomatopoeia, it will add some fun while you’re trying to learn the language! So, if you’re keen to dive into Slovenian sounds and words, come learn with me as I share some cool Slovenian onomatopoeia words. Let’s dive in!

What Is Onomatopoeia?

Onomatopoeia are words that refer to the sounds they describe. You know how when you think of the word “splat,” it automatically invokes an image in your mind of something wet hitting a surface? Or when you read the word “achoo,” it pretty much sounds like a sneeze? That is onomatopoeia!

Comic book writers use it especially often to show sound effects. You can find great examples in poems as well! Like when a poem talks about bells ringing, it will use words like “jingling” or “tinkling” to capture the sound of the bells in writing. This helps us see a clear image of what the author was trying to say.

Onomatopoeia can vary across different countries, as different languages don’t express sounds in the same way. As such, not all sound words used in Slovenian are found in other languages – some even have distinct words for the noises made by big dogs and small dogs, for example.

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Why Should I Learn About Onomatopoeia?

Learning about onomatopoeia will help you understand a language better. It gives you a better idea of how native people express themselves. All in all, learning about onomatopoeia will help you understand everyday conversations better!

And if you’re into creative writing, onomatopoeia adds excitement and action to your stories, which will keep your readers interested and make them remember your writing. Not to mention it adds humor to a poem or a story, which makes the readers laugh and love your work even more!

Onomatopoeic Words In Slovenian

In Slovenian, onomatopoeic words express feelings, natural sounds, human actions, and animal noises. The Slovenian term for this is onomatopeja. Let’s explore some common examples.

Slovenian Animal Onomatopoeias

The most common occurrences of onomatopoeia are animal sounds, like a dog barking or a cat meowing. These are written to mimic the actual sounds an animal makes. Here is a table of examples in English and Slovenian:

AnimalEnglish OnomatopoeiaSlovenian Onomatopoeia
BirdChirp chirpČiv čiv
DogWoof woofHov hov
CatMeow meowMijav mijav
ChickenCluck CluckKo ko
FrogRibbit ribbitKva kva
DuckQuack quackGa ga
BeeBuzz buzzBzzz
CowMoo mooMuuu

Onomatopoeias Describing Human Actions

Onomatopoeias can be sounds made by people, when we sleep, chew, yawn, etc. Here’s how to express these sounds in Slovenian:

Sound / ActionSlovenian Onomatopoeia
Applause or hand clappingPlosk
The sound of knocking on a doorTrk trk
The sound of eatingNjam, njam
The sound of yawningJauuu
The sound of hiccupingHik
The Sound of hitting, bumping, or colliding with an objectBum
The sound of clearing one’s throatHem, hem
The sound of kissingCmok
The sound of laughterHa ha
The sound of sneezingAčih
The sound of swallowingGlup
The sound made at awful-smelling thingsFuj

Onomatopoeia Verbs In Slovenian

Onomatopoeia can be expressed in verbs, as well. In English, “bang” can be both a verb and a sound. For instance, it can represent the noise of items colliding, like a door slamming shut. But it’s also a verb when someone accidentally bangs their head on a cabinet, for example.

Here are some onomatopoeia verbs in Slovenian, with the sound they represent:

EnglishSoundSlovenian Verb
To splashPljuskPljuskati
To snap or clickKlikKlikniti
To creakŠkripŠkripati
To collide or crashTrkTrčiti
To crunchHrustHrustljati
To burstPokPočiti
To converseKlepetKlepetati
To chirpČivkČivkati
Clock SoundTik takTiktakati
To barkLajLajati
To dripKapKapljati
To beepPiskPiskati
To quackKvakKvakati
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