#1 Best Spooky Guide To Haunted Places In Nepal

Haunted places in Nepal

Are you scared of ghosts but love to check out ghost stories and popular haunted places like me? Then you have come to the right place. Today, we will hop into a spooky experience by learning about the most haunted places in Nepal with their concrete backstories that will give you chills down your spine. So, if you want to be thrilled tonight, continue reading!

Nepal is known to the world for its lush green forests, ice-covered mountains, and beautiful traditions. It is a landlocked country known for its uniqueness in culture, traditions, and customs. If you have read about Nepalese culture before, you would know what I am talking about. They have interesting food tastes, dress codes, and social norms, unlike western countries. However, what the world is yet unknown to is the dark bed behind the bright curtain.

Nepal is not just a country full of smiles and joy but also a fascinating destination for mysterious places and haunted stories. So, if you love exploring thrilling subjects, Nepal has everything you need. In today’s article, you will get acquainted with all the popular haunted places situated in Nepal that the locals claim to be active even today. People still talk about paranormal activities around those areas and get a strange feeling when they move near them. So, if you are ready to get on with a thrilling ride, buckle up and keep scrolling down!

Haunted places in Nepal - scary skull

Haunted Places In Nepal

Every region has its own twist when it comes to urban legends, folktales, and ghost stories. However, when it comes to haunted places in Nepal, we are talking about places that locals actually believe to be haunted and have witnessed activities. So, even if you are not a believer in ghosts, you can just read them and respect their beliefs and legends. And if you believe in such words and have a keen interest in finding chilling facts, this section has everything you need.

The Royal Palace Of Nepal

One of the most haunted and spooky places in Nepal is the Royal Palace. It is believed by Nepali locals that when the father of the crown prince denied him the choice of marrying the love of his life, he became restless. Due to such pain, he took a gun to the hall where apparently the royal family was having a party and shot everyone he could find. Later, he also shot himself and died.

The story has a lot of loopholes as the king was claimed to be left-handed, but bullets were found in the right temple. So, many call it mysterious. Nevertheless, the incident that took place on 1st June 2001 came to be widely known as the Nepalese Royal Massacre.

Since then, people living nearby and the local guards have complained about gunshots and voices. Many have heard voices screaming, crying, shouting, and gunshots coming from dark and closed rooms. To prevent such commotion further, the current King, Gyanendra has performed many rituals. Today, the palace acts like a museum where visitors are allowed to see the haunted house and examine the ghostly activities.

The Devghat

Another mysterious activity caught in Nepal is in the area of Devghat. It is located in Chitwan and is a famous religious site for religious ceremonies, especially for Hindu gods and their traditions. However, one night in 2009, the locals recovered a skull from this region. The answer to whose skull it was or why it was there in the ghat was never found. Later, more bones and skulls were recovered by police, leading to more questions.

Soon, the locals started seeing four women coming to the ghat every day and performing a dance ritual by setting fire to themselves. Ever since Chitwan’s mysterious ladies and their unknown existence started haunting the minds of people.

Finding bones in the Devghat is not of much shock. It is a place where several dead bodies arrive for cremation in a day and a safe space for black magic performers. However, there is no evidence why the four women appear every night and perform their dance, as people are still scared to walk up to them.

The Mount Everest

Another scary yet cute haunted place in Nepal is Mount Everest. As you must know, Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, and many climbers try to climb up to the peak and bring glory. However, the weird thing about the mountain is the strange occurrences of ghosts.

Since climbing Everest is not an easy task, many people die during their journey. And among those, Andrew Irvine is said to be a popular one. In 1924, Andrew died during his attempt to reach the highest peak. Since then, people have talked about the occurrence of his spirit and paranormal activities.

The cute thing about this ghastly story is that the ghost is harmless. Most people who have witnessed the activities or the spirit of the climber, Andrew Irvine, have said that the ghost tries to motivate them and encourage them to move forward. Instead of being harmful, the climber’s ghost is actually very helpful and kind to the other climbers.

The Sundarijal Bank

Are you afraid of deep water and swimming? Nepal has a river bank filled with spirits to spook you even more. Sundarijal bank is said to be one of the most haunted destinations in Nepal. It is located a little away from the city of Kathmandu and is a major supplier of drinking water for the people of the city. Although it is a life giver due to its essential water supply, people call it a life taker too.

People refuse to go near the river banks and perform any kind of activity today. It is believed that the river flows through a dense forest where many tortured souls are trapped. People who have tried to reach the water for any activity have fallen into the water and perished mysteriously. Further, it is believed that the spirits of those people who have died in the river abnormally also haunt the place, adding more to its mysterious happenings.

Haunted Places In Nepal - mysterious forest

The Raniban

If you are scared of humongous trees, the Raniban story will spook you. Raniban got its name as it was the favorite spot of Nepal’s former queen. It has a beautiful lush forest with stunning sceneries and mountains, which made the queen spend most of her day time in there. However, the forest soon became one of the haunted sites of Nepal, and people started avoiding visits, especially during the nighttime.

Locals have heard sounds of a girl or women crying and screaming from the forest, especially from a tree inside the forest of Raniban village. People visit and try to figure out the reasons, but they never find concrete pieces of evidence. However, soon many visitors were able to associate this paranormal activity with the incident of a girl who died under that tree.

It is believed that a man raped and killed a girl several years ago under that tree. To top it off, the same person accused of such action was found hanging on the same tree a few days after the girl’s death. Since then, the sounds of crying and screaming have made a beautiful place like Raniban a haunted one.

The Dhapasi Water Tank

Now is the time to buckle up for a scary water tank story. If you ever mention the water tank of Dhapasi, locals will immediately know that you are referring to the haunted water tank. Located in Basundhara, the Dhapasi water tank was used for storing drinking water for the locals. However, it became a dead zone when locals started hearing the noises of someone crying and screaming. Soon they started seeing a spirit of a man, who was brutally killed near the tank. Ever since people have abandoned the place and have avoided any kind of activity near it.

The spirit is of a man, as believed by locals, who was mugged near the tank by a group of robbers. While resisting the robbers, the man was injured and pushed into the tank. Later, they put the lid on the tank and locked the man inside. The man struggled for his life and passed away. So, do you dare to visit Dhapasi?

The Mugling Narayanghat Road

Drives amidst beautiful scenery can be really thrilling and fun. Especially when it is a night drive, nothing can beat the excitement. Such a road that can give you a beautiful experience in Nepal is the road between Mugling and Narayanghat. However, don’t be in a rush. The road is no longer considered a beauty, and people refused all the memories it has given before. Today, it is one of the scariest places in Nepal, where people who take on night drives have fallen trapped in paranormal activities.

Strange people asking for lifts, things falling from above, and other paranormal activities became quite evident on the road. Apparently, the police discovered a dead body in the woods and many more later. The spirits belong to tortured souls who died in the forest and were unattended. It is also said that, in the past, the town near the road was a deserted fishing region where many crimes took place. So, the souls still roam around. Nevertheless, the road has become quite busy in the federal democratic republic, and the activities have been reduced to a great extent.

Nepalese Vocabulary To Know

Here is a list of Nepali words that will make your spooky experience more engaging and thrilling.


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