7 Dos And Don’ts Of Online Learning: Best E-Learning Guide

Dos and Don'ts of Online Learning

Online learning allows students to study from their comfort zone. Follow the dos and don’ts of online learning to improve your results and minimize the stress of virtual classrooms!

When some individuals hear the term “eLearning,” they may think of it as a “passive” learning mode. Being a good online learner demands self-discipline and control over your motivation. You can participate in Ling Live’s online courses to explore the eLearning experience. Below are some dos and don’ts of online learning to keep in mind when studying online.

Dos And Don’ts Of Online Learning For Successful Online Learning

It is important to follow the basic dos and don’ts of online learning before joining online learning classrooms. The dos and don’ts of online learning are an essential part of the online world.

Dos and Donts Of Online Learning Do Be On Time

Do’s Of Online Learning

1. Be On-Time, And Log In To Your Virtual Classroom

Even if you are in online programs, your attendance is still important. You will need to sign in to whichever online platform your professor uses.

2. Do Understand The Needs Of Online Learning

COVID has had a lot of impact on our study system. To continue studying, we have to avoid on-campus classes and shift to virtual platforms.

Many universities around the World are switching their means of study to virtual sessions. It is because it provides more time for the students to learn from wherever they want. So, students must get some time and take online lectures from colleges and universities around the globe.

3. Set Up Your Workspace And Make Sure It Is Quiet And Distraction-free

For regular exams, you have to prepare for your course in person. Taking exams by learning online is different. At home, choose a quiet area where you won’t be interrupted. Also, turn your phone to silent so you aren’t tempted to check social media when you’re studying!

4. Develop Effective Online Communication Skills

Develop good online communication habits if you are one of the online degree fellow students. Do consider the online course a key for quick online communication. Moreover, you can develop good online communication with your friends by searching for study material before class.

Breadcrumb navigation takes the lead in searching online material. Breadcrumb navigation provides information when a visitor to a website wants to reread some other text on the site. Thus, list your programs online by considering the navbar. The navigation bar, sometimes known as the navbar, is a group of links that runs across the top of the course website. 

Thus, search for study material, discuss with your colleagues online, and develop good communication with them. 

5. Make Use of Technological Advances

Recording your screen can be a lifesaver for memorizing the material in online learning. Tools like Movavi Screen RecorderOBS Studio, and Bandicam allow you to capture every detail that would be lost if taken merely from notes written on paper. Screen recording also helps break down complex concepts into more manageable parts, which can make it easier to understand difficult topics. Additionally, recordings are reusable and can be reviewed anytime without having to redo any work or attend additional classes.

Dos and Donts Of Online Learning Dont Staying Anonymous

Don’ts Of Online Learning

Don’ts of online sessions include technology errors, staying anonymous, and much more. Learn some other don’ts below.

1. Staying Anonymous In Your Online Classroom Is Not A Good Idea

It would be best if you stayed responsive with online communication. Communication is an important aspect of any online education. Your instructor and classmates want you to participate and communicate in class. Do not stay anonymous in your online class.

When your class is in session, always show your presence by asking a question. Teachers do not consider it a good thing when you expect to be anonymous and not respond to the questions. It shows that you are not interested in studying or taking lectures. So, for many other students, it is mandatory in an online class to speak up.

2. There Should Be No Excuses For Poor Technology

Do not make excuses for bad tech. Always test your tech glitches (computer and internet access) before going for online study. Further, students should not make excuses for bad sound quality or internet or other technical problems

3. Do Not Abuse The Emails

Do not send too many emails to your teachers online. In a regular class, students must stay in classrooms and attend lectures. However, the study system changed as classrooms shifted online. Thus, some students are taking classes and writing excessive emails to teachers and other students.

An excessive quantity of emails to classmates or teachers may appear pointless and irritating. Jumping into online learning is not wrong, but abusing email through continuous conversation is annoying. It is one of the Important points of dos and don’ts of online learning which must be followed.

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