Pimsleur Vs Mondly – Best Review Of #1 Language Apps

Plenty of language learning resources are in the market, but which language app should you choose? This Pimsleur Vs Mondly comparison will assist you in selecting an app that suits you the best.

Are you one of those language learners who can’t find perfect language courses? Some need vocabulary units, while others like to learn from native speakers.

In this review article, we will compare Pimsleur Vs Mondly – two popular language resources to learn new languages. Let’s dive right in.


Pimsleur Vs Mondly – Which Is The Best Language Learning Software?

Pimsleur is an online audio-based language learning software that can be accessed via a website or an app. On the other hand, there is Mondly. It is also one of the language learning preferences of various learners. It claims users “start speaking faster” than other mobile apps or sites. Let’s discuss each app briefly.

Pimsleur Review

Pimsleur Vs Mondly

No doubt, learning languages becomes easier by listening to them. The majority of Pimsleur’s lessons are audio file formatted. The program includes access to PDFs that you can download and booklets that come with the CDs. It has a printout of all the words and phrases in each lesson. Pimsleur focuses on conversational skills, using context to introduce grammar and vocabulary units.

However, even though the majority of the application is audio-based, you can also improve your speaking skills as well. People who like audio lessons can have a great learning experience. You may not speak like a native speaker, but you will easily get the basic knowledge of a new language.

Languages Available On Pimsleur

Pimsleur offers 59 common languages. It has more than 200 well-structured courses, including a Spanish course with many dialects.

Pricing Plan Of Pimsleur

You can check out Pimsleur for free, or alternatively go for the paid option. From its premium features, you will receive interactive workouts as well. To get an audio version of other courses monthly, you have to pay $14.95. But with interactive exercises, you will pay $19.95 per month. You can also purchase lifetime access.

Excellent for developing speaking skills.It doesn’t focus on reading and writing skills.
Well-structured even for intermediate users.It is expensive language learning software.
59 languages availableOnly eight language courses have interactive exercises.

Mondly Review

Pimsleur Vs Mondly

Mondly is another language learning platform that promises to help its users “start speaking quicker” than other apps. Along with the typical vocabulary exercises and grammar drills, the platform provides simulated conversation units. It will help users with brief dialogues which can be altered according to their individual preferences. 

  • It’s built around a blend of daily lessons focused on games and language translations.
  • Mondly has a chatbot system along with unique augmented reality elements.
  • It also contains listening, reading, writing, and speaking exercises based on different levels. If you want to learn English, you can easily understand English words and phrases with Mondly.

Languages Available On Mondly

There are 40 languages offered by Mondly. Some of which are English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Latin, Persian, and Russian.

Mondly Pricing

Mondly is a free app but has quite limited content. The premium version has the following pricing.

  • $9.99 per month
  • $47.99 per year
  • You can also purchase a lifetime subscription.
Budget-friendly to learn new words and phrases.Even advanced and intermediate users have simple words and common conversations about learning.
It has an in-app game system to learn different languages.Except for the iOS app, you cannot slow down audio in listening exercises.
Exercises will help you to assess yourself.The speech recognition system is out of date.


Pimsleur Vs Mondly An Honest Comparison To Learn The Native Language Of Another Country

As far as Pimsleur is concerned, it will not make you fluent in the language like a native speaker. But it will provide you with common and basic words. Its audio lectures will enable you to navigate most ordinary social situations gracefully.

On the contrary, if we compare Pimsleur Vs Mondly, Mondly focuses on developing speaking and conversational skills with the knowledge of new words. But the language courses are too basic and easy even for advanced learners. 

I hope this Pimsleur Vs Mondly comparison helped you out in choosing the best language learning software. But if you want to know about various other language learning apps, you can read our blogs on “Memrise Vs LinguaLift” and “HiNative Vs Memrise.” 


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Pimsleur Vs Mondly

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