10 Wonderful Ways To Say Thank You In Lithuanian

Lithuania is a beautiful country that has lots of things to be thankful for. So, if you plan to travel to Lithuania, you must learn how to say Thank you in Lithuanian (ačiū). Thank you (ačiū) in Lithuanian is one of the basic phrases that you need to learn because it is beneficial in different situations. For example, you can use this in asking for directions, ordering food, shopping, and other daily conversations. It is also a sign of politeness and respect for the locals and their culture.


Why Say Thank You?

Saying Thank you is another way of saying “I appreciate you.” It is also a way of letting other people feel that you are grateful for their efforts for you. Being grateful even for small things shows politeness and kindness. This phrase is only two words, but it keeps us humble and feels more optimistic. Nowadays, it is easy to take things for granted. Saying Thank you makes us fully appreciate our blessings and makes us connect with the goodness of others.


How To Say Thank You In Lithuanian?

If you are going on a trip to Lithuania, what will you say to the locals who told you the address of your destination? What will you say to the waiter who made sure that you have a great dining experience? How would you thank the drivers of different transportation for giving you a safe ride? These are just ordinary situations where you might use the word “Thank you” in Lithuanian. Yes, it is easy to use the English word for Thank you, but would it hurt you to learn their native language, Lithuanian?

Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages in the world. It is a Baltic language spoken mainly in Lithuania. It may not be one of the most spoken languages worldwide and in Europe like German and French, but learning Lithuanian is worth it in the long run, especially when you get to travel to their beautiful country. So, If you want to know how to say Thank you in Lithuanian, check the words and phrases below.

1. Ačiū

English Translation: Thank you.

Thank You in Lithuanian
Thank You In Lithuanian – Ačiū

The first thing that you need to learn is ačiū. It might sound like you are sneezing, but this is the Lithuanian translation of Thank you. This is the most common way to say Thank you in Lithuanian. This two-word phrase is as important as saying hello (labas) and sorry (atsiprasau) because it is typically used in daily conversations.

2. Dėkoju

English Translation: Thanks.

Thank You In Lithuanian – Dėkoju

If you want a bit less formal, you can say dėkoju, which means Thanks in English. There are situations when people want it to be short, like in text messages and chat. Of course, if you are a beginner and a non-native speaker, you should still go with ačiū. You’ll be able to understand the Lithuanian vocabulary better if you start with the basic words and phrases first.

3. Labai Ačiū

English Translation: Thank you very much.

Thank You In Lithuanian – Labai Ačiū

If you have received help from someone and express your deep gratitude towards that person, you can say labai ačiū. Yes, ačiū is already enough to express your gratitude but going a little extra will make it more sincere.

4. Vertinu Tai, Ką Padarei

English Translation: I appreciate what you did.

Thank You In Lithuanian – Vertinu Tai, Ką Padarei

Being appreciated is one of the best feelings in the world. So if you appreciate someone who did something nice to you, don’t hesitate to let them know how you feel. You can say Vertinu tai, ką Padarei.

5. Milijonas Jūsų Dėka

English Translation: A million thanks to you.

Thank You In Lithuanian – Milijonas Jūsų Dėka

Call it exaggerating but, if you are really thankful to someone who did something way past your expectations, you can express it this way. Saying Milijonas jūsų dėka is like saying, “I would never get tired of saying. Thank you over and over again.”

6. Ačiū Tau Už Viską

English Translation: Thank you for everything.

Thank You In Lithuanian – Ačiū Tau Už Viską

You will probably be hearing this a lot during farewells, the end of classes, and even break up. However, the phrase Ačiū tau už viską has a wider and deeper ranger than just the word “Thank you.” It encompasses lots of moments that other person spent time to help you. So, to express how thankful you are, you can say Ačiū tau už viską.

7. Aš Tau Vieną Skolingas

English Translation: I owe you one.

Thank You In Lithuanian – Aš Tau Vieną Skolingas

There are other ways to say Thank you without using the word Thanks or Thank you. This is an example of these phrases. Of course, if you help someone out, you won’t expect returns, but people sometimes say, “I owe you one.” (aš tau vieną skolingas) to express their deep gratitude. It is also like saying, “I’m here if ever you’re the one in need.”

8. Aš Būsiu Amžinai Dėkinga

English Translation: I will be forever grateful.

Thank You In Lithuanian – Aš Būsiu Amžinai Dėkinga

There are times when you will be indebted to someone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, unfortunately, some people are shy to be indebted to others. Living in this world is hard when you are always on your own. So, accept help from other people. You can express your gratitude by saying, “Aš būsiu amžinai dėkinga.” You don’t have to be humiliated by accepting help from others. Just think that one day, they might be needing your help too, and that’s your opportunity to give back.

9. Priimk Mano Giliausią Dėkingumą

English Translation: Accept my deepest gratitude.

Thank You In Lithuanian – Priimk Mano Giliausią Dėkingumą

If you want to go a little formal and Priimk mano giliausią dėkingumą is an expression you should learn. Formal expressions like this are usually used in written communication or emails.

10. Man Tai Daug Reiškia

English Translation: It means a lot to me.

Thank You In Lithuanian – Man Tai Daug Reiškia

The last way to say Thank you in Lithuanian that you will be learning in this post is Man tai daug reiškia. This phrase is sometimes used with ačiū, just like in other languages. But, it can stand alone, and people will still understand its meaning when it has been said to them.

So, there you have it! You now have different words and phrases that you can use to say Thank you In Lithuanian. Just like what is said above, Lithuania is a wonderful country. So, if you want to travel and visit the country, you will surely be saying, “Thank you, Lithuania!” or “Ačiū, Lietuva.” This fantastic country and people will really give you a memorable trip that you’ll always cherish.


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Thank You In Lithuanian

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