9 Polite Mongolian Phrases: An Easy Guide For Beginners

Polite Mongolian Phrases - Featured Ling App

The beauty of discovering a new language doesn’t just lie in the uniqueness of the sound that every word creates. What entices language enthusiasts is how deep and valuable every word is. It’s interesting how simple words in English could mean so much more once they’re translated into languages like Mongolian.

If you happen to be intrigued by this intricate language, come and prepare yourself for this journey. We’ll learn about different polite Mongolian phrases that can help you connect with locals better!

Polite Mongolian Phrases To Learn Today

Mongolia, with its vast landscapes and heartwarming people, invites genuine interactions. With these helpful phrases in your arsenal, you’ll be able to not only understand their language but also win over the locals. Join us as we embrace the language and discover more about their culture and traditions!

1. Hello – Sain Uu

It’s interesting how a simple “Hello” can light up someone’s mood. And as a traveler, you might want to make a good first impression to create great relationships with the locals. Plus, learning how to say this simple phrase also conveys your willingness to learn bits of their language.

Polite Mongolian Phrases- Ling app

2. How Are You – Sain Baina Uu

We often ask people, even strangers we have small talks with, the phrase “How are you?” At first, you might find it quite awkward if it’s not typically practiced in your culture, but did you know that this is one of the basic greeting etiquette rules in Mongolia? Asking Mongolian people this question, lets them know that you’re interested in their well-being, and it’s also a great way to gain respect and trust with each other.

3. Good Morning – Sain Öglöö

Unlike in the Western culture, Mongolians don’t really practice saying this greeting in their local language. However, some people exposed to global cultures and Western norms may typically use this phrase in workplaces and urban areas. Similarly, for saying good afternoon or good evening, some Mongolians might use the phrases “sain ödör” and “sain shöno”, respectively. Nonetheless, it’s still best to stick with the traditional “How are you?” or “Hello” if you’re casually chatting with native speakers.

Polite Mongolian Phrases (Thank you)- Ling App

4. Thank You – Bayarlalaa

The most useful Mongolian sentences always include these phrases that show gratitude. Learning how to say this phrase helps you show locals that you appreciate their effort and kindness. So, if you are traveling to Mongolia, don’t forget this phrase, as you may use it a lot since they’re very accommodating and hospitable!

5. I Am Sorry – Uuchlaarai

Similarly to “Thank you,” it’s also important to practice polite Mongolian phrases that translate to apologies. Knowing how and when to admit you’re wrong is one of the key skills that you’ll need in life, and learning how to say sorry is important in all cultures, even in Mongolia. You can use this phrase to politely apologize to someone you’ve inconvenienced. Always note that you must be sincere when using this word!

Polite Mongolian Phrases (Goodbye)- Ling App

6. Goodbye – Sain Yavaarai

You know those times when people visit your home and have to leave in a few hours? Those who speak English may simply just say “goodbye,” but in Mongolia’s version of this word, you’ll realize that it means more. Saying “sain yavaarai” means that you are telling someone to have a safe trip. It’s such a warm and positive way to send someone off.

7. Can You Give Me Directions – Tushaal Zaaj Ögööch

Getting lost is inevitable for tourists like you. Plus, the traditional signs surrounding you that are written in the Mongolian script won’t really help if you don’t know what they mean. Here’s a polite Mongolian phrase you can use to ask locals politely and prevent yourself from getting more lost.

8. You Look Very Nice – Ta Mash Goo Saikhan

Who doesn’t like a good compliment? If you want to offer some good words to someone to boost their confidence or simply express your admiration to them, this phrase is perfect! You have to remember that you must sound sincere when complimenting someone, and you should also expect that the Mongolian people may modestly deflect your flattering remark. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate it!

9. I Don’t Understand – Bi Oilgokhgui Baina

The Mongolian language is quite challenging, for starters. If you happen to have just started learning some phrases and haven’t really attained a hundred percent fluency, you can always admit that you don’t understand or you’re having a hard time following through with what they’re saying.

10. What Is Your Name – Tany Ner Khen Be

Raise your hand if you’re also anxious when asking for someone’s name! I have my hands and feet up for this one, but here’s the thing – it’s important to ask this question, especially if it’s your first time meeting someone. However, before jumping in and asking for their name, it’s best to start with simpler and friendlier queries like “How are you?”

Polite Mongolian Phrases- Ling App

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