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Are you visiting Nepal soon to meet your better half? Then this blog is the right place for you. While you must have already mugged up some basic love words to impress your partner in the Nepalese language, we have prepared more powerful and the most remarkable love words and Nepali flirting phrases that will make your journey even more fruitful. If you want to learn more and increase your bonding, keep reading below!

When it comes to love and emotions, we all have our preferences. The list can go as long as possible, from tall, intelligent, healthy, and dark. However, an essential aspect of love comes along with communication. Without the correct phrases in Nepali, your love life will suffer, just like your vocabulary. So, this blog will take you through all the impressive phrases in the native language, like तिम्रो सुन्दर मुस्कान छ (You have a beautiful smile), के तिमि मसंग बाहिर जान्छौ (Will you go out with me), etc., that will undoubtedly bring your crush closer to you. If you are ready, let’s jump right into it!

Dating Culture In Nepal

Before you approach your lover in Nepal, you must understand the dating customs and culture around the country. Unlike the west, Nepal is still a developing country where people’s social relationships have just started evolving with time. Thus, to avoid any public drama or misappropriation, give the below points a thorough read to have a relaxing time with your partner.

  • The most crucial point to remember is that dating in public or showing public affection is still taboo in Nepali society. Most couples keep their relationship a complete secret for fear of the moral police. It does not imply that Nepali people do not express love, but it solely depends on the local culture. Most places still follow conservative rules, which makes dating before marriage a big deal, while contemporary cities are now evolving and accepting open dating cultures upfront.
  • Another major obstacle that might hinder your love interest is the obsession with the same religion. In almost every South Asian country, the societal norm of marrying or dating someone of the same religion and caste has been lingering for ages. It is the same with the Nepalese people, who mostly follow Hinduism and Buddhism. Nevertheless, as time has passed, the minds of the families have also opened up quite a lot lately.
  • The online dating culture is still new in Nepal. However, it is possible to find attractive women and men on apps. Especially Nepali women are astonishingly beautiful, making men from all over the world fall for their elegance. So, it is likely to flirt and get in touch with the person you admire through dating apps as long as you keep in mind the moral duty.
  • Lastly, language enthusiasts become a significant factor. Even to date, the Nepalese language is held at the heart’s core, and the traditions and customs of the country are respected at their peak. So, to impress a Nepalese person, it is only safe to learn some popular flirting phrases in Nepali. With these, you will make communication easy with your lover and impress their family, strengthening future relations.

Top Nepali Flirting Phrases

Nepali flirting phrases - ling app - couple

Now we will introduce the main lesson that will hook you with the best partner.

There can be very distinct ways of going about it when it comes to flirting. It depends on whether you are meeting the person for the first time or have known them for a while. So, depending on your situation, read the following sections that are divided into different parts. Knowing these will allow you to experience deeper relationships and become a skilled Nepali speaker.

Compliments In Nepali

The first way to flirt with someone you have met for the first time is by complimenting them. It always works out best as it allows your partner to feel multiple emotions concerning your personality.

1. You Have A Beautiful Smile – तिम्रो सुन्दर मुस्कान छ [Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तिम्रो सुन्दर मुस्कान छ[/Speechword]

The best way to capture a woman’s heart is by complimenting them on their smile with the phrase तिम्रो सुन्दर मुस्कान छ- Timrō sundara muskāna cha. A smile is the most significant asset that a person can wear, and when you praise that, your words reveal a more profound connection towards your partner.

2. Your Personality Is Very Charming – तपाईको व्यक्तित्व धेरै आकर्षक छ [Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तपाईको व्यक्तित्व धेरै आकर्षक छ[/Speechword]

In this materialistic world, nothing can be the best way to express your love interests other than complimenting someone’s personality. It is not always about looks. When you look deeper into the person’s life and being, you show a more sensible side of you to your partner, which allows intimate connection and understanding much faster. So, if you want to establish deeper relationships other than just affection, use the phrase Tapā’īkō vyaktitva dhērai ākarṣaka cha and win your partner’s heart in no time.

3. Your Eyes Are Mesmerizing तिम्रा आँखा मनमोहक छन् [Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तिम्रा आँखा मनमोहक छन्[/Speechword]

As already told, women always love getting compliments, and it is one of the easiest ways to get a shot at capturing their hearts. So, uttering the phrase तिम्रा आँखा मनमोहक छन्- Timrā ām̐khā manamōhaka chan can do magic through the language of eyes that no other words can. Using such phrases in Nepali is a sincere gesture that you are openly interested in the person, and the same would be reciprocated with time. Especially when it concerns long-distance relationships, flirting phrases are always the go-to technique for winning someone as physical gestures become impossible.

More Compliments You Can Try Out

You have a great sense of humorतपाईंसँग हास्यको ठूलो भावना छTapā’īnsam̐ga hāsyakō ṭhūlō bhāvanā cha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तपाईंसँग हास्यको ठूलो भावना छ[/Speechword]
I love your dressमलाई तिम्रो लुगा मन पर्छMalā’ī timrō lugā mana parcha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मलाई तिम्रो लुगा मन पर्छ[/Speechword]
You look gorgeous when you smileतिमी मुस्कुराउँदा सुन्दर देखिन्छौTimī muskurā’um̐dā sundara dēkhinchau[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तिमी मुस्कुराउँदा सुन्दर देखिन्छौ[/Speechword]
You have the face of an angelतपाईंसँग परीको अनुहार छTapā’īnsam̐ga parīkō anuhāra cha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तपाईंसँग परीको अनुहार छ[/Speechword]
Your hairstyle is cuteतिम्रो कपाल प्यारो छTimrō kapāla pyārō cha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तिम्रो कपाल प्यारो छ[/Speechword]
Your outfit complements your personalityतपाईंको पोशाकले तपाईंको व्यक्तित्वलाई पूरक बनाउँछTapā’īṅkō pōśākalē tapā’īṅkō vyaktitvalā’ī pūraka banā’um̐cha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तपाईंको पोशाकले तपाईंको व्यक्तित्वलाई पूरक बनाउँछ[/Speechword]
You look handsome tonightतिमी आज राती सुन्दर देखिन्छौTimī āja rātī sundara dēkhinchau[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तिमी आज राती सुन्दर देखिन्छौ[/Speechword]
I am amazed by your perfect lookम तिम्रो परफेक्ट लुक देखेर चकित छुMa timrō paraphēkṭa luka dēkhēra cakita chu[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]म तिम्रो परफेक्ट लुक देखेर चकित छु[/Speechword]

Intentional Love Questions

Once you know the person well and become acquainted with their interests, the time for asking questions comes into hand. Only lingering around with love words and a romantic declaration would not help unless you gather the guts to ask the person directly about their emotions and feelings. So, learn the below questions to find out if your partner feels the same about you!

1. Would You Go Out With Me? – के तपाईं म संग बाहिर जानुहुन्छ? [Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के तपाईं म संग बाहिर जानुहुन्छ?[/Speechword]

After you are over the phase of knowing each other as friends, you can ask the person directly whether they would like to date you. And to ask that without sounding too obvious, you can use the phrase के तपाईं म संग बाहिर जानुहुन्छ?- Kē tapā’īṁ ma saṅga bāhira jānuhuncha?. The phrase will give you a hint about your future with the person you love. So, the faster to convey your thoughts, the farther you are from unexpected heartbreaks.

2. Do You Like Me? – के तपाई मलाई मन पराउनुहुन्छ? [Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के तपाई मलाई मन पराउनुहुन्छ?[/Speechword]

Another way of confirming whether your partner likes you or not is by asking के तपाई मलाई मन पराउनुहुन्छ?- Kē tapā’ī malā’ī mana parā’unuhuncha? Only blind compliments will not help you build your relationship. It depends on such decider questions whether you have a chance or not. However, if you are ready to use the word love, you can also use the phrase के तिमी मलाई प्रेम गर्छौं?- Kē timī malā’ī prēma garchauṁ?, which says, “Do you love me?”

3. What Do You Think About Us?- तपाई हाम्रो बारेमा के सोच्नुहुन्छ? [Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तपाई हाम्रो बारेमा के सोच्नुहुन्छ?[/Speechword]

Another smooth way of assuring your partner’s feelings towards you is by asking the simple question तपाई हाम्रो बारेमा के सोच्नुहुन्छ?- Tapā’ī hāmrō bārēmā kē sōcnuhuncha? Such simple love words will reveal how your partner feels and what they think about you as a couple.

These expressions of endearment, love words and phrases in Nepali will become your best guide and allow you to proceed accordingly without any mixed feelings and confusion.

Nepali love words - ling app - couple

More Love Words And Phrases

I love youम तिमीलाई माया गर्छुMa timilai maya garchu[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]म तिमीलाई माया गर्छु[/Speechword]
Can we meet again?के हामी फेरि भेट्न सक्छौं?Kē hāmī phēri bhēṭna sakchauṁ?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के हामी फेरि भेट्न सक्छौं?[/Speechword]
Do you feel the same?के तपाई पनि त्यस्तै महसुस गर्नुहुन्छ?Kē tapā’ī pani tyastai mahasusa garnuhuncha?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के तपाई पनि त्यस्तै महसुस गर्नुहुन्छ?[/Speechword]
I think I am in love with youमलाई लाग्छ म तिम्रो मायामा छुMalā’ī lāgcha ma timrō māyāmā chu[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मलाई लाग्छ म तिम्रो मायामा छु[/Speechword]
Can we talk tonight?के हामी आज राती कुरा गर्न सक्छौं?Kē hāmī āja rātī kurā garna sakchauṁ?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के हामी आज राती कुरा गर्न सक्छौं?[/Speechword]
I want to hug youम तिमीलाई अङ्गाल्न चाहन्छुMa timīlā’ī aṅgālna cāhanchu[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]म तिमीलाई अङ्गाल्न चाहन्छु[/Speechword]
To be with you, that’s all I wantतिम्रो साथमा रहनु, म यति मात्र चाहन्छुTimrō sāthamā rahanu, ma yati mātra cāhanchu[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तिम्रो साथमा रहनु, म यति मात्र चाहन्छु[/Speechword]
I am still thinking about youम अझै तिम्रो बारेमा सोचिरहेको छुMa ajhai timrō bārēmā sōcirahēkō chu[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]म अझै तिम्रो बारेमा सोचिरहेको छु[/Speechword]
Can I get a kiss?के म चुम्बन पाउन सक्छु?Kē ma cumbana pā’una sakchu?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के म चुम्बन पाउन सक्छु?[/Speechword]
You are my sunshineतिमी मेरो सुर्यको किरण हौTimī mērō suryakō kiraṇa hau[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तिमी मेरो सुर्यको किरण हौ[/Speechword]
You are everything to meतिमी मेरो लागि सबै कुरा हौTimī mērō lāgi sabai kurā hau[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]तिमी मेरो लागि सबै कुरा हौ[/Speechword]

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know the perfect lines to use with your better half, nothing can stop you from becoming the ideal match. Moreover, these critical love words and flirting phrases have enhanced your vocabulary and speaking skills, letting you speak Nepali more fluently in the future. If you want to increase your skills further, Ling App will be your most powerful resource. With target language and fun quizzes, Ling will help you achieve your goal in no time!

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