20+ Exciting Compliments In Nepali To Use Now

Nepali Compliments

Learning how to give compliments in Nepali can be a valuable skill if you are planning to visit Nepal or interact with Nepali-speaking individuals personally or professionally. Knowing how to praise someone in the local language can help you build rapport and show respect for the culture and customs of Nepal. In today’s post, we’ll go over this and more! Let’s start!

Giving compliments in Nepali can help you express your appreciation for someone sincerely and authentically. Whether you are praising someone for their accomplishments, appearance, or character, expressing your admiration in their native language can help you convey your thoughts and feelings more effectively. Of course, using common phrases in Nepali can surprise them, but being able to give compliments will make them more comfortable with you.

Imagine saying things like तिमी धेरै सुन्दर छौ (You are so beautiful), तपाईं धेरै प्रतिभाशाली हुनुहुन्छ (You are so talented), etc. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Want to learn more? Continue reading!

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Why Learn Nepali Compliments?

Imagine being complimented by your favorite person. The time will freeze, your cheeks blush, and your heart will pound faster than ever, won’t it? Likewise, if you want to make someone feel the same way, compliments in the Nepali language will do the job.

Learning how to give compliments in Nepali can be a helpful way to improve your overall mastery of the language for several reasons. First, using compliments requires a good understanding of vocabulary and grammar. This means that by practicing giving compliments in Nepali, you can expand your knowledge of the language and become more proficient in using different words and structures. For example, you might learn new adjectives and adverbs that can help you describe someone or something more accurately or vividly.

Second, learning how to give compliments in Nepali can also help you develop your ability to construct sentences and phrases that are appropriate and respectful. This is important because different cultures have different expectations for how compliments are given and received. In Nepal, for instance, it is essential to be mindful of social norms and customs when giving compliments, as certain words or phrases may be considered inappropriate or offensive. By learning how to give compliments in a culturally appropriate way, you can demonstrate your understanding of Nepali culture and etiquette, which can be a valuable asset in your interactions with Nepali-speaking individuals.

Overall, learning how to give compliments in Nepali can be a helpful way to enhance your language skills and deepen your cultural understanding of Nepal. By practicing this aspect of the language, you can become more proficient in vocabulary and grammar and more attuned to Nepal’s cultural norms and expectations.

Say Compliment In The Nepali Language

We first need to learn the word “Compliment” in Nepali. The scriptural word is प्रशंसा, and it is pronounced as Praśansā. It is essential to make sure that you do not confuse it with the word “Complement,” which in Nepali is पूरक, pronounced as Pūraka. As you must know, both are entirely different words; whereas “Compliment” means to praise someone, the term “Complement” means something that contributes to something else to improve its quality.

Most common vocab related to Compliments can be listed as;

  • Beautiful- सुन्दर (Sundara)
  • Wonderful- अद्भुत (Adbhuta)
  • Exquisite- अति उत्तम (Ati uttama)
  • Gorgeous- भव्य (Bhavya)
  • Handsome- सुन्दर (Sundara)
  • Attractive- आकर्षक (Ākarṣaka)

Exciting Compliments In Nepali

Compliments in Nepali

Now we will go through some exciting compliments with proper English word translation and pronunciation from the Nepali dictionary to make you on par with the native speakers. Learning these will help you better understand the language, start an engaging conversation, and have a rich and rewarding experience with your loved one. And let’s face it; compliments can work as the best way to kickstart a new relationship. So, let’s begin!

1. You Smile Is Beautiful

Translation: तिम्रो मुस्कान सुन्दर छ

The most common way of making someone blush is by saying तिम्रो मुस्कान सुन्दर छ- Timrō muskāna sundara cha. Especially when it comes to impressing a girl or praising her beauty, the language of smiles undoubtedly works every time. In case it’s about complimenting a man and his looks, the phrase “Timrō muskāna sundara cha” will work its magic here too.

Want to learn more flirting phrases? Check out Nepali Flirting Guide if you’re going to compliment a particular person!

2. You Look So Handsome

Translation: तिमी धेरै ह्यान्डसम देखिन्छौ

If you want something specifically for a man, as an English speaker, you can use the phrase तिमी धेरै ह्यान्डसम देखिन्छौ- Timī dhērai hyānḍasama dēkhinchau. It is the most appropriate term when the person is new to you and helps you easily communicate with them. Also, when a foreigner praises one of the locals in their native language, they always tend to be friendlier. So, it’s certainly a hit!

3. You Have Good Music Taste

Translation: तपाईंसँग राम्रो संगीत स्वाद छ

Apart from the basic phrases, if you wish to compliment someone with a different twist, you can say तपाईंसँग राम्रो संगीत स्वाद छ- Tapā’īnsam̐ga rāmrō saṅgīta svāda cha. This compliment works best when someone likes music. So, if you have a music-loving friend, you can use this phrase to appreciate their knack!

4. You Are A Great Cook

Translation: तपाईं एक महान कुक हुनुहुन्छ

It is not always about stating something lovely to your partner. Sometimes compliments can take turns to appreciate someone’s talent genuinely. And in Nepali culture, saying तपाईं एक महान कुक हुनुहुन्छ- Tapā’īṁ ēka mahāna kuka hunuhuncha, and valuing someone’s cooking can bring in lots of love and respect. It will build a stronger grip on your relationship and is the best way of recognizing someone’s skill.

5. You Did A Great Job

Translation: तपाईंले राम्रो काम गर्नुभयो

When it comes to acknowledging someone’s achievements, giving them best wishes, and making them feel worthy of their position, the best compliment is तपाईंले राम्रो काम गर्नुभयो- Tapā’īnlē rāmrō kāma garnubhayō. Especially when it comes to complimenting someone who is an older adult or to someone in a formal setting, Tapā’īnlē rāmrō kāma garnubhayō is the most thoughtful way to praise their deed.

6. You Have A Good Sense Of Humor

Translation: तपाईंसँग हास्यको राम्रो भावना छ

If you want to share your inner feelings and let the other person know how funny and lively they are, you can use the phrase तपाईंसँग हास्यको राम्रो भावना छ- Tapā’īnsam̐ga hāsyakō rāmrō bhāvanā cha. In this generation, everybody likes to be with someone funny, witty, and jolly. So, if you get a chance to be friends with someone like that, you should not miss out on the compliment to make them feel better.

7. You Are Very Talented

Translation: तपाईं धेरै प्रतिभाशाली हुनुहुन्छ

Besides complimenting someone’s looks and behavior, appreciating their talent is another way of expressing love. In this competitive world, there is hardly any genuine fondness found. So, to reverse the reality, find a chance and make sure you use the phrase तपाईं धेरै प्रतिभाशाली हुनुहुन्छ- Tapā’īṁ dhērai pratibhāśālī hunuhuncha to let the person feel deserving of their aptitude if not anything else!

8. You Light Up The Room

Translation: तपाईं कोठा उज्यालो

Taking a little romantic turn, make your partner blush and love you more by saying तिमी मात्र कोठा उज्यालो- Tapā’īṁ kōṭhā ujyālō. Other than the potency of the word beautiful, even lines like this work best when it comes to impressing someone. Hearing this from your mouth will undoubtedly make your partner fall even deeper in love with you.

9. You Inspire Me

Translation: तपाईंले मलाई प्रेरणा दिनुहुन्छ

While talking about someone’s eyes and smile can help bonds grow, nothing can be a more respectful way of admiring someone than saying तपाईंले मलाई प्रेरणा दिनुहुन्छ- Tapā’īnlē malā’ī prēraṇā dinuhuncha. Not just your partner, but you can use this with anyone who you think inspires you to become a better person. Such words can mean a lot to people and bring a massive change in their lives.

10. You’re Always Fun To Be With

Translation: तपाईं संग रहन सधैं रमाईलो हुनुहुन्छ!

No matter whom you are talking to or spending time with, you must not miss a chance to respect such an existence if you feel content. And to do so, the phrase तपाईं संग रहन सधैं रमाईलो हुनुहुन्छ!- Tapā’īṁ saṅga rahana sadhaiṁ ramā’īlō hunuhuncha! is the best possible option. When you open up and relish the bond, it creates a path for more adhesion. So, with such expressions, you will impress your love partner and make hundreds of friends in Nepal.

More Nepali Compliments To Practice

Nepali phrases for compliments

In this section, you will go through some additional compliments with Nepali, which you can use with your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, and even adult family members. These can be used to compliment someone’s looks, job accomplishments, skills, and even personality. Just keep the tone in mind and address it appropriately according to the person’s status.

You look so prettyतपाई साह्रै सुन्दर देखिनुहुन्छTapā’ī sāhrai sundara dēkhinuhuncha
Your dress is so gorgeousतिम्रो पहिरन धेरै राम्रो छTimrō pahirana dhērai rāmrō cha
I love your personalityमलाई तिम्रो व्यक्तित्व मन पर्छMalā’ī timrō vyaktitva mana parcha
You draw like a professional artistतपाइँ एक पेशेवर कलाकार जस्तै कोर्नTapā’im̐ ēka pēśēvara kalākāra jastai kōrna
Your job resume was impressiveतपाईंको कामको पुन: सुरुवात प्रभावशाली थियोTapā’īṅkō kāmakō puna: Suruvāta prabhāvaśālī thiyō
You are the strongest person I knowतपाईं मलाई चिनेको सबैभन्दा बलियो व्यक्ति हुनुहुन्छTapā’īṁ malā’ī cinēkō sabaibhandā baliyō vyakti hunuhuncha
You are doing an amazing jobतपाईं एक अद्भुत काम गर्दै हुनुहुन्छTapā’īṁ ēka adbhuta kāma gardai hunuhuncha
I love your dressing senseमलाई तिम्रो ड्रेसिङ सेन्स मन पर्छMalā’ī timrō ḍrēsiṅa sēnsa mana parcha
Your presence is enoughतपाईको उपस्थिति काफी छTapā’īkō upasthiti kāphī cha
I admire your hard workम तपाईको मेहनतको प्रशंसा गर्छुMa tapā’īkō mēhanatakō praśansā garchu
You dance/sing so wellतिमी धेरै राम्रो नाच/गाउछौTimī dhērai rāmrō nāca/gā’uchau
You are very kindतपाईं धेरै दयालु हुनुहुन्छTapā’īṁ dhērai dayālu hunuhuncha

General Nepali Compliments

As promised earlier, this section will walk you through complimenting terms that you can use to praise a thing rather than just a person. Being familiar with these will help you communicate with the locals and enjoy their country’s beauty.

The Nepalese cuisine is deliciousनेपाली परिकार मिठो छNēpālī parikāra miṭhō cha
The walk by the lake is so beautifulतालको छेउमा हिँड्दा धेरै सुन्दर छTālakō chē’umā him̐ḍdā dhērai sundara cha
That drawing is magnificentत्यो रेखाचित्र शानदार छTyō rēkhācitra śānadāra cha
The temples in Nepal are mesmerizingनेपालका मन्दिरहरू मनमोहक छन्Nēpālakā mandiraharū manamōhaka chan
I am loving the new Nepali attireमलाई नयाँ नेपाली पहिरन मन पर्छMalā’ī nayām̐ nēpālī pahirana mana parcha
Your house looks so pleasantतिम्रो घर धेरै रमाइलो लाग्छTimrō ghara dhērai ramā’ilō lāgcha
The garden looks so greenबगैचा एकदमै हरियो देखिन्छBagaicā ēkadamai hariyō dēkhincha
It is my pleasure to visit Nepalनेपाल आउन पाउनु मेरो लागि खुसीको कुरा होNēpāla ā’una pā’unu mērō lāgi khusīkō kurā hō

Get Complimented For Your Nepali Skills

Now you know all the essential complimenting phrases in the Nepali language. However, knowing only compliments will not take you far. If you want to engage with the locals more and get complimented on your language skills, you will have to learn more about the official language and people gradually.

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