Lithuanian Words For Picnic: #1 Best Guide For Beginners

Lithuanian Words for Picnic- Featured Ling App

There are different ways to spend time with our loved ones; some may love the idea of staying indoors, while others may opt for an adventurous day. You may also prefer some chill outdoor activities, like taking a stroll or having a picnic table set up. If you fall more into the third category, here’s a guide to learning Lithuanian words for picnic today!

The burst of air from nature gives a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, don’t you think? Nothing tops it, especially if you’re attracted to places that have more greens in them. If you’re staying in Lithuania for a while, you might want to take your chance and prepare a small picnic basket today instead of staying home.

If you didn’t know, Lithuania has plenty of picnic areas that you can enjoy with your family and friends, while you may also take a solo trip if that’s more fun for you. Doing activities like this is a common way to kill time and enjoy your vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning these Lithuanian words for picnic, so you can easily gather all your essential items from different shops!

Lithuanian Words For Picnic To Learn Today

Have you found the perfect picnic area to spend your time in? Well, it’s great that you’ve found the spot that’ll make you comfortable. But hold on now; you might want to learn a few words before going on this trip since you will need to talk to native speakers when purchasing things in the market. Here are some Lithuanian words for picnic that you’ll need to know.

Open SpotAtvira vieta
OutdoorsPo atviru dangumi
Lithuanian words for picnic - Ling App

Best Picnic Spots In Lithuania

Now that you’ve prepared your essentials, you might want some options on where to have your picnic. Here are some recommendations that you might love.

1. Hill Of Three Crosses

If you want a space that doesn’t just give you the perfect view to witness the beautiful sunset but where you can also learn about bits of the history of Lithuania, then this place should be on your itinerary. Traveling comes with discovering fragments of the country’s past, and if you’re interested in them, go ahead and visit this monument. Here’s some trivia: It was said that the top of the hill was where seven Franciscan friars had their heads cut off. Quite somber, but there’s more to unveil about its history once you dive deeper.

2. Neris River Walk

If you choose to spend time in the heart of the city, visiting Neris River Walk is the best option. Here you’ll get a view of both the Old Town and the Modern City. It’s surrounded by trees, and the scenery along the river just screams tranquility, allowing you to relax and enjoy your trip to its fullest.

Lithuanian words for picnic (3. Pavilniai Regional Park) - Ling App

3. Pavilniai Regional Park

Looking for a great picnic spot near Vilnius? Check out Pavilniai Regional Park. This scenic gem boasts stunning views of the Vilnia River’s valley, complete with ravines and cliffs. The park is home to the Pūčkoriai exposure, an incredible 20,000-year-old sight. And if you’re up for a post-lunch adventure, there are plenty of trails to walk or cycle. It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and exploration!

4. Bernadine Garden

If you’re looking forward to taking a stroll or picnic with someone special, then don’t forget the name of this place. It’s located close to Vilnele River Bank, and it’s popular amongst families and couples. Here you’ll find a playground for children, an open library for bookworms, chess tables, and a singing fountain. There’s a lot more to see in this unique and tranquil space, so before your trip ends, make sure to visit this place!

5. Samogitia National Park

Fancy a picnic where nature’s splendor meets a touch of history? Look no further than Samogitia (or Žemaitija) National Park in western Lithuania. Imagine unwinding by the serene Lake Plateliai, the park’s shimmering jewel, with a basket full of your favorite treats. The dense forests offer that crisp, fresh air that’s just perfect for an outdoor meal.

Lithuanian words for picnic (Lithuania Landscape) - Ling App

Want To Learn More About The Lithuanian Language?

Learning about this country is more than just mastering how to pronounce picnic in Lithuanian. Sure, there are tons of picnic spots that would definitely give you good Instagram photos, but did you know that Lithuania is more than that? It’s a place filled with rich history and tales that you would never get tired of hearing! If you want to learn more about them, connecting with the locals can be the perfect plan. So start learning a few basic sentences, and get to complex ones, with Ling today to get the most out of your experience!

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