15+ Useful Nepali Verbs With Examples

Do you want to learn how to conjugate Nepali verbs? Then, you have come to the right place! Scroll down and see the complete Nepali short lessons with valuable examples.

Nepali belongs to the Indo-Aryan language family. Therefore, learning the Nepali language would be a great way to make the most out of the trip if you plan to travel there. Hence, one of the leading language learning apps, Ling App, is here to help you learn the Nepali culture and the Nepali language.

Learning Nepali verbs (नेपाली क्रिया – Nēpālī kriyā) with grammatically correct phrases is very important because its structure is used in daily conversation. So, the more you try to master it, the closer you get to mastering the Nepali language. But first, we need to know the role of verbs in the grammar structure of the Nepali language.

Nepali Verbs And Verb Conjugation

Nepali verbs are those words that convey the action (run, read, walk, bring) or state of being (stay, exist). In most languages, the verb can agree with the person, gender, and/or arguments, including the subject or object.

What Is First Person, Second Person, And Third Person?

The first person, second person, and third person are the forms of expressing points of view.

  • First person: “I or we” perspective.
  • Second person:  “you” perspective.
  • Third person: “he, she, it, and they” perspective.

Here are some Nepali verbs examples according to different forms (past, present, and future tense):

VerbsNepali VerbsPronunciation
To driveहाक्नुhāknu
To giveिदनुidanu
To haveखानुkhānu
To knowबुज्नुbujnu
To learnिसक्नुisaknu
To loveमाया गर्नुmāyā garnu
To eatखानुKhānu
To carryबोक्नुbōknu
To playखेल्नुkhēlnu
To readपढ्नुpaḍhnu
To seeहेर्नुhērnu
To smileहास्नुhāsnu
To speakबोल्नुbōlnu
To thinkसोच्नुsōcnu
To understandबुज्नुbujnu
To workकाम गर्नुkāma garnu
To writeलेख्नुlēkhnu
Nepali verbs

Nepali Past Tense Verb

In the Nepali language, the past tense is called भूत काल (bhūt kāl). For instance, phrases below in the English language indicate actions that existed or happened: Sarah ate the chocolate.

English VerbsNepali VerbsPronunciation
I spokeम बोलेँm bolen
I wroteमैले लेखेँmaile lekhen
he spokeउ बोल्योu bolyo
he wroteउसले लेख्योusle lekhyo
we spokeहामी बोल्यौँhaamii bolyaun
we wroteहामीले लेख्यौhaameele lekhyau
Nepali verbs Future Tense

Nepali Future Tense Verb

Future tense verbs are used to express that something is going to take place in the future. The variances in future verb tenses depend on whether this action will be completed at a specific time or ongoing. The future tense in Nepali is called भविष्य काल (Bhaviṣya kāla).

English VerbsNepali VerbsPronunciation
I will speakहामी बोल्नेछौhaamii bolnechhau
I will writeहामी लेख्नेछौhaamii lekhnechhau
he will speakउ बोल्नेछu bolnech
he will writeउ लेख्नेछu lekhnech
we will speakहामी बोल्नेछौhaamii bolnechhau
we will writeहामी लेख्नेछौhaamii lekhnechhau

Present Tense Verb

The present tense is one of the three tenses used to express or denote actions performed regularly or is currently going on. Also, it can be used to express a state that currently exists or generally exist. In the Nepali language, the present tense is called वर्तमान काल (vartamān kāl).

English VerbsNepali VerbsPronunciation
I speakम बोल्छुm bolchhu
I writeम लेख्छुm lekhchhu
he speaksउ बोल्छu bolch
he writesउ लेख्छu lekhch
we speakहामी बोल्छौhaamii bolchhau
we writeहामी लेख्छौhaamii lekhchhau
Nepali verbs conjugation list

Verb Conjugation – List Of Nepali Verbs

The process by which a primary verb (also called a lemma) is inflected to designate the person, mood, time, etc., is called conjugation of the verb. The resulting form is called conjugated when a primary verb (usually infinitive) is conjugated. Nepali conjugates the verb on a large scale because the structure of the sentence is carried by it.

Below is a list of conjugated verbs, present, past, and future, in Nepali, placed in a table. Memorize this table so that you can add beneficial and essential words to your Nepali vocabulary.

English Verbs SentencesNepali Verbs SentencesPronunciation Sentences
they advised himतिनीहरूले उसलाई सल्लाह दिएtineeharoole usalai sallah die
I can agree with thatम तयसमा सहमत हुन सक्छुm tyasama sahamat hun sakchhu
she allows itतिनले यसको लागि अनुमती दिन्छिन्tinle yasko lagi anumati dinchhin
we announce itहामी यसलाई उदघोष गर्छौhaamii yaslai udghosh garchhau
I can apologizeम माफी माग्न सक्छुm maafi maagn sakchhu
we borrowed moneyहामीले रूपैया सापट लियौhaameele rupaiya sapat liyau
she buys foodउनी खानेक कुरा किन्छिन्unee khaanek kura kinchhin
I can decide nowम अहिले नै निर्णय गर्न सक्छुm ahile nai nirnay garn sakchhu
she described it to meतिनले यसबारे मलाई वर्णन गरिन्tinle ysbaare malai varnan garin
we disagree about itहामी यसबारे सहमत छैनौhaamii ysbaare sahamat chhainau
they will fly tomorrowतिनीहरू भोलि उड्नेछन्tineeharu bholi udnechhn
I can follow youम तिम्रो पछि लाग्न सक्छुm timro pachi lagn sakchhu
she forgot meतिनले मलाई बिर्सिइन्tinle malai birsien
I know himम उसलाई चिन्छुm usalai chinchhu
She is finding youउनी तिमीलाई खोजिरहेकी छिन्Unī timīlā’ī khōjirahēkī chin
I am thinking about youम तिम्रो बारेमा सोचिरहेको छुma timrō bārēmā sōcirahēkō chu
He is fineउहाँ ठिक हुनुहुन्छuhām̐ ṭhika hunuhuncha
I will buy a houseम एउटा घर किन्छुma ē’uṭā ghara kinchu
I will suggestम सुझाव दिन्छुma sujhāva dinchu
He will bear the costउसले खर्च बेहोर्नेछusalē kharca bēhōrnēcha
Did he sell the car?के उनले कार बेचे?kē unalē kāra bēcē?
she will read itतिनले यसलाई पढ्नेछिन्tinle yaslai padhnechhin
I will talk about itहामी यसबारे कुरा गर्नेछौhaamii ysbaare kura garnechhau
Nepali verb conjugation

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